the project

chapter 1

Something in my system is making it difficult to wake up right away. I feel myself on a soft chair and hear the door open
"Good Morning Sleepy-head!" I groggily opened my eyes to see a man beside me with dark hair and dark eyes. He looked like he worked in this place with the tailored labcoat and the clipboard he was holding. He seemed busy with what looked to be his regular routine of making notes and checking vitals.
"Ill get the introductions out of the way, my name is Bernard and we will be seeing eachother quite often each day." He checked my IV. They must have administered drugs because I was unable to reply, my mind was too foggy and everything felt like it was spinning. I responded instead by looking around the room. It looked to be a mix between a labratory and a simple hotel room. Everything was neutral colored and very minimalist but with some extra contraptions over in one corner and what looked like tubes hanging above them.
"Its a nice room, isnt it? Best get used to it since youll be staying in here for a while. Exactly in this spot actually, this is a top of the line chair that can adjust many ways to fit your body, and can even collect some of the data I need without getting you to stand up, like your weight."
"My weight?" I slurred, a little confused from the spinning sensation.
"Yessir!" Bernard smiled. "180lbs, which is under the line for what number we were initially hoping for, but Im sure it wont be much of a setback once we get your body going in the right progressive direction. I already took your measurements earlier so there isnt any need to move around too much. Even for washroom breaks! This chair has a top knotch system that takes care of all that for you. You will have all the necessities right in the seat youre lying on."
"But what about food?" I asked, looking around more clearly and seeing the measuring tools stacked on top of one of the machines in the corner.
Bernard looked at me. The look was a combination of confused and intrigued on his smiling face. "Food is the last thing youll have to worry about here. I will be here to make sure you eat the amount of food that you are supposed to consume each day, along with our new product. Which brings us to our first part here."
He rolled a tray table in front of me that had a large plastic cup on it, filled with some thick milkshake looking substance. There were measurement markings on the cup and I noticed that it was filled to exactly 16 ounces. I dont remember the last time I ate so my stomach started to rumble. I took the cup and had a sip. The taste was amazing! The thick drink tasted like a buttery vanilla milkshake. Bernard nodded as I took a few big swigs of the drink, noticing the way it seemed to melt into a swallowable liquid once it entered my mouth.
"Tastes great, doesnt it? The drink is actually comprised of condensed dehydrated fat cells and a sugary stabelizing substance. This allows the drink to melt and make it easier for dried fat cells to store immeadiately to other prior fat deposits while your body tries to burn the glucose instead of the fat." He continued as I gulped the drink down. It was so delicious, I couldnt get enough! "And with the addictive properties of the sugar it silences the brain signals telling you that youve eaten too much. That helps us immensly in our journey towards the overall goal."
I tilted the cup up as high as I could and watched the remaining shake slide into my open mouth. I set the cup down and laid my head back. Bernard checked the cup and scribbled down some notes on his clipboard.
"Okay, lets get to the next part." He circled behind my chair and returned on the other side with another cup, this time it was filled with water. I looked down and noticed that my stomach had been bloating heavily outwards from the shake, but it was quickly dispersing. It felt as if it left my stomach and made me feel heavier everywhere else around my body.
"You see, the dehydrated fat works very similarly to dehydrated food. Once you add water it returns to full size. The same thing happens once the fat cell reaches its location."
I start to feel thirsty, then slowly start to feel moisture being sucked away from my body. Bernard notices my discomfort and places a large straw in the cup and starts to explain quicker.
"It can rehydrate multiple ways, from using the water already stored in your body, or from an IV, but the best way to rehydrate is the same way you consumed the drink to begin with."
I am feeling very strange, as if theres small bubbling deep under my skin, but I am also so incredibly thirsty. I grab the cup and start sucking back as much water as I can. Bernard bends the straw to cut the water supply off.
"Its best to rehydrate slowly, since the fat hydration proccess can feel very uncomfortable."
The thin bubbling sensation slowly turns to a fat blossoming feeling all over and I can see my body starting to puff up from fat. The water makes me feel less thirsty so I continue to guzzle the water until it is empty. My tummy starts to hurt and my head is spinning. Bernard takes action and starts to check the chairs data screen on the other side. He takes a syringe and fills it with a clear liquid, tapping out the bubbles.
"This is a cocktail of sedatives and antihistamines to put you at ease for the proccess." He injects it into my IV and I feel the burning sensation in my left arm, which spreads across my body. "Don't worry. The first day is always the trickiest, but then when your body grows accustomed to the proccess and it should then be rather enjoyable."
I start to feel very drowsy, then the stomach pain starts to go away... I cant feel anything anymore... I would be embarrased at the water dripping down my chin but I cannot move and feel Bernard wipe it away. I hear the sound of the needle being placed on the tray table and hear his voice.
"There you go... All better... Your body took very well to the product! I am pleased to see how well that it is working..." I nod my head downwards to me stomach to see Bernards hand checking it. His hands are soft on my stomach... Or is my stomach soft in his hands? He is able to squish 1 inch downwards into my soft belly. But the drugs are starting to carry me out of conciousness.... I am rather comfortable with this added weight.
Bernard takes his clipboard and writes one more thing while my eyelids grow heavy. "Ill return later to check your progress... but for now relax and enjoy the process..."
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Growrnshowr 5 years
Really loving where this is going. I hope he grows MASSIVE! Well done smiley
335443735 5 years
Thank you! I actually had to rewrite because the full story deleted on me :/ I will be adding a few more chapters and it will have a happy ending (no plot twists or anything). Thanks for the likes/comments smiley
Barazion 5 years
Very good start. Where will it end, or will it?