the mdc incident

Chapter 1 - unreported: backstage

"I'll see you after the show, make sure you use the VIP pass get a front seat." She called out after exiting the SUV. Her heels clicked against the pavement as she entered the facility. The sharp crisp clack echoing off the linoleum as she reached into her duffel bag and began to put on her accessories:
Long scythe like claws that extended from her hands to kneecaps at rest, a full encompassing mask that resembled a birds skull with an equally long beat to match and to top off the look, a black skin tight outfit that accentuated her curves.

The double doors creaked as she walked in, guise donned, as her ears were greeted with the noise of pumps and drains swirling back and forth on her latest "Project."

It was a mountain of flesh, a participant of hers that had grown to an enormous size from her new design. What had been a skinny little subject had blossomed into the worlds fattest human in a matter of months. With automated systems keeping track of caloric intake, cleaning and health monitoring, she had done it. Her dream, her dark desire, turn a willing feedee into the fattest living human that the world would ever know, and learn about it soon.

"Well would you look at you~" she cooed at the immobile blob that was once a friend. "I think we can write off our little 'science project' as a success, Hmm?"

"It's amazing, watching you grow" she continued swirling a claw around a dinner plate sized areola on the massive pillow sized breast that sat upon the car sized mattress of a belly. "like an explosion in slow motion..." She traced the stretchmarks that emanated around the navel. "as if you're literally blowing up before my eyes."

"Im going to miss this" she replied as she pressed a button on her phone and the machines whirled to life "But you're literally at your limit, my little piglet" she teased. "Oh sure your vitals are excellent for your size but unfortunately everything has been pushed to the brink." She let out a slight moan as she mounted the behemoth belly savoring the soft squish between her thighs as she ground into the area above the cavernous naval. "If this fat doesnt crush you in a week, your heart definately will give out, or you'll suffocate... So we're going with our original plan, making sure you go out with a bang, piggy"

Gently she began to rub into the mass enjoying the tingle as she used the blubber to get off. Feeling it slowly tighten up as the feedee's stomach filled with the concoction pumped though the tubing.

"At least youll *Ngghhh* go out bring the fattest human *Anh* possible" she groaned as her claws gripped the mammoth flesh her monologue devolving into a series of worshipping kisses and bites as she got off on the blobs blubber.

"*Nngghhh* fuck!" She cried out after 7 minutes of working against her ballooning parade float of a project. The chiming of capacity alarms and warning lights ringing in her ears as she peaked for what seemed like an upteeth time. Her phone buzzing with the warning of *Critical mass imminent*

With a light "Oh!" She slipped off letting the machines give her feedee a final washing as she pressed a few buttons, the warnings clearing as she took a second glance to look at her handiwork at the fullest it was going to be.

"hannhh ha" she gasped regaining her composure "I'd love to play with you more piggy but I have a show to catch, and you have an audience to perform for."

With a press of a button a second machine whirled to life as her pet project was rapidly flushed out internally. The stomach deflating as the contents were sucked out completely before the back hose was replaced with a toy, a parting gift from her in her piggy's ass. A little curly tail plug with a remote feature for the grand finale.

Deflated and confused, a rush of Poppers and THC roared though the nasal cannula into the feedee's life support. Dumbing them down and in a few minutes making them incredibly unendingly hungry.

"I'll make sure you put on a good show~" she teased as the hydraullic lift engaged under the enormous whale...
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