the pig farm

chapter 1

Taylor was looking for a new job and didn't seem to be having any real luck when a friend of her's told her about a pig farmer that they knew that was looking for some additional help. She first though "what do I know about being a pig farmer" but her friend said she knew the farmer and his wife and would put in a good word for her and give them her phone number if she wanted. Why not, Taylor thought and said "sure give it to them, you just never know."

A couple of days had past and still no luck with a new job when Taylor got a phone call from a woman who said her name was Leslie, she said that she had received Taylor's number from a friend and asked if she would be interested in being interviewed for the assistants job on the pig farm. She was very excited at the offer but at the same time she felt the need to tell Leslie that she didn't know much about pig farms and the only experience she with pigs was eating bacon! Leslie laughed and assured her that it wouldn't be much more difficult then eating bacon and that they would "train" her in what she would have to do. Leslie said you really should come in for the interview and my husband and I will see if you're what we're looking for and you can see if this is something you would be interested in. So, the interview was scheduled for the next day at 12 and Leslie said it would be a very casual interview and that they would do it over lunch.

At 12 the next day Taylor arrived at the address she was given that was in a rural area in South Carolina. The driveway was long and winding and she could see what appeared to be a cozy looking farm house. When she knocked on the door she was greeted by a very friendly Leslie, Leslie looked to be in her early 30's with blonde hair and deep blue eyes but was an all around big girl, about 300 to 320 pounds.

"Hello Taylor, my pleasure to meet you come on into our home." The farm house was very comfortable cozy and had a certain appeal to Taylor. Leslie went on to tell her that this was their home and that they also used it as the office for the pig farm that her and her husband Jake owned and operated. Unknown to Taylor was the fact that Leslie already liked what she saw and was about to go to work on her.
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Uneas06 1 year
Please continue with this story it’s incredible
AndiFive 1 year
Fooman 2 years
Damn is that good!
Akwolfgrl13 6 years
Nooo i need to know what happns next
Jdm 6 years
Gotta have a part 2 this is an awesome story
Azerty 7 years
Super story
QuebecFA 7 years
I really love this story? I hope you'll write Chapter 8 soon! ;-)
Beautybelly 8 years
i hope the story continue soon smiley
i really like it smiley
Thefeeder1 8 years
Yes another chapter is coming very shortly, it's almost there.
Applepieinth... 8 years
Any chance of another chapter?
Rstlne 8 years
You wrote that Taylor had gained 76 pounds in 6 months. However, 35+36=71 not 76.
Jazzman 8 years
Excellent start and a good theme. I am confident you'll get the hang of adding more chapters
Rickeb 8 years
How about a ten year contract?
Thefeeder1 8 years
Thanks I'm happy you like the story and I do have more chapters written, this site is just difficult sometimes and I'm having a hard time adding.
Voluptuouslover 8 years
I agree...I need more of this story!
Fluffylove 8 years
I need more of this story
Thefeeder1 8 years
Thank you, there are more chapters but this site if difficult and won't let me publish them.
Jenemc 8 years
This is very good. It would be interesting if her boyfriend also was made to gain smiley