the hypnotist(redux)

chapter 1

The Hypnotist(Redux)
Disclaimer - I am not claiming ownership of the original story this is my version of the story with obvious changes to many parts of it(to be a bit darker as is my tradition). The original story seems to have been lost so here is my tribute.

David was getting ready for his five year high school reunion. He glanced over himself in the mirror seeing how much he had changed from those days. In five years David went from 250lbs(113kg) to about 290lbs(131kg) at 5’9” it really did show. His now big jiggly belly obviously showing off his gain. David in other areas was doing rather well as a professional Hypnotist and Therapist. His methods worked and he helped cure a lot of people of their problems. He put on his best suit and decided to show off with his nice car as well. Pulling up to the building some hours later when the party started. He noticed the guests walking in and decided to sit in his car a bit taking in the sites.

Jessica walked out of her car still prim and proper as always and her figure was still perfect. Suzie was still buff and looked like the swim champion and prom queen could still beat nearly anyone up. Barbara waddled into school the same large girl she was before, but this time she walked hand in hand with Suzie. Several other friends and colleges walked in as well some of them larger most of them nearly the same. One person in particular David was looking for because she tormented and picked on him all through high school. Amanda stepped out of a rather average looking car wearing clothes she used to wear in high school. Amanda was a nice person to beautiful people, she however had a serious issue with people who were overweight. She looked exactly the same as she did in high school still only 5’2” and roughly 136lbs(61kg). Amanda tormented David for his weight all the time and took many opportunities to embarrass him. She also tormented Barbara back then, but with Suzie around was unlikely to do so for fear of Suzie. Leaving only David to torment once she saw him, however David planned a rather brilliant idea for this exact occasion. His plan was all hinged on weather she was mean to him still, if she apologized for her actions then he would do nothing.

David stepped out of his car nearly the same time she was near it “Hey Amanda how are you.”
Amanda seemed only briefly shocked at who stepped out of such a nice car walking up to David “David it looks like somehow you managed to get even fatter, I was unsure that was possible” she added a slap to his gut upon saying that last insult. “Start spending some of that money on exercise and less on lavish meals blubber gut” she poked his gut and walked inside.

David was not expecting such a vicious onslaught and it took a lot of reserve to not say something back. He was not as timid as he was in highschool and had learned how to deal with bullies in his college mental therapy classes. Walking in after her he watched as she clearly was showing off her figure as she walked in. David has a great time after getting into the reunion. He almost forgot about Amanda, however she soon walked by him again.

“I am surprised at your girth you can stand and sit without sweating let alone dance” Amanda added again poking David’s belly.

“Wanna know what I do for a living Amanda” David said trying to gloss over her insults “I am a diet hypnotist.”

“Well you should try hypnotizing yourself sometime butterball” Amanda quickly added laughing.

“I could hypnotize you to no longer like chocolates” David added after having seen her earlier sneak a chocolate cupcake.

Amanda thought for a bit her adoration of chocolate was beginning to cause her some grief “Ok lets see how its done.”

David lead her to a nearby completely empty hallway and hypnotized her. After a few moments she was under and completely at his mercy. His mind raced with all the possibilities but he knew what he must do.

“You will sleepwalk each night to your kitchen where you will stuff yourself completely full of food and snacks each night you will eat more than the last, you will have no memory of eating when you wake up, everytime you are out of sugary snacks go to the store, you will buy tons of junk food and tell yourself it is all for guests, when i snap my fingers you will awaken and have no memory I hypnotized you at all” David said smiling.

“Eww why so close fatty get away” Amanda added leaving the reunion suddenly.

David simply smiled watching her leave the reunion, knowing where she was probably headed. Her subconscious mind knew there were no snacks at home so she was probably headed to the local supermarket. David usually saw her there buying vegetables and diet drinks. It maybe the only place he sees her unless he can track down what gym she goes to. He asked around eventually finding out from Suzie that Amanda frequented a small local gym that Suzie owned. After a joyful talk with Suzie and Barbara David was invited to the gym as a member. With his job however it maybe a bit difficult for him to go often, but he could as least go once a week.
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