the magic number

chapter 1 - how the tables turn

The gentle pattering of the rain outside and dim candlelight did little to ease my nerves. The candle making shapeless blobs on the tabletop before me. ”Do you want to order something to drink?” the waiter asked, snapping me out of my daydreaming, “Oh.. Sorry. I’ll have a coke, thanks.” I looked at my watch, she was late.

Tessa had been my very first love, back when I was young and inexperienced. We had a solid 2 year run before we mutually broke it off, since we just felt we wanted different things in life.
One thing I thought I wanted in life was a chubby girlfriend but Tessa however was far from chubby. Although she had a wide build, she was lean and perky, and exercised regularly.
She knew about my preference and entertained me sometimes by letting me feed her some chocolates but it never went any further than that. I’d always tell her how “20 pounds would look so great on her” but she always was quick to disagree. I feel like I sometimes pushed her a bit too much on it, which I regret now but I was young and had an “Ideal Relationship” in my mind that I eagerly wanted to turn into a reality. Eventually we drifted apart. Not purely because of my pushiness mind you, but I suspect it did have some influence in it.
And now 10 years later I would see her again. She randomly texted me last week, asking how life was going. We started talking a bit and she asked if I wanted to go out for drinks together like old time sake. So now here I am in one of our old drinking spots nervously waiting for her arrival, and she was late.

A lot can change in 10 years, times change, people change. I certainly changed.. albeit mostly physically. I had gained quite a few pounds since then. While I used to be able to eat whatever I wanted without gaining a single pound, age had left my super fast metabolism into a more average “Keep eating donuts for breakfast and you better start buying larger pants” state. And so the pounds kept on creeping up to where I am now at 225 pounds, not truly fat yet at my height, but teetering close to the border. My flat belly turning into a potbelly that jiggled when I walked and my thighs creeping closer and closer together until they finally touched.
So I was just a tiny bit nervous about her seeing me again and what she would say when she saw how her ex had grown. If she would say anything at all.

“Hey Tom! Sorry I’m late, got stuck in traffic.”

She hadn’t changed much. “No worries.” I said “How is it going?”.

I could see her eyes quickly darting over me when she smiled. “Same as always, glad to finally
have a job in something I actually studied for”

“Right, you’re finally a real Marketing lady” I quipped. She mentioned her new job when we texted the days before.

“Marketing agent, thank you very much. It’s still a Junior position though, but there is room for fast growth so I’m excited.”

We talked for a couple of hours about our jobs, lives and possible futures. She had just bought her own small apartment near the city center. I also learned that she was single again as she recently had a nasty breakup, which she didn’t drop more details on. I saw her every so often take a peek at my midsection, but she hadn’t said anything about it yet.

As we chatted the evening turned into night and it was time to say our goodbyes. Just as I had paid the bill and gotten ready to leave she turned around, looking at me with a slight smile.

“How about we do a quick stop at Mcdonalds, like old times? I haven't had dinner yet.”

I paused for a second to think. I already had dinner, but that -was- 5 hours ago. “Sure I could eat. It’s been a while since I had Mcdonalds.” Which was technically true, I had gone to another burger place a few days ago, but it wasn’t Mcdonalds.

“I don’t have my car though, I walked over since I live only 10 minutes away”

“That’s ok, I’ll drive. I can finally return the favor for when you drove me everywhere way back when.” She grinned.

“I hardly think one lift is enough to pay back 2 years of being a personal chauffeur, but I’ll take what I can get” I replied jokingly.

A short drive later we arrived at Mcdonalds. Since the restaurant area was already closed we had to go via the drive through but luckily there was a big public parking lot right next to where we used to always park so we could eat our food in our car.

“Can I take your order?” the speaker chirped.

“Yeah I’ll take some medium fries with ketchup, a cheeseburger, 6 nuggets, a vanilla shake and a small diet coke” She replied.

I was somewhat surprised, she usually just ordered fries and 1 snack. Maybe she just didn’t have that much to eat today and was just really hungry.
I ordered my usual menu: A double cheeseburger , 6 nuggets, small fries, and a medium coke. I thought of maybe leaving out the nuggets since it was my second dinner already, but with the nearby smell of fried deliciousness my resolve waivered.

We picked up our order and parked ourselves on the nearby lot. I dug in with gusto starting with the cheeseburger, but soon started to regret the size of my order as I started to get full quickly after because of my previous dinner. While I was slowly working through my fries and nuggets I noticed that she hadn’t touched her cheeseburger yet, and was only nibbling slowly at her fries and nuggets.

“ You know, it’s funny.” She turned to me and gave me a sly grin. “When we were together you always said how great I’d look if I gained some weight” She put her hand on my belly, that had unbeknownst to me started to peek out of the bottom of my shirt. “It seems like you’ve taken your own advice to heart.” She jiggled my belly a bit.
I was frozen for a second. I knew she had checked me out a couple of times during our conversation in the cafe, but since she hadn’t mentioned anything the entire evening I kind of expected her to either have not really noticed or cared. Suddenly very conscious of my blubbery belly sticking out in the open I pulled down my shirt. “Yeah I did gain a bit of weight didn’t I, I guess that’s karma for you.” I put the remaining nuggets away. “I should probably stop, I ordered way too much since I already had dinner. I’m stuffed.”
She took the box of nuggets and opened it again. “Oh but you must still be hungry, a big guy like you needs his calories.” She took a piece of nugget and put it in front of my lips.

I don’t know why but something compelled me to open my mouth.

“See. I knew you were still hungry, you don’t need to be shy about what you eat around me.” She fed me the last of my nuggets and grabbed her cheeseburger. “Here, I’m not feeling very hungry and I know you love cheeseburgers.”

“I never did like that you were always being so pushy, always asking me to gain weight.” she said while starting to feed me the burger. “But a few years after our relationship ended, on a boring Sunday afternoon something happened that reminded me of you, and of your odd requests.”

I was getting really stuffed now, having to slowly and methodically chew and swallow so as to not upset my stomach. My pants were starting to get really tight, and did I feel a familiar tingling sensation there as well?

“So I googled around a bit about boyfriends wanting their girlfriends to gain weight and boy what a rabid hole that was.” she said while feeding me the last pieces of the burger.
“I still don’t like the idea of me getting fat, but I did learn something new about myself.” she grabbed the vanilla shake and held the straw to my lips.

“I would have loved to see you get fat.”

I didn’t know what to say, but my body sure enough seemed to know what to do as my mouth opened itself beyond my control and started sucking down the vanilla shake. It was delicious and being something sweet after all that salty food made me almost feel hungry again. I let out a small groan that sounded a lot more like a moan.

“You like that,do you, fatty? You always did love your vanilla shakes. How many did you have the last 10 years to get that big belly of yours.” She moved up my shirt and uncovered my belly in all its blubbery glory. It had started to somewhat split up in an upper part and a lower part right above my belly button. She pinched the bottom part just a tad too hard.
I let the straw drop out of my mouth. “What are you doing? Please don’t.” I said in a meeker tone than I intended.

“It’s ok fatty. I can see you are enjoying it” she cooed while touching my now obvious bulge. She slowly started to unbutton my pants. “Let’s make a deal. You suck down the rest of that nice tasty fattening shake, and I’ll give you the appropriate encouragement. The way u used to like it”

I took the shake and while I felt my lips narrow around the straw, I felt her lips narrow around me.

While the feeling of fullness seemed to have disappeared while I was drinking the rest of my shake, likely because of Tessa’s “encouragement”, it came back with a vengeance once I had finished it and she finished me. I sat there, pants to my knees, and my belly on full display and looking absolutely massive. I put my hand on my upper belly hoping the touch would bring some relief. I let out a small groan that transformed into a burp.

“Sorry.” I moaned “I don’t think I’ve ever been this stuffed in my life. You must think I’ve turned into such a pig”

“That’s ok” she replied while kneading my lower belly with her left hand “I told you I love seeing you get fat.” She looked at my engorged belly, slightly bit her lower lip and said: “And I have a feeling you are going to get a lot fatter.”
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hehe a very nice start and such cunning lady to approach him in this way smiley
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Great start. I hope he buys into it. Looking forward to more.
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delicious start