the partners dilemma

chapter 1

The sound of gunfire was ringing out in the cool wet air of the city. Jim was running trying to get to cover. Flashes of light and sounds of rounds whizzing past his head. Quickly he got behind a car hearing the rounds impact the other side, glass shards raining down on him. When suddenly it was quiet. Jim kept his pistol up scanning for the individuals trying to kill him. No one...

The air was getting colder as he could see his breath, and then a little further down the road he could see the results of the firefight. Five men in suits all armed laying in their own blood. Another battle with competing families. More lives lost he thought as he carefully got up and made his way to the dead. Everything had gone silent even his steps on the pavement. He could see shadows coming out of the buildings looking at the slaughter.

Everything was still silent, he couldn't wrap his head around it. He suddenly felt the hair on the back of his neck stand up. He spun as fast as he could only to see a pistol pointed at his face. A thumb cocking the revolver and a sudden shot ringing out.

Jim sat up in the bed his pistol in hand pointed at the wall, quickly he turned on the lamp his breathing was fast and he was pouring with sweat... "Damnit another nightmare, this one even worse than the last" he whispered. He shook his head trying to clear his mind, slowly he calmed down and put his pistol away. He looked at the clock 2:00 a.m. this was going to be a long night he thought.

Carefully he got up and walked down the hall to the kitchen and grabbed a glass of water. He sat down at his desk in the study and looked over some case files. A coping mechanism at best, when he couldn't get to sleep.

Then he heard it, something was on the front porch, maybe a dog or something probably. Jim tried shaking his head again making sure he wasn't dreaming when he heard steps on the cement porch. Quietly he went back into his room and grabbed his pistol again. After years of being on the force he wasn't going to leave anything to chance.

He was walking towards the door when he heard the steps running off. Quickly he turned on the lights and unlocked the door checking to see who it could have been or what they were after. As he made his way down the steps he noticed a basket tucked in the corner of the house on the porch. As he careful opened it he looked around and realized what it was. "She's not going to believe this." He whispered

I apologise as this is my first story I know it's starting kinda slow, feel free to give me any pointers.
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I'm curious to see where this is headed. Please continue!