the little caterpillar

Chapter 1 - the little caterpillar

There was a little caterpillar, she grew up like most girls do, she obsessed about her weight and her body. But she was hungry.

All through high school she fought the hunger, she ate only what she new would keep her small and light. She even forced herself to exercise, which she did not like, she pushed her body to run and jump and lift, when all it wanted to do was eat.

As she grew into an adult her body grew curves that made it harder to run, most girls would be happy with the way she looked, but the little caterpillar only saw fat, were others saw curves.

Not long out of school she liked a boy and he liked her back, and she was distracted from how much she hated her body as he showed her how much he loved it. While distracted she gave into to the hunger, not a lot at first, but more and more as time grew on.

She began to work which distracted her more, at a fast food place which was even worse.

Her hunger grew, and so did she.

She ate and ate., as life filled up her plate.

She no longer had the energy for exercise, at least that was her excuse. Her boy grew more and more attentive as she grew more and more hungry. He always made sure her hunger was slated, he spoiled her daily with sweet treats and good food.

He made her feel sexy, and she didn’t think about her body the same way as before. She ate and ate, and grew and grew.

Her curves became heavier, her body grew softer and she grew lazier and hungrier with every passing day.

Our not so little caterpillar was changing into something new.

A year went by, then another, our caterpillar gave in to the hunger, more and more, and she grew bigger than she could have ever imagined.

She had wasted so much of her life trying to be small trying not to give in, but this relationship had been a cocoon and she had emerged a big fat butterfly. She realised this now as she sat her belly covering her thighs, her breasts heavy and her face round. She was not small, she was big, soft and fat. She had given into the hunger. The little caterpillar was no more.
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