the personal ad

chapter 1

So I know you look at me now and you see that I’m pretty chubby. Sigh, my poor thick thighs rub together and wobble everyone I go and I’m so tired of my belly bobbing up and down with every step. I’m painfully aware I’m overweight, I hate to say it but I might even been fat. Damn, I need to stop denying it, I have a double chin for heavens sake. I’m fat, 175 pounds of fat. Okay that doesn’t sound that fat, but it’s not stopping. I’m trying to stop it but there’s nothing I can do. I should just start from the beginning and maybe through my story no one else will make the same mistake.
Believe it or not only 6 months ago I was super thin, like I had the perfect body. 120 pounds of pure toned perfection. No jiggling arms or thighs or this stupid pot belly. It started when I was bored one night. So I started surfing the web and got to some weird places. I saw these kinky personal ads. One was really weird.
“Let me mold you into the perfect fat pig. Skinny girls or even chubby ones I will make you the bbw goddess you deserve to be. Don’t bother replying if you aren’t serious. I will break your skinny will until all that is left is a pathetic submissive fat pig”
Thats just reducible right? I thought it was the funniest thing ever, so I responded.
“skinny girl here ready to be a nice juicy fat pig. Don’t let me escape bend me, break me, fatten me.”
It gave me a chuckle and then I stopped thinking about it, that lasted a week. I was walking home from class when a van pulled up beside me. I had no time to react I was grabbed. I was thinking this was it, I’m going to die. I didn’t die, instead I was fastened to a table. I still haven’t seen his face, he calls himself The Cook.
“Hello Alicia. Thank you so much for responding to my ad. You are absolute perfect. It is goin to be such a delight fattening you up.”
I couldn’t scream, he had a funnel in my mouth. The first feeding was the worst, I thought my stomach was going to explode. He just kept pouring his special mixture down my throat. I know know it was just heavy cream with ice cream, but then I couldn’t even focus on anything but my stomach. I could feel it pressing against my shirt. By the time we were done I looked so pregnant. I was sobbing and it was a mess.
”What’s wrong my little pig, didn’t you like your first feeding?” He asked.
All I could do was whimper. “No I don’t want to be fed, I’m not a fucking pig.”
He giggled. “I did say serious reply’s only. You’re fate is sealed my dear, you will be such a fat girl. Enjoy your figure now, because when I’m done it’ll be replaced with over 300 pounds of fat.”
He let me go after but I was scared. The cops wouldn’t help, they thought I was lying. So did my parents. I tried to live my normal life, but every day he would come for me. It didn’t ,after if I was holed up in my room or out and about. Every day the same and it didn’t take long for my perfect abs to be covered in a layer of flab. Well enough enough he doesn’t know but I’ve ran away and he isn’t going to find me. I’m going to lose the weight and everything will go back to normal.
Back... to...... normal. Thud.

Alicia Johnson went missing on April 3rd. She left an odd video recording that suddenly ends with her passing out. She was reported to have become manic in recent months and suddenly gained large amounts of weight. She had blamed this on a strange stalker. No information is known of the suspect. If you or anyone you know has any information on Alicia please contact your locale authorities.
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