the letter h

Chapter 1 - part 1

H was her favorite letter. It started all of her favorite words.

Heavy. She was so heavy, almost immobile at this point. Her movements were hampered by her huge belly, it hung over her legs, pretty much to her knees. Each step was more of of a shuffle waddle since it kept her from being able to do more then a small forward movement. It was like a half inflated exercise ball. Saggy and divided into three huge rolls, it had been mostly smooth but was finally starting to dimple with cellulite. It covered her sex so that even if she had been able to fit her hips and rear into a pair of underwear it would have covered them. her belly in the front, and her fatty sides leaking over.

Huge. Not just her belly, but the rest of her as well. Her thighs touched all the way to the knees and folded over her calves, which took a while to swell and pack with fat, but finally had. They swallowed her ankles and left just the tops of her feet showing. Even her feet and toes were starting to fill with fat. Thanks to the advancements at Colton Corp this wasn't the type of swelling that hurt and caused harm, but just a natural effect of the process that had turned her into this behemoth of a woman. She could have slapped Healthy onto her list, and she was glad to be that, because she felt that the fun might have been lessened had she had to worry about the risks. Though she doubted they would have let her worry, so many things can be buried with the right incentives.

Hanging. Her breasts just hung now. Two swollen orbs, they had passed basketballs a while ago. For a while they had swollen with fat but stayed perky. Then they had started to drop and pull, almost like deflated balloons. They fell on either side of her growing stomach shining with meaty thuds whenever she moved. But the fat had to go somewhere and they kept growing fatter but not longer. As her stomach and the fat rings that seemed to circle her torso in rolls upon rolls got bigger, the breasts were lifted as if being presented.

Hooked. She was hooked on touching her body when she could, so soft and full and round and full of rolls. She was also hooked up, her breasts that is. With areoles the size of small plates, dark pink in her pale skin, and nipples that were constantly aroused they had begged for attention just like the rest of her. They were hooked to a special set of cups, and when she was positioned right the cups were hooked to tubes, and the cups contracted sucking on her breasts and drawing milk. They didn't do it all the time. They left her hooked to the clear thin to the point of almost not being there cups as a reminder that they could milk her if she did as they wanted. If she ate everything, did everything they asked of her. Her breasts often filled with milk bt they would refuse to help relieve the pressure. Her body was designed so that the breasts would eventually reabsorbed the milk. It meant being uncomfortable instead of feeling intense pleasure, but would cause her no harm (one of the H's she didn't like).

Hungry. She needed food. All the time. She rarely felt her stomach get completely full anymore, it had stretched too much. When it did get full, she kept eating until it went beyond pain and into pleasure. Must mostly she was hungry. It wasn't just her stomach that demanded the food, but every one of her senses. Her mouth craved the taste (and in some ways her jaw was the only thing that moved easily anymore, even though her wobbly chins grew and surrounded her face), her lips plump and forced into a pout by her fat cheeks. Her taste buds exploded with tastes, longed for them. It helped enforce good behavior. Bad behavior denied her the taste, because she would be forced to the funnel or the tube. Tasteless paste and fatty protein poured for hours on end down her throat. Creams pumped into her stomach, so close to hitting her tongue but just out of reach. She knew they could give her a taste of the cream, but they denied it. So she was good, good enough to be able to eat and fill her hungry belly and her gaping mouth with fats and sugars and grease and taste. 

Horny. Heavens above that too. She hadn't been able to touch herself for months, longer even. A few hundred pounds ago maybe, but now, her arms thick with fat, able to bend just enough to shove more food in her mouth, but not reach around her breasts let alone her stomach. And she was too weak to lift that belly of hers anyways. But she wanted, needed more. She needed someone to lift her belly, spread and hold her titanic legs apart and place something pulsing and hard in between her legs and inside her. They would drop her belly upon her thighs and sex and that felt good. So good. The combination of these things caused her to groan, moan beg for more.

Hog, they now let her eat like the hog she was. She was long past being a piglet, or even a pig. She was full hog now. She could still get on all fours, they had made sure that she could do that even at her huge size. She couldn't walk more then a few steps, in fat, she tried to remember the last time she had. She had been huffing puffing, only the promise of food and a new bigger stronger vibrator had made her keep going. They had helped her lean over into a strange sling. It was relaxing even, easier, her huge belly was starting to support her, pooling under her as she lay there on all fours. They would bring her food and she would bend her head and eat and eat and eat. It was wonderful, she didn't even need to use her arms. her whole body was slowly being supported by a combination of her own fatty tissue and the slings. Soon she wouldn't even need those.
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Zaftig 8 years
Mmm, very nice. I like the thought of assisted intercourse while both are forced to continue gorging. Fun smiley