the narcist

Chapter 1

„This is the best boyfriend to ever exist“, I exclaimed excitedly. He is funny, sexy, tall and smart. Besides he is always telling me how beautiful I was. Since yesterday, we are ofiicialy a couple. My first boyfriend and it´s him, the love of my life, Jim. I understand that it is a bit late to have my first boyfriend with 21 but I don´t care…He´s is just so perfect!! He is an even better cook than I am. I will not let go of this relationship.

I was pretty cool too. I´m 21 and just moved far away from my parents in a small town which has an excellent reputation. I am in pretty good shape at circa 110 pounds and my blond hairs are wonderful. My blue eyes are pretty pretty too. All in all, i am a good match. I am so happy that my first relationship is working perfectly.

The next few weeks passed by and we spent almost all the time together. We were really just doing the stereotypical boyfriend-girlfriend stuff. He made me so many compliments about my beauty, he cooked the best food for me and it felt like heaven. This morning the heaven disappeared, at least disappeared for a while when I realized that my pants didn´t fit.
When I watched in the mirror, I could see that I put on some weight. But I noticed also that even the weight gain couldn´t destroy my good mood. I told Jim about it and he told me again how beautiful I was and this wonderful dream continued.

The honey-moon-situation was still going on even after three months. Jim asked me out if we wanted to move together. I knew that you shouldn´t move together with someone this fast, but I felt so good when he was with me. I kissed him and with that, we shared an appartment.
I hoped that he could show me to do some sport as I noticed that I put on 17 pounds, 129 now, in the last months and he was a perfectly shaped man. I kind of forgot about the sport thing as I prefer to be treated like a princess. And treatening me with all his love and kindness, I just never wanted this to end.

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Monday Io 3 weeks
Great story do you plan on writing more chapters?
Guykju 3 weeks
Thanks a lot! Yeah, I will add a chapter right now! Haven´t yet continued writing the story. Will see if I have free-time smiley