the lost weekend

chapter 1

"Do you need my help to undress, my sweet fat boy?" I ask, excited by the thought of you growing so fat, so very fat that you need me to undress you. I often fantasize about this.

You smile, "Not yet babe, but soon, if you keep feeding me so much. I really should slow down; I don't want to get too fat for you."

You love to tease me; you know that I can't wait for you to be so helplessly and lusciously round that I have to help dress and undress you.

I watch you standing in front of the mirrored wall and see you unbuttoning your shirt. Not too long ago it was a bit loose, but it wasn't long before your belly filled it nicely. I adored seeing it finally straining to contain your growing tummy.

I come up behind you and nuzzle your neck as I help you slip the tent-like shirt off. I rub your shoulders until I hear your deep groan of pleasure. "How is that my love? Does that feel good?"

I massage down your back where I know it's often sore from carrying your big belly, especially now, bigger than you've ever been.

"Such wonderful hands," you say, "Don't stop, don't ever stop." Obeying I use them to explore the rolls of luscious fat with which I've encircled your amazing body.

"I love how fat you are becoming for me, baby," I whisper, "So very round and beautiful. I can't resist know that don't you? I think about you all the time."

I give you a final pat and say "Let's see how we've done this week." And you grasp both my hands, gently pull them around you and me closer until you can feel my breasts round and soft flattening against your back. I can see in the mirror that you are smiling.

It's a game we play. We measure your progress by how far my arms can reach around you. Each week on this day we see how well we've done.

Seeing my arms able to reach only half way around you is so exciting, the space between my fingertips either side of your deepening navel clearly farther apart today. "I'm so proud of you my fat baby, look how big you've gotten for me."

I kiss the soft back of your neck as I lean into you, loving the feel and soft solidity of you. "I love when you are so soft, waiting for me to fill you full of delicious food And then watch you get slowly fuller and rounder. To feel you stretch and your upper belly push out and harden it is so full like right now...and know how fat I'm making you."

You take a deep breath so that I can feel you swell against my hands. You know how I love that.

You turn and face me. Your huge belly brushes up against me, your fat double ching bulging softly as you look down at me, again that loving smile. You don't say a word, just drinking in the sensations we are both experiencing.

My center is moist and tingling and while I am supremely distracted I force myself to release you for I want to take advantage of your gorged state. "Your capacity has increased so dramatically, baby, I've fed you steadily and watched you get fuller and rounder than you have ever been."

I see you shudder as my words' meaning reaches you. "And I'm going to play with this swollen tummy as I plan to take you a place we've only barely explored before together."

I reach forward and place my hand under the great rounded curve of your abdomen, my fingers pressing up and into, relishing the soft underside. "Will you stay this full for me fat baby? Keep this big and round and so full you will barely be able to move?"

"Yes," you whisper hoarsely "I will do that for you, I want to do that for you."


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Story Consul... 7 years
so hot!
BigFA 7 years
Oh God this is hot. Please continue. Your writing turns me on so much. Would love to experience what your story in real life.
Juicy 7 years
Brilliant, as usual! Nice to see work from you again.
Boozle 7 years
Ooohhh yess I like that.