the potluck

Chapter 1 - obligatory exposition

It was a average evening at the youth center me and some other teens my age assisted at. We help kids play games and waste their time for low pay but tonight was staff appreciation night and I was excited. I've brought a mountain of enchiladas and everyone else has brought their own surplus of food to share with everyone else. After an hour of setting up tables and heating up all the food the event began and people begun to enter. Now not many people help out at the youth center; it's mainly me, my buddy Dan and a ton of other girls our age, but two stuck out from the bunch, their Names were Carmen and Amanda. Being an FA it was my duty to notice these voluptuous girls. Carmen is only 5'2 caramel colored skin and very thick. Black healthy hair and brown beautiful eyes. She had a smaller bust but a round juicy ass to make up for it. Her big soft looking belly not sagging one bit defied gravity sticking out a foot in front of her. You could usually see the indent of her bellybutton. On this evening she made the mistake of wearing a tank top and jeans. Amanda was a girl of much paler complexion. Auburn hair and a freckle specked face. She had C cup breasts, long meaty legs and wide hips n' ass to connect them. She had only a chubby belly with a small more noticeable roll at the bottom, visible through her tight t shirt. They were good friends and I knew them from school as well. I sat at a table for 10 which only Dan and I occupied at the moment so I offered that the pair sit at this table with us. "Ugh.... what time does the dinner start?" asked Amanda "I know right I feel like it's been forever" added Carmen. "We'll get to eat after Patty(the owner of the center) gives a thank you speech" groaned Dan. I was glad to see how eager they were to eat. It gave me hope for the night. We small talked about school until finally Patty came, said thanks and it was time to eat. Carmen rushed her short portly body to the buffet line with Amanda right behind her, they piled their plates high cheesecake, steak, Alfredo, lo mein and of course, my enchiladas. I only grabbed a small portion of lo mein for myself and we all sat back down at the table. Dan was shocked at how much the girls brought back and he asked the killer question "How much can you two eat?" "I can eat everything" both Amanda and Carmen chimed. This was a golden oppurtinity so I struck while the iron was hot "Who can eat more?" I asked "Of please, easily me" scoffed Carmen but Amanda quickly shot back "You wish". I said "Whoever can eat more will win 40 buck right outta my pocket" "Easiest money I'lll ever make" Amanda said "Let's find out" Carmen smirked.
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Sonic16 7 years
Good story and the picture used for the story looks amazing