the last pair of jeans

chapter 1

Ah what a beautiful sight to see, a growing piggy in the last pair of jeans she'll ever wear. She doesn't know it yet, but this is the last time she'll ever be squeezing her growing ass and greedy belly into the jeans she barely squeezed into this morning, or any jeans ever for that matter.

You see tonight she'll do what she's normally been doing for the past year or so and have a gluttonous meal at the fast food joint of her choosing on her way home from work. After dumping thousands of calories into her her greedy belly (not to mention what a pig she made of herself at lunch earlier today) she'll unbutton her jeans like she normally does to accommodate her bloated form and drive the rest of the way home where she'll plop her fat ass down on her spot on the couch where I will be waiting for her. She'll spend the rest of the evening lazily lounging on the couch allowing me to dote on her and bring her snack after snack, happily devouring them despite already feeling full from her gluttonous dinner.

She knows being with me has been making her fat, this is the 5th larger pair of jeans she's had to buy this year after all, but she's been too content with being spoiled to do much about it. When she finally lumbers her fattened over fed body up to bed, she'll need her my help just to get the jeans off, laying there helplessly as I pull at them repeatedly to get them down off her plumped up thighs.

In the morning she'll have the now all to familiar experience of attempting to pull them up, jumping up and down, and realizing there's no hope of getting them past her plump jiggling rear. As I arrives just in time with breakfast she resigns herself to the fact that she's outgrown yet another pair and will plop down on the bed and consume her calorie laden meal of buttered waffles, hashbrowns, and bacon. When she finishes she slides into a pair of stretch pants, giving her plump rear some obvious panty lines, and notes that they are way more comfortable than jeans and she'll head off to work to begin her routine all over again. Only this time, instead of going and buying a larger pair of jeans, she'll stick with her stretch pants allowing her to be relaxed and comfortable as her gluttonous body grows ever larger and heavier.
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MVP76 3 months
Stretch pants are the best
Feedher3000 4 years
Is there any more? It was getting really good.