the mirror

Chapter 1

For as long as Ana could remember, her reflection liked to play tricks on her. It never showed her just how she was, like reflections seemed to for everyone else. Instead, it would show her a version similar to herself: her reflection might be wearing different clothes, it might be in a different mood, or might just not appear at all. The last phenomenon was a particular annoyance if it occurred while Ana was trying to getting ready for work. Apparently her mirror self didn't keep quite the same schedule.

When Ana tried talking about it when she was younger, everyone thought she was just making up—they didn't see anything out of the ordinary when they saw her reflection—so Ana adapted to not taking her reflection at face value. She did, however, develop a morbid fascination with her abberant reflection, and she studied it closely. By college, Ana started keeping a diary with her observations.

When Ana finally moved out to be on her own, she couldn't resist the urge to populate her home with gorgeous mirrors. Most rooms had at least one, and in a weird way it was kind of like having a roommate.

For the most part, it didn't seem like Ana's reflection was living that different of a life. There had been a few periods where she or her reflection would indulge in a trend or fashion the other did not. Although her reflection had a distinct punk era, complete with shaved head and denim battle best, Ana had not. These days, Ana and her reflection seemed to be in a relative sync. Like Ana, her reflection appeared to be a young professional with a decent job and a similar wardrobe for work.

For the last month or so, Ana couldn't help but notice her reflection had been wearing more and more sexy, fun, and flirty outfits after work and leaving the home around happy hour only to return late in the evenings, clearly in a great mood. Unfortunately for Ana, her social life was not quite so interesting and the only times she left the house was to the gym or the occasion pub trivia night.

Today, as Ana was getting dressed for another trip to the gym, she saw her reflection donning a similar outfit. Only, Ana's reflection now lacked the toned abs she and her reflection once shared. Instead, her reflection carried a few inches of pudgy flesh around her middle that was obviously pinched by her now too right yoga pants. ‘All those nights out must be catching up with her,’ Ana thought to herself.

What she didn't expect, was to see her reflection smile ear to ear as she pinched and admired her newly softened tummy. She was posing now: turning her thicker thighs and rear toward the mirror, even jiggling her thigh with one of hers hands to watch it move. Ana had to admit her reflection looked pretty hot with the extra pounds. It was good to know Ana would be just as much of a bombshell if she were to develop the ‘slimthicc’ look as she was now. Still, it was obvious that Ana's reflection was much more excited with her softness than Ana would have expected.

Ana couldn't help but be a little jealous watching her reflection take numerous selfies with her soft tummy on display only to send them to some lucky soul with the kind of stupid grin on her face that can only be found on somebody newly in love.

Looking through her own phone camera, Ana saw herself as she really was. Without anyone to send her selfies too, the body she worked so hard to maintain just didn't bring her the same joy it ought to. She liked the way she looked, sure, but she really wanted to feel the way her reflection seemed to.
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Softcutie 2 weeks
Cool premise, and lovely story and style!!
SoftFeedist 8 months
I'm glad y'all think so. I'm having a lot of fun with this one!
SilverLining24 8 months
Such an awesome concept!
Love where this is going.

Theswordsman 8 months
Love the story can't wait to see what happens next