the playdate

Chapter 1 - morning

I wake up in the morning to the delicious aroma of fresh baked bacon, bread, and coffee. I enjoy the sensation with my eyes closed in the relaxed, sleepy warmth of my bed until I hear your voice. “Good morning, gorgeous. Breakfast is ready.” You lean over me and kiss my cheek. You slide a hand under my head and slip the collar around my neck. Even though I knew it was coming I shiver in expectation; now you are in charge and I have no control until that collar comes off again. I know that we are about to have a seriously delicious day of playing with food ahead of us. I yawn, stretch and roll myself to the edge of the bed. You take my hands and gently help me to my feet, with a slight smirk on your face. “Trouble getting up already? But we haven’t even started yet.”

When I stand up in front of you, you grab a hold of my tummy rolls and give them a squeeze and a jiggle grinning in delight. You lead me by the hand to the corner and urge me to step on the scale. “312 lbs? That’s nice, hun. Let’s see how much we can add to that before the day is done.” I feel proud and happy to please you. My chosen clothes are waiting by the bed. You give me some room to get dressed, standing aside and enjoying the view as I try to wiggle myself into a set of lingerie, a crop top, and some micro shorts, all at least two sizes too small for me. After a good amount of struggling, stretching, and squeezing I manage to finally fit most of me in the clothes. You step closer and attach a leash to the collar. “Come on, you must be starving after that. Let’s go get some food in that tummy.” You give a small yank to the leash and I follow obediently.

My mouth waters and my belly rumbles audibly as we step into the kitchen. The table is set for one, but the food piled on it could probably feed four. There is a huge mug of steaming coffee, whitened with whole cream, and freshly squeezed orange juice. You’ve done your best to entice my tastebuds with fresh croissants filled with cream cheese and bacon, pancakes topped with whipped cream and strawberries, scrambled eggs, toast, marmalade, peanut butter and chocolate spread, and a pile of donuts. I feel my mouth water and feel a tingle of arousal as I try to comprehend the enormous task ahead of me. You lead me to a chair, attach the other end of the leash to the chair’s back, and proceed to tie my ankles to the chair’s legs. My hands are free, but I won’t be able to move from the chair until you release me. You pick a strawberry from the top of the stack of pancakes, dip it in the whipped cream and pop it in my mouth. “Enjoy, love. I’ll come check on you soon and see how much progress you’ve made.” You leave me there tied to a chair, already extruding out of my skimpy clothes, ravenous, and aroused.

I’ve managed to clear several plates when you come back to check on me. You pull up a chair next to me, take a seat and reach around my bulk. You nuzzle my neck while massaging my stretched belly. “You’ve done a fine job, dear. You’ve been a good girl.” You keep poking and petting my tummy while encouraging me to have yet another bite. I’m feeling very full. When you deem my speed too slow, you take matters into your own hands. You reach over for a caramel cream filled donut, take a firm grip of my jaw and push the donut into my mouth. I take slightly larger a bite than feels comfortable and try to chew. As soon as my mouth empties somewhat, you fill it with donut. While I’m working on it, you hoist my lower belly so that you can reach my shorts to unzip them. You start alternating between feeding me donuts and teasing me to the brink of an orgasm and not letting me climax. When the donut tray is finally empty my belly is stretched taut. I’m leaning back heavily in the chair barely conscious. You untie my ankles and the leash. It takes some time but finally I manage to get on my feet and to the couch. You make sure I’m comfortable laying there on my side next to my engorged belly with my hands above my head. You tie my hands from the wrists and attach them to the head of the couch to prevent me from relieving myself. “Rest now, honey, you made it through breakfast. Soon it’s time for lunch!”
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Astarte 4 years
Thank you beeboz, that means a lot! I will. ☺️
Beeboz 4 years
Astarte, I really enjoyed this. Love the scenario. Keep writing!