the package

chapter 1

The Package.

Peggy was sitting in her flat alone, catching up on Netflix. She took a sip from her coffee and let out a bored little sigh as her gaze turned to the window. The clouds were an ugly dark shade of grey and the rain was continuing to pour down as it had many hours ago without any signs it stopping any time soon. A flash of lightning and the thunder that followed it only helped to confirm her suspicions that today was going to be a very dull and boring day.

She reached down to grab another handful of crisps from her bowl that she had rested on her large lap but all she felt was the bottom of the bowl.

She looked down and saw to her disappointment that there ‎nothing left for her to eat. She shook the bowl upside down as if that would somehow miraculously that would make more food appear. She shouldn't have been hoping for more food anyway, she had been intending to lose weight, though due to the nature of her work it meant she usually had the summer off and that meant... overindulgence.

The doorbell rang. She looked at the clock on her phone. She wasn't expecting anyone today, especially not considering to the state of the weather outside.

She heaved herself up and adjusted her red top and pulled her jeans over her belly before making her way to the door, opening it to find a a tall man, large and bulky, whose features were covered up by a large black mackintosh, the hood covering up most of his head and face.

She almost closed the door in fright at this rain drenched man, when she realised he was holding an extremely large package, a clipboard resting on top of it.

"Sign here please." He said gruffly, pushing the box into her arms and taking hold of the clipboard and tapping the bottom of the page with a pen impatiently.

"But I didn't order anything!" She squeaked, huffing under the sudden weight that had been forced on her, quite surprised by the rudeness of the man.

"That your name there?" He replied, pointing to the address.

"Well... yes but..."

"Then sign here luv, I'm getting soaked just standing here!"

Peggy was flabbergasted and signed for the parcel and was about to give the man a piece of her mind when he snatched the pen out of her hand and sprinted off. She had half a mind to chase after him if the rain wasn't pouring down as badly as it was but she decided against it, though she made a mental note to find out the name of the company that had delivered whatever this package was and make a full complaint. She couldn't help but feel there was something... familiar about him but she couldn't quite put her finger on where from.

She heaved the large package into her living room and set It down on the coffee table in from of the sofa and inspected it. The box was the size of a milk crate and twice as high. It was wrapped tight in brown paper and string, her name and address carefully written on the top, though curiously there was no sign of what company had delivered it. There wasn't even a stamp.

Curiously she untied the string and and gingerly torn off the paper to reveal a brown cardboard box. She slowly opened the box and a little gasp escaped her mouth. Inside was something soft and green, as she lifted it out she realised it was a very, very large t-shirt. She wasn't too sure of the meaning of it but there as a little note attached to it. 'Wear Me'

She set it to one side and bit her lip as she looked at the rest of the contents in the box.


Crisps, biscuits, custard and other yummy treats and centred in the middle was a huge, HUGE chocolate cake.

And there, written in pink icing on top of the cake were the words.


A smile started to creep across her lips.

Today wasn't going to be so boring afterall...
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Dicklovesbabs 8 years
Very well written. I'd like to see this go further.