the lustful gut 2

chapter 1 - the train home

The Lustful Gut 2
Warning: Contains magical male weight gain and male/male homoerotic, graphic sexual themes. All characters are over 18 years old.

Jacob exited the Flight cab after finishing paying and made his way to the train station. His thoughts through the whole ride were endlessly cycling through the strange experience at Ms. Lynn’s home. A sister who had cracked and began destroying things until she eventually murdered her family and then herself…a possible possession or type of curse…her sister who had hired a Saishi Isha, or Death Doctor who had tried to help. It was all so sensational and outlandish that even though he had seen the destroyed home with his own eyes he didn’t know if his editor would buy it.

Stepping up to the train platform, he again held his phone over the ticket scan podium. The little silver podium held a black square with the Aero sign, a symbol that looked like a capitol A with a circle running through it, on top to denote that it was a station to digitally pay. Jacob had a prepaid card for the train on his phone since he used it every day to get to work. It was way easier than buying a ticket every day. While he was waiting for the train, he lightly fingered the necklace that Mai had given him in his pocket. There was no point to continue wearing it, since he was out of her view. He had taken it off in the Flight and placed it in his pocket. The whole situation was too strange, and he didn’t like how the necklace made him feel, so he took it off as soon as he was out of her sight.

While his mind was distracted with thoughts of the story and the case, the train pulled into the station and he mindlessly stepped on. Finding his way to a seat, Jacob sat down, again slightly annoyed that his pants fit a little more snug than was comfortable, and opened his laptop to review the story. He liked what he had sent his editor last night, but there was something nagging in the back of his mind like he was forgetting something. He read through the story and saw no issues…so what was it? Subconsciously, Jacob’s left hand was resting on his flat stomach. It was moving slightly in place, like a light massage. When his hand brushed up against his belly button, he felt his dick twitch. Suddenly, he remembered the man on the train from last night.

Against his will again, his butt cheeks clenched, and his hips rose a little. He could feel himself getting hard imagining the fat man laboriously waddling on to the train from the platform. He thought of the way that the man’s gut swayed while he waddled, panting and sweating from the effort of moving. He was almost completely hard when he thought of the man squeezing himself into the double seats, only barely fitting in and his flab overflowing off the armrests. His pants were getting tighter, and he assumed that it was from his boner pressing furiously into the skinny jeans. The pants must also have been strained more in the middle than usual because they were almost starting to cut into him.

Grunting a little from the discomfort, Jacob adjusted himself in the seat. It didn’t seem to help. The discomfort in his waistband was actually helping kill the boner. However, once the boner had retreated, he found that the pants were still incredibly tight. He ran a finger along the tight band and almost thought he could feel a bit of skin bunching up around it. How? There was no way that his pants had shrunk that much from the rain…had they? He looked down at his middle and saw that yes, maybe a tiny bit of his stomach was being bunched up from the tight pants. Huh. That’s weird, he thought.

Placing two fingers into his waistband, he puffed out his cheeks as he lifted the pants from his stomach. He was finally able to breathe a little easier, even though the movement was causing the pants to cut more into his back and sides. The slight relief felt great, but Jacob didn’t understand what was wrong with his pants. A lady sitting parallel to him gave him a knowing look over her glasses. She lowered them a little and said, “Excuse me if you find this rude, but you seem like my son. He’s in a growth spurt and I swear I have to keep buying him new clothes every two weeks! From the look of things, it may be time to go up a size!”

Jacob looked over at the lady and felt a blush creep to his face. He hadn’t realized that he was sticking his hands essentially down his pants in public. Not to mention…had this lady just called him fat? His cock twitched again at the thought and the gap that he had been making with his fingers seemed to not be working as well. His stomach met with his fingers. He pulled them out of his pants and gave a small sheepish grin to the woman, “Ah, sorry about that. I got caught in the storm last night and I think it shrank these jeans.”

The woman gave him another knowing look and said, “If you say so, dear. But I would recommend changing out of them soon, pretty soon they’ll be painted on.”

The term ‘painted on’ was one of his trigger words when he would read weight gain fictions. He crossed his legs as he thought about all the images of fat guys and girls with clothes that were so tight they appeared to be painted on. God, speaking of tight his pants were cutting into him with force. They were also starting to feel a little tighter around his thighs and butt as well. Were these things actively shrinking on him or what?

His thoughts were going wild though, and his left hand again went to his stomach. He subconsciously rubbed at it and felt the slight bunching of skin. Some might even call it a little roll. Why was he so horny this morning? It was like everything was causing him to feel turned on. His left hand pinched at the little roll that was forming above the deeply cutting waistband. His mouth was starting to fill with saliva as he felt himself getting hotter. When he realized what he was doing to his stomach, he stopped…but was glad that his legs were crossed because he was rock hard again.

Was he even going to make it these two hours on the train? He felt like he needed release soon. He had never felt this easily pent up – almost like he was a teenager again with hormones running wild in his system. He groaned a little as the pants cut deeper and deeper into him. There was no way that this was a pants issue alone. Maybe he was allergic to the food at Mai’s house? He had some eggs and bacon for breakfast, but who knows if he had something odd in the tea or coffee? Yeah. That was it. It had to be a bad reaction to the tea or coffee. Most likely it was the tea though since that was some strong stuff from the Homeland. Everything from the original country that took over the world was stronger, richer, more pure. He was probably having a reaction to it because he wasn’t used to it. Yes. That had to be it.

As Jacob began digging into his messenger bag to see if he had an allergy medicine with him, or perhaps an antacid, the train stopped at a station. He was distracted and checking in his bag when he felt the train dip down again. No. No way. There was no way that it could happen again back-to-back. Jacob looked up from his bag, his mouth practically hanging open in lustful awe. But yet, there he was. The enormous man from last night was back on the train. He was wearing a new t-shirt that was a tad too small and still showed a hint of his vast stomach, but the sweatpants seemed to be the same. He probably did not have a large collection of dark gray pants to tuck his belly into.

Jacob’s dick shot straight to full mast and was painful in how turned on he was. In the same moment, a loud PING happened as Jacob’s pants button flew off and hit the metal on the side of the seats. Several people turned to look at where the loud noise had come from, and Jacob blushed a deep red when he realized what had happened. Oh. My. God. He had popped a button on his pants. Like a fat guy. He groaned and internally squirmed. The relief from the button popping off felt amazing, but he didn’t want people to know that it was him, so he looked around as well, hiding his blown open pants.

The fat man seemed oblivious to all of this and waddled his way down the aisle. Everyone lost interest in the metal ping sound when they saw the mammoth man lumbering toward them. He barely fit between the aisles and was looking for a double seat to sit in. The train began barreling forward again and the man temporarily lost his footing. He leaned forward and grabbed on to the metal rail on Jacob’s seat. Since he was so close, Jacob could smell the sweat and faint body odor coming from the man. He didn’t necessarily smell bad, just like someone who was working more than they should – like a person after a long run. He seemed to care about how he smelled because he also had faint hint of a cologne about him.
Jacob could see the man breathing hard again and he still had his legs crossed to hide the hardest boner of his life. He had to be leaking pre-cum and soaking his pants, but he didn’t care. The man, after steadying himself on Jacob’s seat ended up going right behind him. Apparently the two seats were empty. Jacob could hear the man panting as he squeezed himself into the spot and felt his chair move the tiniest bit as the man’s enormous belly pressed into it. Jacob was squirming a lot and faintly heard a small ziiiiip as his pants now opened as something had pressed into it. His hands went to his pants and he found that the something was a tiny mound of flesh! He had a small belly that had opened his pants!

Groaning at the thought of his own new belly and hearing the panting fat man behind him was almost too much for him. He had to do everything in his power to keep himself from jizzing his pants. Jacob leaned back in his chair and his head went back against the headrest. He closed his eyes and tried to concentrate on the list of sad things that usually killed his boners. Putting his dog down when he was ten, his war veteran grandfather’s funeral, the last moments with his father before he passed away. As these thoughts washed over him, he felt the boner start to die down. The throbbing in his dick began to lessen as the blood left.

Suddenly, he felt something brush against his head. It was the fat man’s sausage fingers!

“Oh, sorry man.” The fat man said in a deep, slightly muffled voice. He started to move his hand away from Jacob’s head but stopped. “Hey, this is going to sound like a random question, but were you on the train last night?”

He could still feel the fat man touching his head and immediately thought of the memories of last night. The man’s sweat and rain-soaked shirt. The fart he let rip. His belly pressing into the seats like they were now just a few inches behind him. The thoughts flowed from him and somehow he felt…lighter? As if the painful horniness left him a little. Jacob turned around in his seat to look the man in the eyes, “Yeah, I was, what’s up?"

The fat man had the faintest hint of a blush start to form on his face, “I…erm…it’s really weird to ask, but were you the guy sitting across from me?”

Jacob looked into his eyes and saw that they were just as dark brown and almond shaped as everyone else’s, but there was a kindness and a vulnerability there. Jacob tried to remain as neutral as possible as he said, “Yeah, I was.”

The blush deepened on the fat man as he nodded and said, “Yeah, I could never forget a cute…er…cool guy like you. There’s not a lot of people with eyes like yours, you know?” He cleared his throat and said, “I was just wondering if you happened to see my phone? I think I dropped it somewhere on my walk home last night and I wasn’t sure if it happened on the train or not. Since you were sitting right by me, I’m wondering if you happened to see it drop?”

Jacob shook his head, “No, sorry man. I didn’t see it drop. I also wasn’t on for a super long time with you so it might have dropped after I left? Did you already check with the train people?”

The fat man nodded, his thick, hanging double chin bunching up, “Yes, I called from work when I could. It’s so weird how hard everything is without a cell phone, you know?”

Jacob nodded in sympathy and said, “Well, good luck finding it.”

The man nodded again and thanked him. Jacob wasn’t sure what else to say so he began turning. However, thinking of his missed shot last night and possessed by some odd force he turned back and said, “Would you like me to try and call it to see if we hear it?”

The man seemed intrigued by this, almost confused. He hesitantly said, “Sure? Here’s my number…”

A blush started to creep on Jacob’s face. He had inadvertently gotten the man’s number! He took his cell phone out of his pocket and felt strange for a moment. Wait a minute…it was really easy to pull it out of his pants. And they didn’t feel as tight anymore. He looked down and saw that he had a flat stomach again. His pants still had a broken button, and the zipper was down, but he had shrunk back down! Maybe the allergic reaction finally died down. Relieved, Jacob dialed the number and knew that it would be a fruitless endeavor.

Both men could see the number dialing and saw the digital image of the phone ringing. A few moments went by, and they could hear nothing. The fat man looked away, disheartened but not surprised. Suddenly, a faint guitar riff could be heard a few seats back. The man’s eyes widened, “That’s my ringtone!”

Jacob figured he’d be able to get the phone easier and stood up. His pants were still unzipped, and his face flushed an even deeper red as he zipped it. The fat man tactfully chose not to notice. Though the button was broken, the pants still stayed up relatively fine, given that they were skinny jeans and fit his form relatively well. The train was full of people who stared at him. He nodded and smiled and made his way to the seats. A teenaged girl was staring out the window with giant, noise blocking headphones over her ears. Jacob waved and tried to get her attention. She didn’t seem to notice, so he reached over and gently tapped her shoulder.

The girl jumped a little and then looked over at the person who tapped her. She looked angry and took her headphones off, “What?” Her tone was brash, and annoyed.

Jacob smiled apologetically, “Sorry to bother you! That man’s phone is under your seat, and I need to reach under you to get it. I didn’t want you to be worried.”

The girl rolled her eyes and reached under herself. She handed over the phone and put her headphones back on.

“Thank you!” Jacob trilled happily to deaf ears and then made his way back to his seat. He handed the phone like a trophy to the fat man and could see the missed call from his number on there. The man broke into a huge smile which bunched up his jowls.

“Oh man! What are the odds that I run into the same guy from last night and happen to be on the same train and my phone is still alive and we can hear it? Amazing! Thank you so much….er….?”

Jacob extended his hand out and the fat man maneuvered in the incredibly tight seat to clasp the hand, “Jacob Freeman. And you are?”

“Johnny Xiang,” the man smiled, revealing pearly white teeth.

Johnny, huh? That was a cute name. Jacob was surprised at how smooth this whole conversation was going. He had terrible luck with relationships, but this was going well! He wasn’t sure what was giving him so much confidence, but he felt like he should shoot his shot, “So…erm…I seem to have your number already…is it ok if I add you to my contacts?”

Johnny looked up from his phone and smiled widely. A blush started to form on his face and ears and Jacob actually found it quite cute, “Oh! Oh, sure! Why not?” The man paused and drummed his fingers on top of his large gut, “You know, I actually have a relatively free week. Would you want to get some Boba some time? Maybe I could properly thank you for saving my phone?”

Jacob was stunned with his luck. This enormous man of his lustful dreams wandered back into his life AND he is asking him out? He IS awake right? He pinched himself in the arm and it seemed to hurt, so maybe he was awake after all. “Oh yes! I love Boba! I typically work until 3:00 pm every day, so if you wanted to meet up somewhere after that I would totally be down.”

Johnny was grinning widely, and Jacob was grinning like an idiot. Jacob still had another hour and a half to his destination, so he started to get excited about getting to know the massive man. They were still facing each other, and Jacob was getting a good view of the man in front of him. He tried really hard to not let his lustful thoughts take over, because he knew if he started to entertain those thoughts, he would get really hard really fast. It was hard to ignore the delectable double chin that wrapped around his head, or how high his arms were forced to be lifted by his breasts and upper arm fat. His large belly was pressing into the seat, and it almost seemed like it was pressing even more than when he had gotten on. The thought made Jacob’s dick twitch and he could swear he felt uncomfortable again. What was going on today?

“So, Johnny, where are you from? Do you live around here?”

The large man briefly looked out the window and said, “I’m from the Red District. It’s just outside of the city. I usually ride about an hour a day on the train to get to work.”

The Red District? That was a dangerous part of town. It was full of lots of people who had high hopes of making it in the city, but life caught up to them. It was usually full of druggies, prostitutes and rampant homeless people. There were a few apartments that were dirt cheap, but also came with your own infestation of something and a few STDs to go with it. His brows automatically knit in concern and was about to say something when he saw Johnny start to laugh.

“I’m just messing with you! I wanted to see if you were actually from around here or if you were some tourist. Your face says it all – you definitely are a Yorkyo man.”

Jacob’s concern turned into a sheepish grin, “Ha, yeah you got me. I’m in Bay Ridge. But I grew up in Tennessee.”

Johnny’s devilish smile melted into a kinder one, “Tennessee, really? You don’t have an accent at all.”

Jacob relaxed a little (even though his pants were starting to feel a little tight again) and decided to let out some of his southern drawl, “What would y’all know about a southern accent?”

Johnny let out another belly laugh, and it shook Jacob’s chair. This made Jacob laugh, but also made him go to a half chub. Good God, this man was so fat that just laughing could push another grown man and a metal chair. His pants were getting unbearable again, but this time without a button, the zipper simply dropped back down with a defiant ziiiiiiip. Jacob looked at his stomach again and noticed that it was certainly sticking out again. This had to be a dream. Talking to the fat guy that he wanted to meet so badly, subtly swelling up himself? He had to admit that wasn’t usually one on his fetish BINGO card, but the fact that it was happening was kind of hot.

“Well, you’re certainly an interesting person. I am incredibly boring. I was born and raised in Sunset Park, like the stereotypical Homeland Brusker that I am. I haven’t lived anywhere else my whole life, and when I was eighteen the house was left to me, so I had no reason to go anywhere.”
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CharcoalCat18 8 months
Can’t wait to read more!! Luv the story!
CharcoalCat18 8 months
Can’t wait to read more!! Luv the story!
Akwolfgrl13 1 year
Awww i kinda hope they work things out