the king and the stable girl

chapter 1

She gave him a frosty, queenly glare of loathing which, to his delight, he had finally realized didn't affect him one single bit. She hadn't touched him in years and he doubted it was just because of his increasing obesity. Theirs was a loveless, arranged marriage and quite frankly they had hated each other from the start.

His little country definitely was NOT fleabitten...maybe it wasn't exactly one of the pleasure or cultural centers of the continent, but it was a happy, friendly and healthy country. Maybe not wealthy in minerals but was rich fertile farmland that gave his kingdom a decent gross national product he was told.

Whatever that was....he had no head for figures.

Her shrill voice rang in his ears, grated actually, the pitch and frequency setting his teeth on edge and causing him for once to completely lose his train of thought.

"Get out of my sight, 'Your Majesty...' majesty is right. I know for a fact you can't even see your feet anymore and require servants to help you put your boots on and wash your unreachable backside. Your gross appearance truly disgusts me. Why don't you go for a walk or something, tour your "Kingdom" and get some exercise, maybe lose some of that jiggling balloon of a royal presence you continue to inflict me with." With one last chill glance raking over his curving fatness, she spun on her heel and haughtily swept from the throne room.

Maybe she was right, he thought to himself, fingers tapping on the gilt arm of his wide comfy throne, wouldn't hurt to slip out of the palace, get out of these scratchy, formal robes and into something a bit more comfortable. Suddenly he smiled and made a decision.

He was basically a farm boy at heart...he loved animals and resented the position the death of his parents forced upon him and which he grudgingly and dutifully accepted. On his own he designed and had built a huge two story combined stables, barn, workshop and foundry below the castle. The entire second floor he had converted into a luxurious suite which was his escape when pressures of his rule and in recent years his queens vitriol became too much to bear.

As he neared the complex he stopped, panting, and heaving himself up onto a low, rough hewn stone wall, he admired his handiwork... and wondering where "she" was.

Yes...she. She was raised in the stables since she was a young girl and, he knew, terrified of people...him included. She was like a shy colt, mute whenever he passed her, her head bowed and her eyes riveted meekly to the ground.

He was tired and foot weary from carrying his great weight and rested a bit to quietly catch his breath. He was silent, his clothes colorless and non descript, and because of the dark evening forest behind him he knew he was invisible from the large barn door facing him, now slowly swinging open.

Then he saw her and is heart surged in his breast. She was incredibly buxom and wonderfully young and strong. He watched her easily push open the massive barn doors and in the setting sun begin spreading hay in the stalls of his prize horses. Not that he rode any more, he had grown way too fat...but he loved them the all same and treated them as if they were his children.

He realized he was thirsty and, feeling a desire to break her silence, called to her, asking for a glass of water. He saw her glance in his direction, then her face blush but she didn't respond. Falling on her old trick he realized, pretending to be deaf and dumb.

Getting to his feet with effort he walked closer and tapped her on her shoulder. She turned, feigning surprise, fear lighting in her eyes but he tried to calm her, speaking softly and gently...the same as he would to a skittish mare.

"Easy girl, you don't have to pretend with me...I know...easy there...whoah young lady." He grabbed her arm gently and held her, quivering, but she twisted out of his grasp and escaped into the dim interior.

He watched her disappearing form, liking what he saw...her rounded young body, golden hair flying behind her. Sighing, he slowly stumped up the wide stairs to his suite. As he reached the top he called out loud enough that she could hear him, "I've decided to stay here for awhile. Please send Charles up to help me get the royal apartment ready for my stay." He smiled as he heard a small gasp and then scurrying footsteps.


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Obsessed 9 years
What a wonderful read.
Then i wouldnt expect any less of you love. Xx
Enoshima Sama 9 years
holy shit!!! a great story omg