the human blimp

chapter 1

Tears rolled down Joanne’s face, and she moaned in pain. She tried to reach her stomach where the source of pain was, but it was no use. Her husband Moe had her connected to a feeding machine, and was looking on. He saw his wife uncomfortable, and rubbed her massive belly.

“There there, my big human blimp. It’s almost over.” Moe could not believe the sight of his wife. At just 5 ft, she weighed over 600 lbs.. It was hard to believe she was human.

Joanne was the picture of a human blimp, the ones you see in the Thanksgiving Day parades. Yes, her once beautiful face is a sight to see – beady eyes and a piggy’s nose, buried in chunky, puffed out cheeks, and 3 massive chins. But what really resembles those air blimps was Joanne’s middle – it no longer had the defining features of a lady. It was one massive, round ball of human flesh, pure fat.

Moe ran both hands gently over his wife’s massive girth. His wife was propped up, in the Queen size bed. He’d been feeder her through the tube for 6 hours, with breaks in between for her to catch her breath, and massage her stomach. Moe was waiting for his wife’s stomach, which usually dropped over to knees when walking, to be packed with the creamy filling. He wanted his wife’s stomach to really resemble a blimp, and so far his plan was working. Which each hour, Joanne’s stomach was getting filled, and by now, when Moe poked at her belly, he could hardly make a “dent” in it. It was getting that packed and full.

About 2 hours ago, Moe had some of his friends in construction remove the roof of his and Joanne’s 1 store house, for the “big production”.

Moe measured the height of his wife’s stomach with a measuring tape and whistled. It was 1.5 m. He went to her navel, and moved an index finger around it. When her stomach wasn’t so filled up, her navel was wide and stretched. Now, it was round, with a bit of extra skin fold slightly over it. Joanne kept moaning, and her breathing quickened. Moe found it so fasiciating, to look at her belly button, moving up and down, up and down with his wife’s quick breathing.

He looked up at the feeding tube, to see how much cream was left. He saw it was nearly empty. He looked down at Joanne’s navel, and to his delight, it started to “pop out” – an umbilical hernia Joanne doctor had said once, when it happened the first time. Moe smiled, and let the tube feed Joanne for two more minutes, making sure his wife was filled. He moved his finger around the popped up belly button.

“Look at his, my big beautiful blimp” he said to Joanne, knowing she wouldn’t be able to see the apex of her stomach. “You have gotten so fatten up with cream, your belly button has popped up!” with that, Moe pushed the navel in slightly, but it would not go.

Tears started to roll down Joanne’s obese face more, and she groaned. She couldn’t see her belly button, but she had felt it popping up, and her husband touching and poking it.

Moe turned off the machine and went next to Joanne, so he was looking over her.

“Alright my dear, I’m going to prepare you for the big day!” He then slapped his wife’s stomach, but it didn’t move. It was hard as a rock.

Joanne had no idea what her husband meant, and she tried to speak, but in the position she was in, she could not with her flabby chin obstructing her vocal chords.

She couldn’t see beyond her stomach, a mountain on top of her, but she heard some movement from Moe, and felt Moe move around her.

What Moe was doing was harnessing his wife, getting her ready for transport.

Before the feeding, Moe had Joanne lie on top of a human harness, and now that she was ready to move, he connected the harness’s straps together. First 1 around Joanne’s shoulders, 1 around her calves, and then his favourite, the 1 around her massive, mountain of a belly.

It took 2 straps to cover her belly. Once that was done, Moe admire his work, and gave her belly button, still popped up, and in between the two straps, a pat.

He then brought over the crane’s arm – yes, a crane used in construction – over to his wife, and started hooking the straps to the crane’s hook.

Moe then gave his friend in the crane, a thumbs up, and slowly, the crane’s arm started to lift Joanne.

Joanne, realizing now what was happening now, started to sob harder. She never imagined herself to be so heavy, that she’d have to be moved by a crane. She felt time go by slowly, and tried to make sense of everything around her. She saw the night sky above her. She only had a bra and underwear on, so her whole body felt the cool breeze of the night air.

She then felt herself being placed down, on a hard cool surface. There were walls around her. She panicked, now knowing where she was.

Then Moe came up beside her, placed the feeding tube into her mouth, with the bag of cream on her chest. “Don’t worry dear, Greg was nice to lend us his construction equipment. We’re in a clean dump truck. I’m taking you to the big show. Moe unclipped the harness from the crane’s hook, and then they were off. Joanne couldn’t; say anything but cry and eat.
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