the journey

chapter 2

Things were about to change for Gina and I as we learned the families we're going to Italy for two months which meant no more Sunday meals with all of us together.

I decided that I would alter my schedule at the bakery so that I could be home with Gina. I would make her breakfast each morning and then I would head to the bakery for a few hours and bring home her pastries.

I was in the kitchen getting things ready for Gina's breakfast while she showered but first I would make her a weight gain shake and take it to the bedroom.

When I got to the bedroom Gina was drying herself off and I went to grab the tape measure to see what size she was, her ass was so big and full not like some larger women who's asses sag and are kind of flat.

First I measured her arms which were 32 inches, thighs 41 inches, knees 34 inches, calves 36 inches. She was gaining in the legs now which she was so happy with.

I had Gina sit on the edge of the bed and measured her belly drop which was 10 inches so then I had her stand and her belly drop was 22 1/2 inches and this got me hard right away.

Now to measure around her hips and wow she measured 94 inches and that made her so happy. With all this measuring I had to have her ass so I rolled her over on all fours and I ate her ass out then when I finished up I fucked her pussy hard and long and we both cum violently.

Gina then gulped down her shake and asked if I would make her some bacon with her pancakes. How many pancakes would be up to me and she was going to be well fed this morning.

I made up 32 pancakes 8" in size and layered them in a large pan with a pound of butter scattered in between, 2 pounds of bacon went into the pan and then I poured a whole bottle of maple syrup over everything.

I took this all to the bedroom to feed Gina and what awaited me was Gina fingering her wet pussy and asking me to stuff her full.

It took two hours to feed Gina but she ate everything and when she finished she took my rock hard cock in her sticky hands and said now blow a large load in my mouth and we can shower again.

The rest of the day was just watching tv and getting Gina whatever she wanted to eat. As we we're watching tv Gina turned to me and said she wanted to be humiliated daily, afterall she was my fat pig and she wanted to gain as she knew how it turned me on.

Knowing how she felt and she was serious I said fine I'll be right back and I drove to Wendy's and ordered a dozen triple cheeseburger's and fries with Coke's and when I got home Gina was going to get stuffed.

Now I tied Gina into her chair and literally forced the burgers and fries into her mouth and it was unbelievable but she took it all in stride until the last burger and she gobbled it down, 36 beef patties and buns and a dozen orders of fries and a dozen Coke's, my wife could eat.

The rest of the night was me eating her huge ass and pussy, oh how I loved all of her fat.

This night I was ordering 4 large pizzas for her before bedtime snack and I was going to funnel feed her a weight gain shake but instead of the usual quart, a gallon and then I would force her to eat her last dozen of pastries.

Gina and I have talked about her weight gain and she said she wants to gain until moving about becomes a problem. Her idea was at that point she would eat just to maintain her weight.

The doorbell rang and her pizza's were here so I went into the kitchen and made her a gallon of weight gain shake, and then I thought I'm going to make her two gallons and did and she was going to get both by funnel and tube.

When I got to the bedroom with all Gina's food and shakes she was sucking her lactating breasts and fingering her pussy. She said when she eats all her bedtime food she wanted me to shove my cock into her big fat ass and then rub her massive belly till she fell asleep, that I could do.

Well it took about 3 hours to feed Gina 4 large pizza's and for her to drink 2 gallons of weight gain shake. And now she wanted my hard cock in her ass so she sucked me good and then I rammed my cock into her ass and rubbed her belly until she fell asleep.

On Sunday morning before showering I had Gina sit on my face I needed to taste her because today I would see how she would take humiliation she said she wanted.

I fixed Gina two breakfast burritos about 5 pounds each and this morning I would literally stuff them into her mouth while telling her what a good fat pig she was.

When the burritos were ready I took them to the bedroom and told her no more of my cock unless she ate everything I brought to her today and then I told her I want her close to 700 pounds before the family came home. Today would be non stop feeding.

Gina said she wanted my cock always so start feeding her and I started to push the first burrito into her mouth. As she was munching away I told her that she might think she was a fat pig but I wanted a fat cow and that she had to be immobile and then she stopped eating.

Really!! Gina said you want me immobile and I said yes and you will do as I say now eat you cow. Gina said I'm so glad to hear you say that because I want to gain as much as you want so there we had our future decided, I would feed Gina until she was immobile.

When I finally finished stuffing the 2 burritos into Gina I then funnel fed her 2 gallons of weight gainer shakes and stuffed a dozen pastries into her mouth.

Each of her feedings was well over 12,000 calories and over the course of the day she was probably consuming 36,000 calories and the rest of the time I would be eating her and fucking her.

After her huge breakfast Gina fell back to sleep, this was good for her gain so now it was planning what she would eat for lunch and I left her to sleep.

There was this new place that was always busy that made sliders and they advertised party packs so I called them up to check things out. The fellow said a party pack was 50 and you could order them just regular or cheeseburger or bacon and cheese and if wanted they delivered. That's great what sides do you have and he said well you could order what we call the sack o fries which will feed a group of 15 and that was it. Give me a party pack of bacon cheese and a sack o fries for a 12:00 delivery.

I then ran out to the Costco and picked up a dozen boxes of various chocolate bars so Gina could munch all day and night for that matter and I needed to stock up on heavy cream and butter for her shakes.

When I arrived home and put everything away I went to see if Gina was still sleeping but she was awake pleasuring her self and drinking her milk from her breasts.

Will you come and eat my ass and then fuck me she said coyly, she looked so sexy I couldn't resist and quickly undressed and had her huge ass cheeks spread and my tongue deep inside her.

I was ramming my cock hard in her pussy with her on her back and holding her huge legs in the air and her screaming for me to cum, and I did but I pulled out and shot my load all over her face and breasts.

Now wipe up that cum and lick your hands I demanded and then lick this cock clean or no more food for the day. Gina looked worried and quickly wiped up all my cum and licked her hands clean then she took my stiff cock in her mouth and for good measure I shot another load of warm cum down her throat.

We both showered because soon it would be noon and Gina's next feeding. As Gina was drying off I said you know your breasts look a lot bigger let's weigh them and give them a measure.

I bought a hospital scale that was for weighing infants the type that cradled the baby with the metal tray that was bent and looked like a open taco shell. Gina placed her left breast on the scale and it weighed 30.4 pounds, now on to the right and it came in at 30.1 pounds and now we would get the tape out. I couldn't believe we never measured Gina's breasts before and this would be the first time and wow, Gina's breast measurement was 94 3/4 inches these two huge beach balls laying to either side of her enormous belly. Her breasts were 3/4 of a inch bigger than around her hips and we just had to check her weight now so Gina stepped on the scale and it read 602 pounds, that was a gain of 54 pounds.

I can't put my arms around her and haven't for a long time but we hugged one another and Gina said just 98 pounds more till 700 and I'm hungry.

Gina now with her legs thickening up she waddles and her whole body shakes as she moves, a real turn on for both of us. From a side view she is all breasts and belly and her ass looks as if it was filled with padding it is so big and round.

Gina climbed into bed for her feeding and she started to suck and drink the milk from her breasts while I went to get her a shake and a box of pastries for her feeding and the door bell rang, it was time for her lunch.

I put everything on a cart and wheeled it into the bedroom and sat down beside Gina. This smells great and I started to feed her one by one the sliders went in to Gina in a single bite and then I would push a handful of fries in right behind until all 50 were gone and not a fry left.

Gina's belly was extended tight as I rubbed it and it was rock hard but she still had a dozen pastries and a half gallon of shake so as I fed her the first pastry Gina kind of uttered I can't and looked to be slowing up.

No no I said, you stop now and you get no more cock and then I pushed it into her mouth. These dozen pastries and last of the shake took Gina twice as long to eat than the sliders and fries and when the last disappeared she let out the loudest belch I have ever heard then rolled over and fell asleep.

It was mid afternoon now and Gina was awake and wanted to watch a movie. Nothing she had fit her anymore so I had her get out of bed and then I spread a large white bedsheet on the bed and had her sit in the middle of it. Then I brought the back and front up and tied it above her hips like a huge white diaper and then she got up and waddled to the tv room.

I put a couple of boxes of chocolate bars on the coffee table for her so she could munch on something while we watched tv. We ended up talking about her clothes situation and I suggested that I find her someone to make some clothes for her. Gina said that she was proud of her size and wanted clothes that would show all her curves and I agreed, she looked so sexy showing off all her curves.

We called a plus size woman's clothing store and the owner said she knew just the person who could do all the measuring and making of the clothes but it would be fairly expensive, cost was no problem and we gave her our number so she could have the woman call us.

This seamstress called in about an hour and said she could come out the following day and we set a time so that I could be home from the bakery.

The next day this little petite Chinese woman showed up and I took her to our bedroom where Gina was sitting in bed with nothing on. The woman asked what Gina would like and Gina told her she wanted to show off all her curves. The woman then said that Spandex was the way to go but she would need a pouch for her hanging belly.

What was a pouch Gina asked and the woman said it was underwear that had a pouch in the front to drop her belly into. Because it was Spandex and Cotton it would stop her belly from swaying as she moved about and would hold it up from dropping below her hem line. She went on to say this would allow her to wear a shorter dress to show off her legs.

Gina then looked at colors and selected the hot pinks, reds and baby blues and black for dresses and leggings. The pouch underwear was much the same because as she grew in size the Spandex would soon be see through because of stretch. The woman then took all Gina's measurements and was done.

The woman whose name was Trina said it would take about a week for making the pieces and then the fitting, after that a week to put it all together.

After Trina left Gina was all excited so we went to watch tv and she went at those chocolate bars like they were tiny snack size bars. She said now she could really start to gain with new clothes.

The rest of the week it was non stop feedings and then on the Thursday Trina called and said she was ready for Gina's fitting and she would be out the following morning.

That night Gina said she wanted to do another slider feeding so I called and ordered two slider packs and two sack o fries and she was going to eat it all.

The delivery came and I wheeled all the food into the bedroom and Gina's eyes lit up. Yes I said you have to eat all 100 sliders and all the fries plus drink a shake.

It took Gina 3 hours to eat it all plus her shake and this time it was no problem. Gina what's going on I asked and she said I have to grow into my new clothes and giggled. That night I again eat Gina's ass and pussy and fucked her hard and long till we both fell asleep.

The next day Trina arrived and pieced the clothes parts as she had cut them. The pouch underwear were done and Gina put a pair on and dropped her massive belly into them and snapped the uplift belts to the sides. Gina went into the bathroom and loved them and when she came out her belly came first and then Gina. Now her belly still hung but it now was mostly all out front of her and she looked much fatter.

Then Trina pinned the black Spandex dress on her and she look like a black blimp and it showed all her weight and curves, she just looked amazingly sexy.

Trina said ok that's it keep all the pouches because she only needed them for the pinning and they were finished and she left saying she would deliver everything by the following mid week.

What both Gina and I liked was that wearing the pouches allowed the dresses to be short without her belly showing below the hem and would show off her fat shapely thighs and legs. But Gina said she would wear them without the pouch in the house for me.

By noon hour Gina was real hungry and when I asked her what she wanted to eat she said just bring the pastries to the bed room, how many I asked her and she said all of them I want to show you I gain eat 6 dozen pastries at one time.

To spice things up I tied Gina's hands behind her back and would feed her and encourage her by calling her my fat pig and forcing them in her mouth.

In 3 hours Gina had eaten 4 dozen pastries so I untied her and laid next to her while she sat and ate the last 2 dozen and she stroked my hard cock while she happily ate. Just before she ate the last one she started stroking faster and said I want you to cum in my mouth and in no time I had my cock jammed down her throat and exploded a hot load and she went crazy with lust.

Well the rest of the days were non stop feeding and it was now the day before Trina would be bringing her clothes to her.

That morning I took 3 pounds of soft butter and blended it with heavy cream and a bottle of chocolate syrup so it was like a pudding then I added a quart of blueberries and a quart of strawberries and took that to the bedroom for Gina. When she saw the extra large steel bowl with all the berries in chocolate she said let me have it and I spoon fed her this fat bomb. I told her that this was roughly 15,000 calories in one bowl and she finished it like it was a small bowl of pudding.

The door bell rang and it was Trina with her clothes she couldn't stay as she had another delivery so I said send me the bill or I will drop by your place tomorrow.

The first dress Gina put on was the hot pink and it really stretched out and showed all her curves and fat and sure enough because of her massive ass and belly without the pouch underwear her belly hung about 6 inches below the hem, she looked so hot and sexy.

Gina could see how aroused I was, my cock was rock hard so she did a striptease for me and I put her on all fours and rammed my stiff shaft so deep she was screaming.

When we finished I said put the pink pouch on and the same dress and this was spectacular, between her massive breasts and huge belly all up front and then that huge ass of hers the dress was just high enough to show off her thick thighs and legs.

Tomorrow was Friday so I told Gina I was taking her into NY and the city for dinner, I wanted to show off what a fat pig she had become, she looked so hot and sexy.

Whoop there it is, we walked into this nice Italian restaurant I had a reservation and everyone was looking and Gina was taking it to the max. This hot red dress that showed off every bit of fat and her curves all the men couldn't keep their eyes off her.

Some of the other women were snapping at their husbands or dates to stop looking, Gina and I both loved it, dammed she looked so hot and sexy.

Even when our waiter was taking our drink order you could see he was getting a little hard looking at Gina and to take it over the top she would circle her finger around her breast. I think some of the men headed to the rest room to relieve themselves.

Gina had four orders of lasagna, 3 orders of penne and sausage and a plate full of pastries for desert. When we were leaving I swear that dress was stretched to it's limits.

In the car driving home Gina said she was still hungry that dinner was only a snack so I told her I would go get one of those 48 inch party hero sandwiches on the way home.

I had the guy double all the meats and cheese and then he rolled it up in wax paper and put it in this long box that fit across the back seat.

When I got back to the car Gina had taken her pouch underwear off and her huge belly was hanging out and she was fingering herself. I couldn't get home fast enough. I helped Gina out of the car and her huge belly was hanging below her dress, it was so hot I instantly blew a load in my pants.

Once inside Gina sat in the tv room and I broke off large pieces of the hero sandwich and stuffed it in her awaiting mouth. It took 2 hours for Gina to finish it all then I grabbed a shake for her and took her to bed.

Once in bed I had Gina squat over my face so I could eat both her ass and pussy while she sucked my raging hard cock. We ate each other and fucked for at least 3 hours and then fell asleep spent.
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