the lucky catch (part 1)

Chapter 1 - a fetish revealed

It had been two months since Elle and her boyfriend had broken up and things hadn't seem to be getting any better. Elle constantly found herself stress eating fast food, candy, and unhealthy treats to help her feel better. She stopped going to the gym as her partner was the only person she would go with.

As Elle sat in her car one day after work shoveling two Big Macs, chicken nuggets, fries, and a large soda down her throat she noticed her belly was hanging on tightly to the seat belt around her. It was almost as if the seat belt was holding her belling back. As she finished the meal and let out a large burp she unbuckled the belt to free her growing belly. Subconsciously she began rubbing her belling and let out a few more burps. For the first time Elle began to notice her weight gain, and she sort of liked it. As she sat there rubbing her bloated belly thoughts of growing larger and softer crept into her head. Elle quickly brushed them off as she grossed herself out for a second. A few moments later Elle unbuttoned her pants, buckled back up and drove home.

After an hour long commute back home to her lonely apartment Elle felt her tummy rumbling again. She thought to herself she couldn't be hungry, she just ate so much. Sure enough she found herself ordering a large pizza and cheesy bites and two slices of chocolate lave cake shortly after she arrived home. For some reason food seemed to be the only thing to fill her after her boyfriend left. After devouring both pizzas, the cheesy bites, and slices of cake Elle found herself in a food coma on the couch. She slipped into some more comfortable sweatpants and let her belly free from the tight pants she had on all day. She also went with a big t-shirt and no bra as all her normal clothes seemed to be shrinking a little bit.

A few hours passed by and Elle found herself back at the fridge. She made a big bowl of ice cream with hot fudge and whipped cream then ate almost a whole bag of potato chips. Elle fell asleep on the couch with her hand in the bag.

The next day was Saturday and Elle was relieved to have a day off from work. She woke up on the couch, still groggy from the food induced sleep she put herself in. She went over to the kitchen and made herself a cinnamon roll loaded with frosting then had four pieces of toast covered in butter. She went into to her room to change up and get ready for the day. She looked on her laptop and noticed a message on a dating website she had joined from a man named Chris. He looked handsome so she opened it up. He was gorgeous she thought, tall, dark hair. What was he doing on here? Either way she answered his message and they began chatting. Before you knew it they had a date set up for next weekend.
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Jazzman 4 years
Good plot and good characters and truly good pacing of the gain. The quantity of her stuffing in chapter 3 ,however, completely jumps the shark.I know only one person on this site who can handle that even Possibly. And she is well over 600 lbs.Please con