the plumped principal

Chapter 1: First Day

Cassandra Lewis’ six inch heels clicked and clacked through the halls of Ferrimore Allen Taft, a middle school in northern Mississippi. She was a petite 28-year-old who had just finished her master’s in education, and was hired to be the principal of the struggling school. Despite her lack of experience, she held her nose up high, confident her classes and her data could help her succeed at this new school.

“Miss Lewis, welcome to the Ferrimore, let me show you to your office!” said Suzanne, a portly woman around the age of 40. As Cassandra followed her, she noticed that the doorway was exceptionally wide, despite the fact that Suzanne barely squeezed her soft hips through the door frame.

“Feel free to move whatever you want, your keys are on the desk!” Suzanne waddled away, only to shimmy her plumped rear between the armrest of her chair, lovehandles squeezing through the sides.

Cassandra noticed Suzanne pull out a drawer filled with sugary treats and pull out a handful. As she turned back into her office, she couldn’t help but thinking “I better be careful, or else her habits might rub off on me.”

Cassandra felt confident in her body, as she was about 5’1’, and weighed around 105 lbs. As a high school student, she was more than a bit chubby, weighing in at over 265 lbs. But throughout college and graduate school, she was able to lose 150 lbs through running twice a week and lifting heavy weights three times a week at night, after her classes.

Looking into her office, she was immediately perturbed by some odd features. Her chair was about 4 feet wide and looked to be reinforced. The armrests were ripped off and leaned against the wall in the corner. There was a full-sized fridge, with a magnet on the front that said, “Big Girls Do it Better!”, with a cartoon of a large woman in a tiny bikini on it.

On the desk were a series of photographs laid underneath the glass, with pictures of different women splayed out. Some of the women were rail thin, sporting cute workout clothes, others were normal sized, and the rest were of women on varying degrees of obesity, from just a bit chubby, to looking like they were over 500 lbs.

“Suzanne, who are all these women in these pictures?” Cassandra asked, genuinely creeped out that her predecessor had left these pictures of seemingly random women on her desk. “Oh, Rebecca must not have cleaned up her desk, all those pictures are Rebecca!” sputtered Suzanne, mouth now full of the candies she was eating earlier. Cassandra looked back, and was flabbergasted as to what she saw.

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