the livestream

Chapter 1 - The Livestream

“Okay, so moving on to my next question.”

Lauren sat in her gaming chair, her phone in hand. It had already been a long session and she was beginning to get fidgety. But the quicker she got through this session, the sooner she would be done. If she just trudged through, the Q&A session would soon be over.

“What is your favorite video game and why?” she read aloud. Lauren looked at herself on the screen, just making sure that nothing was wrong with her appearance. She was happy with what she saw.

“Oh that’s an easy one! Stardew Valley definitely,” giggled Lauren. “I really like it because it’s super chill and you can play it at your own pace, you know? Plus, I think all the romanceable characters are just so cute too! Harvey is my fave!” She looked up and flashed a smile to the camera. Responses in her chat began to flood in.

OMG I love stardew

Sebby is my fave

SDV is underrated i agree

I should start playing stardew we could coopt together

“Oh my gosh, yes that sounds like so much fun,” Lauren giggled. She felt the veneer of her fake authenticity slowly fading. She longed for the end of the Q&A.

Lauren was normally a very modest girl but even she had to admit that she was stunningly gorgeous. Between her deep brown hair and soft feminine features, she looked absolutely flawless. She had always been very pretty. What caught people’s attention and what Lauren was most proud of, however, was her body. She worked hard to sculpt her perfect physique. She ran, she worked out, she ate right. Lauren did everything she humanely could to keep her body in perfect condition. A few years ago someone had suggested to her that she could make a good amount of money if she documented her lifestyle online. Hesitant at first, Lauren quickly discovered just how lucrative becoming a social media influencer could be. She adopted the name elliekitty for her social media handles and the endorsements and the money soon followed and eventually Lauren had create quite a living just by being online.

As much as she enjoyed it, there were its drawbacks. She had to deal with a few stalkers over the years and the hawking of certain junk products every so often did feel a little scummy, but she learned to roll with the punches. Her least favorite part of her stardom, however, was the constant engagement. Lauren soon realized that if she wanted to be successful with influencing she never could really clock out. Everything she did had to be tweeted about, added to her story on Snapchat, put on TikTok, etc.

Which brought Lauren to here. Someone suggested to her that starting a Twitch account might be a smart way to market herself and add some new followers. Lauren was very hesitant at first, worrying if Twitch would really be her thing. She did it reluctantly and, like clockwork, new fans began flooding to her. And soon began another direction Lauren felt herself stretched towards.

“Okay, so next question. What is your favorite movie and TV show?” She pouted her lips as pondered the question. Lauren always screened her question requests to 🌿 out the weird and the sexual ones but would occasionally pause and pretend she was reading these for the first time. “Oh my God, this is actually a lot harder to answer than I thought it would be,” she said before pausing to think of her response.

“So,” he said, contemplating her answer. “My like favorite show of all time is definitely Buffy. Love me some girls who can kick butt,” she chuckled. “But my fave show that I’m watching right now would have to be like either Stranger Things or The White Lotus. You guys should definitely catch up on the new seasons if you haven’t seen them. Or start watching them if you haven’t already. And my favorite movie is still The Princess Bride.” She turned her attention back to chat.

Love Stranger Things

Havent seen white lotus might give it a shot

New season of strangers things is okay

My name is inigo Montoya you killed my father prepare to die

“Oh my god, stop. You’re going to get me quoting the whole movie. I’ve got sooo many questions to get through, focus Kittie,” she chuckled with a fake laugh. She looked back at her phone. “Rank your favorite Star Wars movies,” she read. “You guys are going to hate me,” she paused for dramatic effect. “But I haven’t seen any of the Star Wars movies.” Her followers were going wild.


how is that even possible lol

star wars is mid anyways lmao

“I know!” Lauren gave a fake giggle. As much as she enjoyed the praise from her followers, sometimes she said things that would throw her viewers into a fit. It helped with her engagement. “I just, like, never got into them? I had a boyfriend who tried to sit down and watch them all with me and I just zoned out the whole time,” she smiled. The comments continued pouring in.

fake nerd lol

typical female

we can watch star wars together

“Okay, I probably should move onto the next question before I get roasted too much,” Lauren continued. “What is my height? I am actually 5 feet and 4 inches so, like, pretty normal, I guess. I have a sister who is around the same height as me and we are both actually taller than mom. She’s only like 5’1” so she’s pretty short.” Lauren looked at her chat and saw most of the comments coming in were still raging about Star Wars and decided to move onto the next question.

Before she could read the next question, her screen flickered momentarily. She blinked a few times, puzzled. She was worried that something had gone wrong with her stream but, as far as Lauren could tell, it was running just fine. Comments continued popping up every few seconds and none of her viewers seemed to notice anything wrong.

“What is your favorite ice cream flavor?” she read aloud, a new wave of energy washed over her. Lauren had somehow gained a second wind. “Oh my God, guys, I freaking love chocolate ice cream,” a wide smile appeared on Lauren’s pretty face. “Like, I’m a freaking chocoholic guys,” she said and grinned into the camera. “I love shakes; I love sundaes; pretty much anything chocolate!” Out of view of the camera, Lauren began growing slightly. A small layer of pudge magically appeared on her body. “In fact,” she added and reached off camera. She pulled out a McDonald’s cup and took a long slurp. “McDonald’s chocolate shakes are my absolute weakness!” Her flat tummy softened slightly and her thighs thickened a tad. Ten pounds had magically appeared on her frame and Lauren hadn’t noticed in the slightest. “Okay, so moving on.”


you look so good ❤️

Elliekitty would love chocolate lol

“Am I pregnant?” As the words left her mouth, reality began to change again. Her untoned tummy began to pooch out in front of her. Another 15 pounds found themselves on Lauren’s frame. Her thighs and butt slightly widened and softened again but this time her belly took the brunt of the damage. The tank top she had been wearing began riding up, revealing a sliver of pale pudge.

Lol rude


i don’t think you look pregnant lmao

Lauren sighed. “No,” she laughed, only slightly embarrassed. “No, I’m not pregnant, y’all.” She gave herself a poke in her tummy, her finger sinking slightly into her small potbelly. “I’ve just been eating good is all.” She looked into the camera. “Do you guys think I need to cut back?” she asked with a playful smile.

thicc queen

treat yo self babe


“Didn’t think so,” she laughed and pulled her phone back up, ready for the next question. “When did you discover you were into feedism?”

Lauren cocked her head, momentarily confused. “Ummm,” she said, perplexed. What exactly was feedism? Who asked that question? “I, um,” she started. Then a blast of new memories hit her in a rush and reality began to bend again.

“So I was actually a pretty chubby kid growing,” Lauren began, regaining her composure. “My whole family is kinda chubby. And so, by the time I was like a sophomore in high school I was a little under 170 pounds. But then I started dieting and exercising more around when I turned 16 and got pretty skinny.” More and more pounds began flooding onto her frame. Her chat was going wild again.

Omg wat

Lol skinny bellykitty

U still look thin lol

Lauren’s online persona changed and she hardly noticed. She was no longer elliekitty, the fit influencer and occasional Twitch streamer. She was now belliekitty, the aspiring feedee and occasional video game player. Her old reality faded from existence and a new one began to wash over her.

“I know, right?” Lauren laughed. “And so, I went off to college and stayed pretty thin, you know. I didn’t gain the freshman 15 or anything like that. But then I started dating this guy my junior and he confided in me that was into feedism. And I didn’t know what that was, didn’t think much of it. And he asked if I wouldn’t mind gaining a little bit of weight. So, that was my first feedee/feeder relationship. By the time we were done dating I had put on like 30 pounds and I decided that I liked it, like really liked it. But we broke up and I decided to keep on gaining.”

As Lauren spoke, more and more weight piled on her. Her face had finally begun to catch up with her gains. Her cheeks looked fuller and softer and a slight double chin had begun to form. Her humble B cups swelled into full D cups that were beginning to strain her tank top. Lauren’s cleavage was on full display to all her followers. Her belly surged further into her lap and spilled over the top of her gym shorts. Stretchmarks now lined her doughy middle. Rolls began to form on her sides as she began developing love handles. Her thighs thickened further and soon squished together, her thigh gap a thing of the past. Behind her, her butt had widened and spread in her seat.

you look so good

Cant wait until your 300 pounds queen

We r so lucky to have you ❤️

Lauren smiled at the comments. “Thank you, chat. It’s nice to have a community that appreciates me growing softer and softer,” she said lustfully. As much as she enjoyed growing larger and fatter, her followers absolutely adored her growing figure. She had purposely stuffed herself into some old clothes that did little to hide her flabby physique, knowing she’d drive her followers wild.

“So what methods do I use for gaining weight?” she read aloud. “So, I’ve actually had a routine I’ve used for a while and I’ve actually uploaded a couple of videos of what it looks like. But basically, each morning I drink a gain shake and I also drink one right before bed, but sometimes I forget that one,” she giggled. Lauren spread wider and her belly poured further onto her lap. Her belly flab flopped over the waist of her shorts and rested on her squishy things. The beginnings of a double belly began to form. “But mainly just overeating,” she said and smiled into the camera, clutching her belly and giving a jiggle. “I always try to add calories any way that I can. I upgrade to the large meals and use things like heavy cream and butter when I cook. I drink a lot of coconut milk. Coconut milk is so fattening.” Her growth continued and Lauren grew softer. Her arms swelled with fat into a pair of squishy bingo wings. Her already squishy thighs softened even further and spread wide to accommodate her growing belly. It was hard to tell that Lauren was wearing shorts now that her gut was so big.

looks like its working lol

you’ve gotten so big

what is your venmo you need more food

“Oh my goodness, y’all are so sweet,” Lauren smiled into the camera. “How much has your weight gain affected your day-to-day life? Pretty significantly!” she laughed, her belly jiggling with each chuckle. “Especially as I’ve gotten bigger and bigger. There are subtle things and not so subtle things about it. I’ve noticed that the way people talk to me and talk about me has changed from when I was skinny to now, especially about my weight. I’ll casually throw around the f word and people who don’t know me are always so quick to be like oh you’re not fat and I’m like, what?” She squeezed her luscious thighs and gave them a good shake, sending waves of flab rippling. Memories flooded her mind. Lauren had started out being one of the smallest in her friend group. Now she was the fattest one of the whole lot. “And I still get some comments from family and stuff, always saying how full I look and how I’m not missing any meals,” Lauren added as thoughts of her disapproving and horrified mother filled her head. Her mother was now disgusted with just how fat and out of shape Lauren was. Family holidays were now warzones of disapproving looks and poison-filled jabs at Lauren’s ever-increasing weight.

“Can you talk about your humiliation kink and how it ties into your feedism/gaining?” Lauren read from her phone. Her plump cheeks turned bright red. “Um, definitely have a huge humiliation kink,” she grinned sheepishly. “And I think that degradation in a sexual and consensual way is super hot. And so, in my personal life there’s a lot that I’ve explored.” Lauren now loved getting off on being humiliated for how fat she had grown.

You’ve def let yourself go lol

Oink oink

You ruined yourself like a good piggy

“The idea of gaining weight and letting myself go is very hedonistic and erotic. The idea of ruining my once ‘perfect’ body that I spent so much time taking care of and turning into this fat, slovenly thing is just something that I’ve found myself liking a lot. And then being reminded of how much I’ve changed also turns me on too.” Lauren felt herself growing excited and bothered at the thought. Her hand absentmindedly wandered below her to her thick, jiggly fupa and gently massaging herself. She loved being called a piggy, a sow, a heifer, anything that drew attention to just how obese she was. “Oh my God, I need to stop before I get myself too worked up,” she giggled.

“Do you like to jiggle your belly a lot?” she read aloud. “Why? Would you guys like to jiggle it for me?” she asked seductively to the camera. She grabbed both sides of her massive belly and gave it a thunderous shake. Her heavy, fat flesh slapped against her massive thighs and shockwaves of fat spread through her frame. Her chat went wild.


Jesus christ your so hot

Smother me queen

“Honestly I do spend a lot of my time just…playing with my fat,” Lauren giggled. “It’s just always there and it’s so jiggly. I do a lot of that.” Whether it was foreplay or just relief after a large meal, Lauren craved having her belly rubbed. The way she jiggled and wobbled with each massage sent her into a euphoric bliss. As much as she loved jigging her own belly, the feeling of a partner massaging her gut after eating herself into a gluttonous trance was transcendent.

Please make a belly jiggling video

Gawd your belly is hott

R you sure your not pregnant lol

“I promise I’m not pregnant, guys,” she smiled at the camera. “Okay, so last question. What is the most exciting thing about my weight gain?” Lauren cocked her head and thought hard. She had no recollections of the life she had lived before. Her memories of being thin and pretty and going out to the gym and dieting had vanished in an instant. Gluttony was her reality now. Hedonism was her purpose. Lauren now lived to grow fatter and fatter and to show off her ever-growing body off to those who loved her.

“My favorite thing about me getting fat,” Lauren started, “is that I can live without restraint. I can indulge as much as I want. I can eat all of my favorite foods and I can just be a lazy hog and not worry about the consequences. In fact, I love the consequences of all this.” She gestured to her massive physique. “Food is amazing and having all this squish to play with is so, so fun!”

We love seeing you bigger kitty!

Cant wait to see you bigger

Youll be so hot when youre a SSBBW

“Y’all, you are too nice,” she beamed into the camera. It was difficult for Lauren to comprehend that as much as she adored her weight gain, her fans and followers were mesmerized at the sight of her massive, obese body. “Well that’s it for my Q&A session,” she said, wrapping up her livestream. “Be on the lookout for some new videos here coming up. I filmed a Wendy’s stuffing session that you guys are really going to love. I also have an upcoming video I filmed with my bestie GenXXL that was honestly so hot to film,” she said. “But that should wrap things up. Like and follow and as always stay beautiful, guys.”

Lauren waved her meaty arm towards the camera and quietly shut down her stream. With that, she leaned back into her chair, acutely aware of her massive girth. She felt the arms of her chair dig into the soft flesh of love handles and thighs. How she ever fit her wide backside into there was a mystery!

Another successful stream. Her stomach gurgled and suddenly she noticed just how ravenous she was. Thoughts of food danced in her head and she began salivating at the thought. She could cook something but why do that when she had a whole legion of devoted fans committed to keeping her well-fed.

She opened her Venmo and smiled at the money rolling in. She would be eating quite well tonight.
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