the picnic

chapter 1

You look so content, lulled to sleep by the movement of the car and a very full, very well fed belly. Your arms resting at your sides and your deep breathing causes your gloriously fat belly to rise and fall. It is a luscious sight and one I take great pleasure in viewing.

My gaze becomes more passionate as I continue to take in every inch of your huge abdomen, noting how the seat belt straps pulled above and underneath your gut serve to emphasize how very large it has become. How it spills out into your lap now, lying across your thighs and causing the bottom buttons of your shirt to nearly burst. How, after a day of being overfed and indulged, your upper belly becomes swollen and distended. In fact, a day like today. I struggle to keep my hands to myself as the craving to squeeze and play with your belly overwhelms me. I want to pat it and tease you about being such a glutton and if you keep eating like such a pig your belly will soon hang to your knees.

I breathe deeply, intensely aroused but not yet ready to let loose and indulge my desires, no matter how difficult it is to restrain myself. Instead, I close my eyes and take a deep breath, languidly recalling the day's events.

I always enjoy my days off but today, today was a day I had been anticipating for weeks. I awaken to the bright morning sun filtering through the curtains, snuggled with my back against your soft fat belly. I roll over, pressing my face into your armpit, fully enjoying your scent and then lick the soft pillow of your upper arm, gently nibbling as you begin to awaken. Soon I am lost in a pleasurable haze of slow kisses and gentle caresses. I run my hands over your body, digging my fingers into your pliant and yielding flesh. I explore further, caressing your lower belly as it spills between us before moving my hand under your fat to graze lightly against the sensitive skin of your upper thighs and pubic area while I brush my other hand lightly over your breasts. I kiss you passionately before setting my hands on your shoulders.

"That's enough for now my sexy fat man. We don't want to spoil your appetite now do we?" You groan as I laugh and scoot off the bed. I lean over to kiss your nose. "Aw, poor baby, you will survive. Now let's go take a hot shower and then breakfast. I stopped by the bakery yesterday and found some delectable sweets I know you will enjoy. Oh, and dinner is about noon so we need to leave by eleven thirty."

You roll over, pretending to go back to sleep. Laughing, I smack your ass. "Get up you lazy butt. You don't want to miss a day of unadulterated pigging out do you? Being able to fill that little ol' belly with all the scrumptious goodies I can feed you with today?" I clap my hands excitedly as I start listing all the holiday treats and foods I can feed you while you laugh at my enthusiasm.

"See, you will survive." I wink, blow you a kiss and then head to the bathroom to run the water. "Oh, and look to see what I've laid out for you to wear my pet."

You see the clothes I've set out for you. You blush as you realize that what I have chosen is barely able to contain you now, let alone after a day of indulging. But you know better than to argue, knowing how much I adore seeing you push the limits of your clothes. How much I adore you pushing many limits.

After a steaming hot shower full of your groping soapy hands I manage to escape and get dressed before heading to the kitchen. "You are insufferable." I think to myself and grin. It is good to be desired. I set the tea kettle to boil for cereal and tea while I arrange the pastries I bought the previous day on a large plate. The scent of freshly brewed coffee begins to fill the room and I notice how famished I am. Knowing that if I am this hungry, you must be on the verge of starving to death. A few minutes pass and you enter the room, dressed in the jeans and shirt I set out for you. I nearly drop the plate in my hand and you blush profusely as I stare. Still unable to completely accept how much I could desire a fat man or that I could enjoy seeing you get even fatter.

I am immediately aroused. It never ceases to amaze me how much I just adore seeing you wear clothes you barely fit into. I especially love when you wear your shirts tucked into your jeans making your fat belly all that more obvious. Being unable to hide how fat you have become. I put the plate down so I can run my hands down your chest and belly.

"Oh, you look so handsome." I gush. "I bet all the ladies will be jealous of me today. Yes indeed, so very jealous because I have the sexiest fat man ever." I look up at you, pressing each button on your shirt as I run my finger down your chest and belly.

"Do you think anyone will notice how fat you're getting?" I whisper, leaning in closer. I watch as your face turns an even deeper shade of pink. I love teasing you about how fat you are becoming. "Yes, I think they will notice." I say, patting your belly. "It's hard not to notice how big you have become, don't you think?"

I take your hand and lead you to the kitchen table. "Come; let's eat before it gets too late. See all the treats I found for you?" I hold one of the little tarts up to your lips, smiling at the look of pleasure on your face while you eat. Your stomach growls and I pick up another tart. "Let's get you fed my pet, it sounds like that belly needs some attention."
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Csmith 8 years
This is the sexiest story ever written B. and I just re read it. ^^^^^
Chubbybellygirl 8 years
Brilliant. Made me crave the fun of a round full bodied man.
Obsessed 9 years
A pleasure, as always xxx
Obsessed 9 years
A pleasure, as always xxx
Growingbellyboy 9 years
This was amazing! I dream of being that fat one day and this story makes me feel like I'm already there. Very well written!
Built4com4t 9 years
comments like that make writing all the more worth while. ;-)
Csmith 9 years
This is so good that I must excuse myself from polite company for a little while. I can think of a lot of things I would like to do to you while you are wearing thar too small shirt.