the phlebotomist

Chapter 1: The Doctor Visit

TW: Lab work.
Disclaimer: I'm not a medical professional, some of the info may not be accurate.


"Uggghhh what is wrong with me?" She asked herself as she woke up late in the evening again. She had been so tired for weeks.

No matter what she did she could not keep her energy levels up. She exercised, going to the gym 4 days a week for at least an hour. She took all of her vitamins and minerals as recommended. She drank tons of water, she ate very healthy for her age, especially considering she was in undergrad. Her entire life she had been energetic and for the most part healthy, outside of a cold every now and again. But here she is mid-twenties and has the energy level of a snail.

She stumbled downstairs to get a glass of water.

"Did you just wake up?" Her roomie asked.

"Ugh yes. I don't know what my deal is. I cannot stay awake for the life of me. I have zero energy. Maybe it's college stress?"

"Girl. I feel like this is more than just college stress. I really think you should see a doctor. I mean what if you have like something serious going on? You've been like this for weeks now." Her roomie said.

"Bleh. I hate when you're right. I guess I'll call them in the morning before class."


"Thank you for calling Doctor Fers office. How may I help you?" The receptionist asked politely.

"Uhm, hi. I need to make an appointment." She said awkwardly over the phone. She hated talking on the phone to people especially when she didn't know what to really say.

"Okay. What's been going on?" He asked.

"Well... I've just been super tired lately. I have no energy and it's been going on for weeks. I'm just not sure what is going on." In her head she felt like she was rambling. In reality she was not.

"Okay. Let's see... It looks like we had a cancelation today at 4. Would that work for you?" He asked.

"Yeah that'll be fine. Thank you." She really did not want to go at 4. She really did not want to go at all. But she also didn't want to feel like she could just go to bed all day every day forever either.

So she went to class trying to focus on what the professor was saying. Trying to get through another sluggish day and get to her Doctor so she could get that awkwardness out of the way.

She really didn't know what to say at all when she got there. She tried to think about it all day but the anxiety was not helpful. Then, it was time to go.


"April?&q uot; The nurse called from the doorway.

She raised her hand halfway. "That's me." She said with a half smile that gave away the fact she didn't want to be there because she was nervous.

She followed the nurse heading back to the rooms.

"Okay hun let's get your weight." The nurse said. "125."

They conversed back and forth. While she told the nurse about why she was there, the nurse said "well I'll let the Doctor know and she will discuss this when she gets in here."

While she waited for the Doctor, her nerves were starting to take over. She wished her roomie was with her so she could at least have someone to keep her company. The waiting felt like eternity.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. "April?" The Doctor asked.

She shook her head yes and smiled a forced smile.

They went back and forth discussing what had been going on for the last few weeks. So, her doctor finally said "well, let's run a few tests in the lab. Then hopefully that will give us some insight into what is going on."

This made April very nervous. She had never had to have lab work or tests in her life. Outside of the tests she took for college of course.

Luckily for her, the lab was still open as it was not 5 p.m. yet. So at least she could get all of this done in one day.

She was a bundle of nerves at this point. She had no idea really what to expect... So, she begrudgingly headed over to where they directed her: the lab.

As soon as she got to the next waiting room, she saw someone who was talking to the receptionist...
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