the perfect assistant

chapter 1

My first job out of college! I was so excited, even though it wasn't what I went to school for. It was so glamorous! I was a personal assistant to several supermodels. I was to fetch clothing, water, food (if they ever ate) and anything else they needed - from scheduling appointments to getting them out of antsy situations. I was used on a rotating basis and would be available to two models per week.
My first assignment was Nicci and Shondra. beautiful women with barely an ounce of fat on them, and if there were any it was probably in their lips. For the first six months I busted my butt for all of them, on-call for 24 hours a day with nary a break. I was able to meet a lot of famous people and yes, I had stars in my eyes! I stayed in the background, nondescript in my size two jeans, tank tops and flannel shirt. My job was to keep those girls looking good and to stay happy, and I did. I did a good job and my services were requested all the time. The money was great too. It helped - a lot. I was paying off student loans and credit cards and I finally got a place of my own - no roommate. Not that I was ever there anyway, being so busy.
About six months in to this gig something changed. The girls were really comfortable with me. So much that they used me as a sounding board. I was the plain friend that wasn't a threat that they could talk to about anything. I really enjoyed our talks, especially because I didn't have time to hang with my own friends.
I had just returned to my apartment one evening, exhausted, when my cell phone rang. It was Nicci, crying.
"Nicci, what's wrong?!?" i asked immediately concerned.
"Please come over! I'm about to do something awful and I need you here to stop me!" she wailed. I told her I would be right over, hung up the phone and hailed a cab. So much for a good night's rest.
I got to her apartment in twenty minutes and as soon as I got there she pulled me into the room and in to the kitchen.
She sat at the table in front of a beautiful cheesecake.
"Look at this! Brad sent it over!" she cried.
"But why?"I asked, as thoroughly confused as she must've been.
"He was on set for the shoot the other day and somehow the topic of cheesecake came up and I told him I loved it. I didn't think he'd send me one. And what am I going to tell him? That I threw it away???" Her voice was rising in panic again. I had to calm her down.
"Why don't you just have a taste and then tell him that you liked it?" I asked.
"Jana! I'm a supermodel! I will never be able to eat cheesecake as long as I'm working! Are you trying to sabotage me???" she exclaimed.
"No, no Nicci. Calm down and let me think" I said and got up to pace.
"I know! why don't you have a slice and describe it to me and then it'll be like I had it!" Nicci said.
"I guess that could work. It certainly looks yummy and if Brad Stone wants to send you a cheesecake someone's got to eat it" I said smiling. I loved cheesecake too and I hadn't had a treat like this in a long time.
I cut myself a small slice and took a bite.
"Mmmmmmmmmmm, this is SO good!" I exclaimed.
Nicci poured a couple glasses of wine.
"Let's go in the living room. I'm exhausted and just want to chill. Describe every bite, please! I want to feel like I'm eating it."
I shrugged and followed her to the living room. She laid down on the couch and I reclined in the lazyboy.
"Mmmm, it is so creamy"
"It's like silk on my tongue"
"The strawberry glaze smells like a fresh strawberry field"
"It tastes like the baker used the ffreshest strawberries ever. They taste like they've been kissed by the sun"
The graham crust has just the perfect blend of sugar to get the perfect crisp and yet still hold together perfectly"
"Oh my God this is heavenly"
When I scraped my plate Nicci got up and brought me another piece, bigger than the last but I didn't care. It was so good and an opportunity doesn't come along like this every day. I described the next piece to her as well.
After I was done Nicci yawned and told me to take the rest home with me.
"Thank you Jana. It was like I was actually eating it. You are such a good friend" I felt good. To be able to help her through this and get a treat in return was more than I had bargained for. I was somewhat full, not stuffed for sure. I felt... content.
Nicci's driver gave me a lift home. On the way back to my place I opened the box and swiped some cake on my finger and picked at it. The strawberry topping reminded me of my childhood on the farm. Once home I put the cake on the counter, changed into my jammies and opened the box. There was a little over half left. I cut a slice and sat on the couch and turned on the TV and landed on the food network. Cupcake Wars. I hadn't watched that in a long time. As I ate my cake I thought back on the evening.
"Nicci and I sure made a dent in that cake" I thought. As I savored the last bite it suddenly hit me that Nicci didn't get any of that cake, I did! I got up and went to the kitchen and looked in the box. There was a little over a quarter left. Tentatively my hand went to my flat tummy. Not so flat right now. I was full too. Not sick full, but if I had a pair of jeans on I'd be feeling it.
I went to the sink and ran a glass of water. I stood at the sink and sipped. It was late.
"I should go to bed."
"That cake will be calling my name all night though."
"It'll be there in the morning."
"Then I'll have to address it in the morning."
"Throw it away! You don't need it!"
"But it's so good and who knows when I'll have something like this again?"
These were the thoughts that ran through my head as I put that last huge piece of cake on my plate. I went back to the couch and ate the whole thing. Now I was stuffed. Full. Filled. I placed my hand on my tighter than tight belly. It was pushed up against my nightshirt. I rubbed it and groaned.
"What did I do? Why did I do this to myself" I moaned. My hand went under my little belly and pushed against it. A strange sensation ran through me and my hand traveled lower. I was soaking wet! "What the hell? Am I turning myself on?" I was in pain, and yet here I was full of cheesecake, uncomfortable and all of a sudden just wanting to get off.
Of course I let my fingers do the walking, came and promptly fell asleep, holding my aching belly.
I had no idea what was to come later. None.
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GrowingLoveH... 6 years
I love this so much! What follows such a delicious and ancient archetype of someone suffering for others -- eating for others, etc. Very well done. I look forward to more and more and more and more and more...
Jcitaly 7 years
When I get a little time - I'm working on it! Thanks for commenting!
Jazzman 7 years
Terrific Start! Keep Going!smiley