the plump starlette

Chapter 1

Adam Jones, editor of MAX men’s magazine answered his phone. “Adam, this Roger over at the studio, we have a problem!” he shrieked. Adams sighed, Roger was a nice guy, though gay, and quite a “drama queen”. “Roger calm down, what’s problem?”

“Our cover model for next month’s issue, that Melissa Fox, she’s shown up forty pounds overweight! Adam, she looks pregnant she has such a pot belly on her and her ass is huge too! What are we going to do, she will look disgusting on the cover in the lingerie we have for her!” Shouted Roger.

“Roger, let me call her agent. Just go ahead with the shoot, okay?” “Adam”, replied Roger, “She won’t fit into the panties and camisole we have for her, she too fat!” “Roger, that is all we have, tell her to stuff herself into those panties and camisole and get going! Is she complaining about the clothes or anything?” asked Adam. “Well, no she isn’t, even though she looks like a butter ball, she is being very polite and friendly with everyone on the crew.” Roger put down the phone and spoke to Ms. Fox.

Roger came back on the phone. “Adam, she is getting dressed or changing I should say, she doesn’t seem to mind that she will look like she is bursting out of the panties!” “I will call her agent and see what the “F” is going on. She has always been very professional in the past when she did a small spread a couple of years ago.” Replied Adam.

Adams sighed, thinking, “Just what I need, with readership down, most guys are surfing the net for their “soft porn”, I was really hoping that this cover and spread would boost our stand and subscription sales.” Adam looked up Melissa’s agent’s cell number, and dialed.

“Hello, John Clark here, may I help you?” “John, Adam Jones at MAX, hey we have a problem buddy, your girl got fat on us, what’s going on?” John chuckled, “Hey Adam I am sorry I did not give you guys a heads up on Melissa. I know she has gained a lot of weight recently, and she is gaining deliberately too! She has a part in that new picture by Sony that is being released next year. Her portrayal requires her to gain a lot of weight for the filming, a lot of nude scenes, skimpy bikinis and such, no way to fake it with a fat suit.”

“Well that explains why she showed up fat, but what about her career, having her picture splashed all over the country fat and happy isn’t going to help her!” stated Adam.

“Well Adam, that is just the point, we want her to be featured fat, she and I believe that her career will be better, at least more parts available is she is heavier, even fat. You remember, that actress from the fifties, Shelly Winters?” “Yeah, I do,” said Adam, “Wasn’t she fat?” “She was, but not always,” replied John. “She was just like the rest of the starlets, slim, blond and pretty, but her agent said if she gained weight, there were far more “character” parts out there and she would always have work!”

“Hey, isn’t Melissa’s dad the actor that is always promoting heavy or fat leading ladies in his films, Ned Fox isn’t it?” asked Adam. “Yes, your right that’s her dad.” Replied John.

“He is one of the reasons that Melissa took this part. She is getting near thirty and they were worried about future parts, you know Hollywood, youth it is. So Melissa, with her Dad’s encouragement took this part and the weight gain to re-align her career.” Stated John.

“Well I hope it works out for both of us, John, I really need this issue to do well.”

Back at the shoot, things were going pretty well. Melissa, though bursting out the bikini and other lingerie was actually having a pretty good time. The usual buffet was there, that models always avoid, but not Melissa, she gleefully munched away on anything that came near her mouth.

Roger was freaking out, but most of the other guys and girls, for that matter were really having a pretty good day. Melissa obediently posed at the photographer and his assistance requests. The makeup girls had never powered anyone belly before.

Melissa was very comfortable with her new weight , bumps and bulges. She actually loved the added weight. She deliberately stuck out her belly for several shots, even shaking her belly with both hands pouting her lips at the camera. She was a sight too! The bikini panty cut into her growing bottom and love handles, creating lovely rolls of fat, her belly jiggled with every move she made and she certainly was not shy about showing off her new girth!

The final shot, a classic cheese cake shot, Melissa kneeling, arching her back to maximize the curve and swell of her bottom, sticking out her belly so it actually rested on her thighs, she held a huge ice cream sundae in one hand, the other patting her belly, a drop of ice cream running down the side of her belly. The tight bikini cutting into her soft thighs and the waist band creating a nice round roll of belly fat and love handles.

The editorial board at Adam’s insistence, went with the “cheese cake” photo for the cover. Most everyone felt MAX would be out of business, but Adam insisted. They even included the shot of Melissa shaking her belly for the camera.

That issue literally flew off the racks. For the first time in the magazines history they did a second and even a third print run. Demand was so great that they published the now legendary “cheese cake” photo as a full size poster, the sales of which soon eclipsed even the famed “Farrah Fawcett” poster of the seventies.

Melissa won an academy award for her performance. When she walked/waddled up on stage, jiggling in her midriff bearing dress, her belly bulging out in front, her tight dark bikini panties showing off her amazing round bottom through the thin chiffon material to a standing ovation of the assembled academy! Melissa smiled and gave her brief speech, thanking her dad, Ned Fox for his encouragement, her agent, director etc. Melissa was a little distracted by the thought of all that wonderful catered food she would soon be indulging in at all of the post award parties!
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