the journey of big abby

chapter 1

"I'm getting tired of not finding the woman I really want." Calvin said, sitting across the table from his friend Trent. Calvin and Trent sit inside a bar drinking beers and eating wings. Every Friday night, they would come here to unleash the week they had. Calvin continued, "You have any idea how much time I've spent on DeviantArt looking and drooling over countless photos of drawings of women who are morbidly obese. The point of immobility." Trent polished off his beer, didn't know exactly what to say to him. "So. How long have you been into fat girls?" Trent said, awkwardly. This isn't the first time they talked about this.

"Since I was real young. You remember the babysitter my parents hired when I was a kid?" Trent shook his head yes. He began digging into the wings, residue of buffalo sauce stained his fingers.

"Well, she was a Goddess. When it comes to fat women. I mean, the body on this woman was incredible. It's everything you could look for. The fat on her arms. The third chin proudly showing. Her fat thighs. The ass on this broad was unreal." Calvin said while shaking his head. As memories would flood back inside his mind flashing on his babysitter. She looks beautiful. Calvin thought to himself. "I remember," Calvin added. "How she would have so much trouble trying to stand. I would always say I'm hungry but I really wouldn't be. I just wanted to see her get up and struggle. She would take deep breaths and it took her so many attempts until she finally got up. Once she did, I felt bad so I told her something to make me. But she didn't stop herself from making her something to eat. In fact, I think I helped her put on more pounds too."

Calvin was driving home by himself. As he's driving home, he spotted a Jeep on the side of the road. Calvin immediately pulled over. His first thought was is someone hurt? He jumped out of his car and walked toward the Jeep. Before making his way there, he heard grunting coming from the front. The sounds of struggling. When he arrived, his jaw dropped to the floor.

What he saw was a beautiful, gorgeous SSBBW standing in front of her Jeep, hood raised, trying to investigate a smoking motor. She wore a red tank top, blue jean shorts that happily highlight the gorgeous fat on her legs. Her big belly sticking out from under her red tank top. The fat on her thighs sticking out on the sides of the tank top. Rolls of fat poking out from the shirt on her back. This is his dream woman. Before he introduced himself, he pictured this gorgeous fat woman massively obese. Bed-ridden. Helpless. Stuffing her face. Watching her struggle.

Till he heard a voice, "Excuse me? Hello?"

Calvin returned back to reality, standing in front of the fat Goddess staring back at him. Her fat hands on her fat hips. He tried to not make it obvious he was staring at her. He just couldn't get over how striking this woman looks.

"I... I'm sorry. I.. just couldn't..." Calvin said, trying to find the words. He wanted to make the right impression. The woman said, "Couldn't get over how fat I am, right?" Calvin immediately shook his head no. "You're perfect." He noticed her expression change. Her fat cheeks turned red under all that bronzer on her face. Blushing.

"Well... thank you." The woman said. Calvin steps forward and sticks his hand out, "I'm Calvin. May I ask for your name, gorgeous?" The woman stuck her fat hand out for Calvin to shake, repling, "I'm Big Abby." They shook hands. "So. I see you're having car trouble?" Big Abby stood to the side for Calvin to inspect the car. She wipes her forehead covered in sweat off using her shirt. From the corner of his eye, he quickly saw her lumptious belly of hers. It was perfect.

Her belly's Big where it's just inches hanging above her knees. It won't be long till it goes over her knees. To which Calvin thought of instantly. The way Calvin interpreted this was in a way Big Abby was showing off her big belly, as if she was mighty proud of the accomplishment she made of her belly. It's round, layers of fat waiting desperately to be explored and played with. The belly jiggled as she wiped her face off using the end of the tank top as a rag. Big Abby caught Calvin looking at her then turned away. She smiled, amused by someone staring at her amazing belly.

"Yeah." Big Abby said. "I was on my way home from work till my car decides to fuck up on me on my way home."

"Can I ask you something?" Calvin said. "It's out of the blue and off topic. I hope you don't mind me asking." He added. Big Abby leaned up against the car, grabbing a large litter of Pepsi chugging it. Calvin felt like he died and gone to heaven. Watching this beauty chug down a large litter of Pepsi was giving him an erection. He could feel his dick get hard by watching Big Abby inducing more sugar. Once she polished off the drink, she tosses the empty bottle in the backseat of the car.

"I'm sorry... *burps* did you ask... *burps* I'm so sorry." Big Abby said, looking embarrassed. "Did you ask me something, hon?" Calvin replied, "Don't apologize. You have nothing to be sorry for. I just wanted to ask do you have a boyfriend?"

Big Abby was stunned by that question. Here she is standing in front of this man she just met coming onto her and asking personal questions. She thought Calvin was extremely good-looking. She made an estimate guess of his age being in his late twenties early thirties. She could be wrong she thought.

"That's an interesting question." Big Abby said, rubbing her big belly in the process. This made Calvin want to go over there and rip her clothes off to not just explore her fat she worked her ass off earning, but wanting to rub her belly so badly. The temptation is so strong for Calvin to do nothing more but to touch this woman.

"Do you think I have a boyfriend?" Big Abby said. Calvin took a moment, wanting to construct a good sentence to impress the big Abby. "Well, If I'm being honest. It would shock me if you didn't." That did it. Big Abby smiles from ear to ear. Her fat chubby cheeks sticking out. Her white teeth exposed.

"Aw! That's incredibly sweet of you to say." Big Abby grinned while saying that. "What about you?" She added. Calvin didn't know what to say. He was mostly worried about what she would think if he even breathed about his fetish for wanting to make women even fatter.

"I'm single... for the moment. Unless you're available for me to take you out on a date." He winked at her. Laying on the charm. Big Abby giggled, mesmerized by this charming man she thought. "Can you hang on for me a second?" Big Abby said, while leaning inside her car to grab something out of her purse... but then remembered.

"I'm sorry, do you have your phone on you?" She said. Without hesitation, Calvin whipped out his phone in a quick and precise motion. He handed his iPhone to Big Abby. Boy he's really into me Big Abby thought to herself. She dialed in her number into his phone. She returns the phone back to Calvin.

"Well, Calvin. It was a pleasure meeting you tonight." Big Abby said.

"The pleasure was all mine. I'm so glad to have met you." He replied.

He didn't want the night to end. He glanced at her car then mentioned, "How are you gonna get home?"

Big Abby suddenly remembered her car not working. "Shit!" Big Abby said. "It looks like I might have to call triple A." She whips out her phone from her purse as Calvin gently places his hand over her purse, stopping her from getting her phone. She looks up at him, sees a sparkle in his eye.

"Why don't you let me take you home? I'll take care of your car for you. It would mean so much if I could take you home?" Calvin said, meaning every word. As long as he could spent more time with this stunning beauty, that's all he wants.

"It's a deal! Unless we could stop to get something to eat." Big Abby said, rubbing her belly. Calvin didn't hesitate, replying back to her saying that he can do for the hungry Goddess. He wraps his arm around her fat arm. Now this is his time to get the opportunity to feel her soft flesh. He helped Big Abby waddle to passenger seat of his car. Calvin opens the door for her, she happily climbs inside. She has a bit of a struggle trying to get comfy inside his Ford Explorer.

"It looks like I'm a bit too big for your car." Big Abby chuckled, trying to shake the embarrassment off. Calvin wasn't embarrassed by this sight. All this was doing was making Calvin aroused by this woman. She got situated inside his car. Watching her chubby hands reach for the seatbelt and buckle herself as the seatbelt was pressing up against that big belly sticking out. Calvin hops in the car behind the wheel, turning the keys in the ignition.

"Where to?" Calvin said, looking at the woman he wants to shout out his girlfriend. The expression he has on his face looking at her shows he really likes this woman.

"Surprise me!" Big Abby said. Calvin nodded and say that I will do as he drove off. He stopped at several fast food joints. As he drives to one place, Calvin would let Big Abby eat inside his car. "I hope you have more room to eat." Calvin mentioned, glancing from time to time the Big Abby eating messy and greasy cheeseburgers. She made noises while eating, saying, "Oh! I have a big appetite. I can eat all through the day without getting full. Exhibit A." Referring to herself and how fat she is.

"Well, that's good to hear. You're such a pretty big piggy." Calvin said as they're on their way to the next restaurant for Big Abby to stuff her face for what is a start of a beautiful relationship.

I hope everyone enjoys this new story I'm working on. Like and Comment down below your thoughts and if you're interested for more
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FatAdmirer123 5 years
@mark See, you have to understand this story didn’t end on a happy note. And not everything is going to a happily ever after with stories like this. You had to know this story wasn’t gonna end on a good note for Big Abby right? I wrote the ending like thi
Mark 5 years
Sorry, you lost me through the forced feeding and anger. That is not a normal, healthy relationship
FatAdmirer123 5 years
@Theswordsman So true! Big Abby should have rethought this through
Theswordsman 5 years
Thats why you should be careful what you wish for
Chrysophase2003 5 years
I like part 4's abusive angle. I hope she gets too big to lift her arms, and only then does she have second thoughts.
Math Machine 5 years
There’s no such thing as a third chin. The 1st chin is the real one, the 2nd is a layer of fat that grows under it. The only way to have a 3rd chin is to tilt your head down awkwardly, & anyone can do that, even me, & I’m 120 lbs. Sorry, pet peeve of mine
Bruinsean 5 years
How much does she weigh?
Theswordsman 5 years
I cant wait to see what happens next