the joy of cooking

chapter 1: meeting sarah

It was a lonely day. Every day was like this ever since she died. Jacob was in the kitchen cooking. There was only one plate at the table. It didn't feel right. Cooking for himself. Eating alone. He would always cook for her. For Sarah.

A few years back, he met the most beautiful woman in the world. Sarah. It was like any other day. He was running late for work and suddenly, he bumped into her. A nice, young woman with blonde hair. She was curvy, and slightly thin. She looked at Jacob. "I'm very Sorry! I should've looked where I was going!" The Woman said. Jacob got up, patted himself down, and helped the woman up. "No worries. It's my fault, Anyway." He smiled. It was a genuine smile. It caught the attention of the woman. "Here. To apologize." She says, handing Jacob her number. "My name's Sarah. We should have Coffee sometime!!!" She smiled. "S-Sure. My name's Jacob." He said, surprised by the sudden exchange. "Nice to meet you, Jacob! Let's have Coffee sometime!!! My treat!" She said as she ran off, waving. Jacob stood there, dumbfounded by what just happened.

After that, they ended up hanging out with each other. Getting coffee, watching movies at home, etc. Eventually, they had to much to drink at one point and kissed. It was then that they confessed their love for one another. After that, they moved in with each other. Everyday, Jacob, being the cook he is, would cook for Sarah day in and day out. Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. He was a cook at a fancy restaurant and cooking was his passion.

As time went on, However, the thin and curvy woman started to gain weight. A lot of it. It was inevitable really, with all the food Jacob cooks for her. Her thin face puffed up quite a bit, having a clear double chin. Her D cups turned to G cups. Her thin waste had a huge belly filling out on her lap as roles. Her thighs thickened. Her butt filled out nicely. She went from 118lbs to 330lbs. Jacob, despite this, didn't care. He still saw her as his Sarah.

They eventually married and everyday, he would still cook for her. That is, until tragedy struck. Though as it might seem, Sarah didn't die of health problems. Not from being fat, that is. It was something far worse. Sarah developed Cancer, and as a result, her hair fell out and she was losing lots of weight.

Sarah went from 300lbs to 80lbs. Jacob tried to make her eat. To cook as much as he could for her. But she wasn't hungry and getting weaker. Eventually, Sarah died, but not before giving Jacob some needed peace. She told him that his food was great and that he'll find another sweet girl to feed. That she'll always love him, and that he needs to move on.

Jacob was in a deep depression after she died and he hasn't felt the same about cooking. He won't eat his cooking. He doesn't feel right eating it by himself. Not without her to enjoy it.

He gets an idea. A silly one, at that. He picks up his phone and dials a number. From there, he orders a prostitute and talks with her. He tells her to come with an empty stomach. After an hour, the door bell rings and he answers it. It was a sweet looking girl. She had long brown hair. She was wearing a red shirt and pants. Her body was relatively thin, with not much curves. It looked like she was 18 or older. Jacob asked what her name was.

"Sarah..." she answered.
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