the pretty woman at the train station

chapter 1

It was 5’37 AM when I stood at the station and waited for my train to come, I was supposed to be at work roughly 10 minutes ago, yet as of late the train seems to always be running late.
Pretty annoyed because I’ll probably will be getting chewed out from my boss at work later today, I started to slowly walk up and down the station and notice that besides me there are also two other people here. It is actually quite peaceful at this hour of the morning. Only a few people, silence, a slowly sunrise and cool air. I especially like this atmosphere when it rains and the lights reflect from the puddles, but it wasn’t supposed to rain anytime this week sadly.
Slowly, like I would walk at an art gallery and appreciate all the fancy art, I made my way all the way to the other end at the station and my annoyed mood disappeared in a matter of seconds. I paid my full attention to a beautiful young lady that came up the stairs that connects the street and the train station.
At first I could only see her face. She had long brown hair pulled up into a ponytail that accentuates her fat and round face perfectly! Her full and slightly red from exhaustion cheeks, the cute eyes that looks tortured from the long walk up the stairs, and the most amazing double chin I have ever seen. From all of this I deducted that it must be a morbidly obese woman, that took upon the for her painful trip up the staircase, she looks like she is already on the lookout for a bench to sit her big ass down.

I slowed down on my walking to see my theory come true, because now after her big face, I can see her even bigger body and I can’t help myself from getting an erection. Her fat neck went into a massive cleavage over, clothed by a way to tight shirt over which she also wears a small jacket that doesn’t look like they could even remotely contain those massive breasts of her, that jiggles each step she takes, like if there was a small earthquake. This sight turned me on so much that I have to be careful not to stare at this massively obese lady, yet as I started to see her belly it became increasingly harder to look away. This woman that can’t be older than 28 had such a big belly… It was probably the biggest I have ever seen, even bigger than the belly from Janice at work and she was already a big lady. This belly of hers was so massive that her boobs looked small in comparison, it was so fat that it hanged down so low that I couldn’t even see her upper legs, but I imagine that they are just as big. Now that I had a good look at her I can see why the only 30 steps high staircase left this young lady so exhausted, you can see the sweat coming down her forehead, the cheeks being flushed a deep red and her ribcage rising up and down very fast, probably from heavy breathing. At this moment I was almost thankful that my train runs late, the next train can also run late for all I care, if it means I could stare at this fat angel just a bit longer.
This Lady also came very close to the woman I always fantasized of, a fat woman in my age that’s so morbidly obese that even just a few steps on a staircase was a problem. A woman so overweight that she has problems finding clothes that aren’t specially tailored for her massive belly. A woman with such a massive ass that she takes up the whole park bench that she needs to sit down in because of her exhaustion. A woman that just had no self control, that just gobbles down junk food like there is no tomorrow and even though she already is morbidly obese she just cant stop eating her ever fattening food.
A woman that if she sits down you cant even see her knees because of her massive belly, yes this would be the woman of my dreams. A partner like that, that just cant stop eating, that would be my dream partner.
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Karenjenk 1 year
very thoughtful.... deep... like a memory
i enjoyed this