the pleasure of it all

Chapter 1

you have inspired me to fatten and to get even bigger because it arouses you so. making me sit still and not move...massaging me when I can't swallow anymore from my chin right on down , stroking my body until I can make more room, pacing me so I can eat and eat and eat day after day for you.

we started by compiling a list of my favorite foods and then decided what order would work best to keep my appetite up. we began in the kitchen helping you prepare things the way I like them best. then you moved me to more relaxing seating as I got increasingly fuller ...a comfortable chair and an ample supply of cushions and pillows to prop me up in the semi-reclined position, allowing me plenty of room for expansion

we are in my library den, lighting is low, there are piles of pillows and cushions and tables surrounding you with various foods always within easy reach. there is a thick, soft rug on the floor, and you have settled me into a very large easy chair which seats two normal sized people and I begin...doing nothing but eat and digest, feeling my abdomen slowly expand and sag heavily in my lap.

occasionally you lever me out of my chair to let me relieve myself and then take a turn around the garden to help with digestion, supported by you, leaning on you, my belly distended and hanging heavy against my thighs. Having to stop every so often to catch my breath. back in the kitchen, we stop by the table, and you make me place my belly on the cool table where you made a mark to show the beginning size and mark it as it expands over the course of the days and months. the display is impressive, like growth rings of a tree, each ring larger than the one before, each mute testament to my expansion under your loving care.

and at the end of every weekend, when you feel I am ready, you pleasure

yourself with me. now I can hardly walk I am so distended and fat, so you have begun to support me into the bedroom, helping me recline on the bed, swollen and gasping for air.

you gently slide next to me, and stroke my soft flanks, and I feel you move against my belly laying on the bed between us.

you reach over and feel the gently curving structure that is my belly and I shudder at your touch...your fingers slide around and under it, deep in the roll of fat between my belly and thighs, your movement is exquisitely gentle... yet I jerk in a sudden spasm of pleasure like an electric shock, my belly a solid ball quivering as it is cradled between us and you shyly smile at causing me discomfort, but enjoying the shaking mass of my flesh you have created.

bending down, you place a soft kiss on my stretched upper abdomen, and your lips are warm, the touch and implication is thrilling, your fingers tracing the spot you kissed, kiss another, and then touch it, moving around and down it, moving to get a better angle, you help me to my back and stradle my body, pressing my gorged belly between your strong thighs.

your slow moving lips and fingers seem to magnify my size, the gentle pressure, the loving exploration of my fatness is incredibly arousing. Using your hands to estimate my measure you continue working around my belly and come back up smiling at me, your eyes half lidded in your arousal.

answering the quizzical look on my face, you tell me that by your rough estimate I am almost 2 inches wider than last time you measured.a jolt surges through me as I hear that...not only am I significantly fatter, but that you approve and still encourage my rapidly increasing girth.

as I am lost in this reverie somehow one of your arms slips under my belly and your other slides over the top, your hands meeting under my apron and you begin hugging me, squeezing my belly between your arms, almost stretching it up and away from my body. the sensations are incredible

it is difficult to keep all of my belly cradled in your arms, but you love the weight of it as you attempt to lift it. I hope this feels as good for you as it does for me you ask and as you see the look on my face you realize it is very good for me. and through half closed eyes i see you watch me, gauging my reaction as you squeeze my abdomen, with every pulse of your muscular arms i groan in pleasure, growing ever harder as i feel my insides shift and my skin stretch in your embrace.

my belly slips thru your hands as you attempt to hold it, it is so liquid and soft yet firm and almost hard when it is not being maniuplated in your hands. such an amazing belly you whisper, you could explore it for days on end. and i am overwhelmed, your manipulation and massage of my newly fattened gut seems to go on for hours. the intense pleasure of feeling my belly and breast fat squeeze through your fingers almost overloads my senses. i begin massaging your neck and shoulders that i can reach, the clean scent of your hair a cloud around my face, your soft lips against mine as you pulse your arms around my butter-soft belly. somehow you know just how much to squeeze or stretch my skin without causing pain...just keeping me on the edge of arousal

you feel my arms wrap around your shoulders, and you snuggle in close to your body, feeling our flesh meld to each other’s shapes, and i feel my erection press against the back of your hands as you cradle me. every so often you squeeze, keeping me erect and oozing my precum almost as if you are milking me like a fattened cow. it is so sensual to be this fat and desired so intensely.

your breasts are now warm and move against me as you move over me. i feel their heavy fullness on my chest, their hard erect centers raking mine as you slide your hands over our melded bodies, it almost feels as if you were stroking one body of intensely deep rolls

feeling my wam breath floating over you

feeling my touch

you feel so content you could stay like this forever
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15 years
I love the intimate details! Please continue... smiley
Built4com4t 16 years
thanks for the compliments fatlilboy...i prefer to write short, close up slices of fantasy where i can concentrate on the intimate details. that kind of writing is hard to keep up anything longer than 1 or 2 chapters. i basically write the same character, so you could consider all my stories as part of a whole.
Fatlilboy 16 years
Very very good detail. You are talented and I totally enjoy your work. You have the potential to be the best of the best. My only complaint is not enough length.....more more more. Your detail is amazing.....we only need longer stories from you with more stuffing and feeding and fattening....the stuff we all love and adore. Keep writing. Your work is enjoyed.smiley