the mutual fantasy

Chapter 1 - the arrival

It was a cool fall morning with the leaves just starting to change colors all round campus from oranges and yellows to bright reds. I arrived at Penn State early in the morning, ready for a new life and new experiences. I was there by myself with both my parents always working and having 2 older siblings who had families to attend too, plus not even being from the state did not help either.
As I began to unload my dream truck, I got for my 18th birthday, which was a desert brown 2017 Tacoma, I spotted someone in the corner of my eye. A girl, short and petite with brown hair and a healthy tan. This got me thinking; the year was going to be interesting.
I only had a few bags with me and a huge foot locker that had to weigh nearly 100lbs, but I marched to my dorm into the elevator giving my arms a few minutes to relax before I had to work them again. And given I am not a weak person; I am a 220 6’ 4” completely lean and cut dude. I was the star receiver of my high school team and worked to keep my body in the best shape possible.
But since I was the “star” of the team I always had the “best” looking girls from my school chasing after me. The only problem was that none of them interested me. I had always been into a bit chubbier of girls. Girls that are called bbws. But with my reputation of the “football player” I could never date a fat girl, that would be absurd.
Anyways I got off the elevator on the 4th floor, where I walked through the hall to my dorm room. Families were setting everyone up for the year, making their rooms look pretty and decorated. But as I was passing through the hall on my way to my room which was 423, I saw that girl again, that mysterious girl. She was getting set up in her room which happened to be 419, just barely down the hall from me. I tried to disregard this, but it was in the back of my mind till I at least got to my room.
When I arrived at my room door and opened it there was already someone else there. I enter the room and he noticed me by saying “Hey! You must be Ethan?”
“Yeah, so that must make you John?” He was a bit of a shorter dude, 5’ 8”- 5’ 9”, with blond hair and a bit of an athletic feel coming from him.
He just gave me a little nod then gestured me over to the room.
“I took the liberty of choosing which side to take, if you don’t mind.”
I was perfectly fine with this. He seemed like a pretty clean dude, so I walked over to my bed laying all of my stuff down and starting to un-packing when there was an interruption at the door. I jerked my head over to see the girl again, just kind of leaning against the door frame.
“Hi, my name is Ally! It seems like we are neighbors and I just wanted to introduce myself to everyone on the floor!”
She had one of those cute little innocent voices, which I was kind of expecting. But now I could get a closer look at her, she had a little longer then shoulder length glossy brown hair with freckles on her cheeks and one of the best hourglass figures I had ever seen. She was not toned nor chubby though with some of the prettiest sparkling blue eyes I had ever seen.
John noticed I was a little taken aback by her, so he said something first.
“Hey, I’m John and this here is Ethan”
I just gave one of those half-hearted waves. I had not ever felt this way before from just looking at a girl, it was an abnormal feeling. But I sucked it up and spoke up.
“Hey! It does seem that we are neighbors, hopefully we will get to know each other better.”
She just replied with “Yeah I hope so, well I’ll talk to you guys later, I’m gonna go say hi to the rest of the people on the floor”
I just gave her wave goodbye and watched her walk away to the next dorm. As John interrupted my thoughts about her.
“Bro, that was kinda embarrassing. But if you need a wing man, I got you.”
I just simply replied with “oh, ight man, thanks.”
I tried my best to stop thinking about her, at least until I got unpacked. The rest of the day was easy, me and John hung out and had dinner, got to know each other and why were at the school. The day was good, and I was looking forward to the year to come.
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Tablesofacha... 2 years
More. Weight gain. Maybe guy gains too??
Jktab 2 years
Jazzman 2 years
This is a nice story. A current favorite of mine. Watch out for auto correct on "college" 😁