the new client

Chapter 1 - prologue

Prologue: Finding Nemo

Kathy woke up to the sound of her alarm. She lazily rolled over to her phone and turned off the loud noise half consciously. “Ugh! It can’t be 7:30 already?” she complained. Slowly but surely, Kathy got out of bed. She began her morning routine then headed out the door to work.

She was a gorgeous girl. One that any man would want. She was young, only 24 years old. She was about 5’3” tall and weighed 120lbs. Overall, Kathy was a thin girl. She did not have a six pack but definitely did have a flat stomach. Her breasts were large. She wore a C cup and loved to show it off. Her ass was tight and round. Her hair was brown, thick and long. She was a beautiful girl. But she was also lost.

A few months ago, Kathy was overjoyed with her life. She had gotten her dream job at a high end fashion company and was living a comfortable life. But now, she was tired of her everyday routine. It was becoming too predictable. Wake up, go to work, eat, come home, work out, eat, sleep, and repeat. There had to be more to life, right?

While at work, Kathy was mainly responsible for maintaining client relations. It wasn’t a hard job. Certainly it had its perks, but it was not overly exciting either. She wanted something more. She needed something more. And today was just the day for it. A new beginning was heating up for Kathy before her very eyes.

“Good morning Kathy!” said a tall white man. Kathy turned around before realizing who was talking to her. “Oh! Good morning Choppy!” The tall man smiled before replying, “Oh shush! You do remember that my name is Chandler, right?”. Kathy smirked a bit at the tall man’s response. She had been calling him Choppy for almost two months now. Of course, she knew his name was Chandler. She also knew that she should probably call him by that name seeing as he was her boss, but the name Choppy was more to her liking. “Is it?” she joked. “I could have sworn it was Choppy. Well, no point stopping now”. “You and your sarcastic ass” said Choppy while playfully pushing her shoulder, “I have a new client for you”. “Oh boy. Is it another one of those fat stinky pigs? If so I’ll pass” said Kathy sarcastically. “Why the hell did Kim hire you” replied Chandler while laughing, “No. I think you’ll actually like this one.” “Well, few men are worthy of me” she said confidently while flipping her hair back, “Does this man have a name?” The tall man smirked. “So eager! His name is Nemo. He-” “NEMO!?” Kathy burst into laughter, “Like the fish? Oh this just keeps getting better. When do I get to meet this ‘Nemo’ fella”. Chandler shot her a more serious look but couldn’t keep it for long. “Oh Kathy. What am I gonna do with you.” He said, “As I was saying before someone rudely interrupted me, you’ll be meeting him like now. Mr. Denario has been a trusted client for almost a year now. He’s a wealthy man and a good man. Jennifer used to take care of him but she retired as you know so I’m passing him on to you.” Kathy looked blankly at her boss. “He’s here now? You’re joking, right?” “I wish I was” said Chandler, “Now get in there and work your magic!”

Kathy sheepishly walked to the conference room. She was nervous. Well, she was many things but she couldn’t show that right now. She mustn’t. Chandler had given her a great opportunity and she could not afford to mess it up. She took a deep breath and opened the door. A tall, well built man with dark hair stood in the room. He was looking out the window until he heard the door open. “Ah, you must be Kathy. Chandler told me a lot about you but he failed to mention your good looks.” “And you must be Mr. Denario. Choppy didn’t tell me you were so cheesy either” she joked. “Choppy?” said Nemo obviously confused. “Ah yes. I call Chandler Choppy. I don’t really know why. It just suits him”. “Hmm… I guess it does. Anyway, it would seem that ‘Choppy” Mr Denario paused to emphasize the nickname, “withheld information from the both of us.” Kathy giggled at Nemo’s comment. “Witty too” she said, “Well Mr. Denario, please have a seat.” The two of them sat at the table. “Shall we discuss business?” asked Kathy. “Indeed we shall. And please, call me Nemo”. Kathy pulled out her binder and began to spread out some files across the table for her own reference. “Alright Nemo” said the brown haired girl, “Let’s begin”.


A few days had passed since Kathy’s meeting with Nemo. For some reason she couldn’t seem to stop thinking about him. He was handsome, funny, and charming. Her meeting with him felt less like a meeting and more like a date. It had been a long time since Kathy met someone that she bonded this well with. It annoyed her but it started changing her daily routine. At work she would find herself getting caught up thinking about him. This would leave her with more work to do at the end of the day and less time to work out as a result. It was a minor change, but it was still a change.

Later that day, while filing some paper work, Kathy received a call at her desk. The brown haired girl picked up the phone to hear the voice of a man on the other line. “This wouldn’t happen to be Kathy, would it?” “That depends who’s asking” said Kathy jokingly. “Oh! Yes, sorry. It’s Nemo. That charming, handsome guy that you met the other day? AKA your client?” A small smile started to form on Kathy’s face. “Hmm… I don’t seem to recall anyone by that description? Are you sure you’ve got the right number?” Kathy heard a laugh from the other end of the line. “My bad” said Nemo. “The arrogant, ugly, bastard of a man you spoke to the other day”. Kathy returned the laugh then said “Ah! Nemo! Yes, yes. I remember now. What can I do for you today?” “Well, I was going through my wallet today and found your card. I thought I would call you up and see if you would be interested in going out sometime?” Kathy paused. She hadn’t met someone who was so direct in a long time. “Hmm… and is this what you do with everyone who gives you their card? Or might I be the first one?” Kathy could hear Nemo chuckle a bit. “Why don’t I answer that question for you at dinner?” Kathy bit her lip. “Well, I suppose I could agree to that. This girl does like a good dinner. When were you thinking?” “How does tomorrow at 7 sound?” “Enticing” said Kathy, “Why don’t I give you my number that way I could text you my address.” “I don’t normally take numbers from strangers but I guess I’ll make an exception with you. We’ll talk soon. I don’t wanna distract ya from your work” Replied Nemo. “No. No, we wouldn’t want that.” The brown haired girl proceeded to give Nemo her number then hung up the phone. She spent the rest of the day thinking about what to wear for her date tomorrow. So much for getting work done.

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