the hot tub

Chapter 1

He lumbered over and squatted to start up the hot tub on the far corner of cabin deck. He had built the deck so it protruded over a babbling year-round creek.

Beyond the railing sunlight dappled through the dense forest unnoticed; as were the sounds of birds echoing through the trees.

The afternoon air was cool, but still. The air rising over the tub was warm and steamy, the creek noise slightly louder than the soft hum of the tub jet pumps.

Hurrying to get into the warm water, he could feel his belly press against his thighs as he adjusted the temperature.

“Can I join you?” she asked, moving up behind him, tracing the length of his spine with her fingernail “what shall I bring besides myself?”

“What more do we need besides you and me? Can’t wait until I to see that plump body naked, slowly turning pink in this hot water.”

She giggled, asking “do you like champagne or wine?”

“Wine please...champagne always gives me a headache”

“So some wine and dessert?”

“That would be wonderful,” he said testing the water with his foot.

“Good, then move aside, fat boy...where should I leave my towel?” He turned and saw she was wearing a skimpy thong bikini underneath that hid absolutely none of her luscious curves. Amplified them in fact.

He watched the towel slip off her rounded body and the sunlight play across her rounded flesh as she stepped over the top of the tub and slowly settled in.

“Water’s a bit cool but it's warming fast,” she said "Coming in?"

He slid off his shorts and followed her, sinking next to her in the quickly warming water. He felt the water lift his belly off his thighs and then her move into him, her hands briefly squeezing his underbelly briefly, then straddling him, pulled herself up and into him until she was actually seated on his floating abdomen, pushing it fully into the water.

Gasping for breath he watched her breasts sway as she moved over him, barely constrained by the skimpy bikini fabric. He saw her nipples hardening from either the coolness of the air or her arousal.

Wrapping her legs partly around his plump sides, she leaned over and kissed his fattened neck.

“This is nice,” she said softly, “I have the best seat in the house.”

Squeezing him again with her thighs, she reached behind him for a glass of wine and brought it to his lips. He took a long sip, watching her, feeling her weight on him. Her body was soft and liquid against him, yet every time she squeezed him with her strong thighs he felt his skin stretch and had a difficult time catching his breath. He sipped again deeply from the glass and felt the wine warm him as she continued to kiss him, occasionally licking the wine from the corners of his mouth.

She reached again and then slid into his lap facing him, her eyes dancing as she held a huge, creamy éclair to his lips.

"Time for some dessert"

As he ate from her hand she moved her hips back and forth gently; her body, the water and his belly as one living thing, like warm syrupy jello. As he began eating the éclair, she started eating from the other end, their lips meeting in a kiss. “Now this is a Lady and the Tramp scene one will never see” she said with a grin.

She slipped her tongue into his soft mouth, tasting the creamy filling as she explored the inside of his mouth. The pastry was soon gone and followed by several more. He quickly lost count as one eclair followed the next, distracted by her presence. The hot water buoyed him, supported him and soothed his rapidly distending abdomen.

“ Mmm...” she said, pressing in to him, “I can feel your belly starting to round out more underneath sexy.”

He could also feel the distension, magnified by her squeezing and he found himself becoming aroused. He reached behind her and fumbled for the ties of her bikini top.

In a minute the top slipped off and floated to the other side of the tub unnoticed.

His hands slipped around under her arms and stroked the sides of her freed breasts, watching the water pulse between them as she rocked over him.

“There’s one you missed,” she said bringing the last pastry to him and as she pushed it into his mouth, custard erupted from it, covering her bare breasts.

“Now see what you’ve done, you pig, clean me!”

Obediently he began licking off the rich cream sauce with his tongue, lingering on her now very erect nipples.

“ hmmm...nice,” she sighed.

He held her against him, now distended with the eclairs but not in distress because the water was cradling his swollen belly, the warm liquid soothing his stretched skin. The wine had gone to his head and he was totally relaxed yet fully aroused.

Almost lulled to sleep, he was brought back to reality by a nip on his double chin bulging onto his chest. He realized she had shifted and now her pelvis had worked under his belly and he could feel the fabric of her bikini bottom sliding against his erection.

She smiled at him, and said “Wake up, big boy. I think someone is getting some ideas. I hope its you who I feel down there.”

Returning from his reverie, his slipped his hands around her hips, attempting to untie her bikini bottoms. Her flesh was incredibly soft and smooth, and he found the thongs had slipped into creases of fat between her belly and thighs, the knots difficult to untie.

But after a few gentle tugs, the bottoms pulled away from her flesh easily and, like her top, was allowed to float away. With her bottoms removed, she could feel his erection against her clitoris. She bobbed slightly in the warm water, brushing his erection against her...ever so softly...ever so a feather.

He loved her aggressiveness, and her gentleness. She floated over him, barely touching the tip of his erection. Most of her motion was into his underbelly which caused the water to ripple and gently slosh between them. He leaned back slightly, letting himself slip lower beneath her. He felt her grab the lower side of his belly and slowly work herself down onto his shaft until he was just barely inside her. She held this position, moving slowly, backwards and forward as if she was massaging him with the water trapped between them.

He moaned as she teased him, moving slowly just at the very tip. Then suddenly, she pushed down, plunging his shaft to her very core. They gasped together as she began to move more quickly, getting into a rhythm.
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Gorgeous! I truly love this story!