the queen mother (complete)

chapter 1

Queen Ralia stands in the mirror unclothed as she looks at her naked form. Since her decree, it will probably be the last time she sees herself in this state. Her milk chocolate skin stretches over her slender yet well muscled body. There is hardly a bit of fat on her at all. She rubs her hands over her scalp and notes how stubble is forming over her normally shorn head.

Aside from her big brown doe eyes and full lips, there isn't anything inherently gentle about her. She's spent years forming this body into one befitting of a warrior queen. And now, for the sake of people, she will reform it into that of a queen mother.

For centuries, the Queendom of Yoddia has been of warrior women. No men are allowed, so all new Yoddians are recruited. In their heyday, many a young woman would come here to escape many a man wanting to use and abuse them - to force them into helplessness. Her own mother came here pregnant with her to escape her abusive yet extremely powerful husband.

In spite of the haven Yoddia provides, their recruitment numbers have been declining for a good fifty years now. Between modern comforts and greater equality, not a lot of women want to come to their island paradise. Plus, with more places allowing women in the military, female warriors have far more options than they used to. As such, her advisors estimate another fifty years or so before Yoddia is no more.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. So Queen Ralia lifted the ban on men despite the protests of her people. Then she made a decree to form a harem to repopulate their land. That part at least brought the protests to mild grumbles. She could not ask her people to do this themselves - not after the trauma they've endured. However, she had never been near a man outside of war and diplomacy, so she did not have the same baggage. She would gladly do this in a heartbeat for her people.

The Royal Healer warned her it would not be easy for her at all. She'd have to gain a ton of weight and be almost always pregnant. She'd only have so many years to do it too - perhaps a good twenty years seeing as she was only 25. The healer had given her a potion to increase her fertility and decrease her recovery time between pregnancies. Hopefully, it would be enough.

Her diplomats had scoured the lands to find as many consorts as possible - men of all sizes, shapes, and colors. She laid eyes on them once before. Their beauty was beyond compare. Though she'd never laid another man before, the thought of having them all had her slick between the thighs. Despite knowing she'll lose her warrior physique, Queen Ralia is rather looking forward to her new role.

At the healer's suggestion, she's been loosening herself up with increasingly thick dildos. Oftentimes, like now, she'll leave it in all day. She looks down at her neatly trimmed snatch at the two-inch thick dildo buried deep inside herself secured around her thigh. Today's the day she starts fattening herself up. She's hoping her horniness will make the ordeal more tolorable.

She puts a loose skirt around her hips, and a breast band to cover her small breasts. It would be wise to leave herself as much growing room as possible. She doesn't bother with underwear. She's not going to be needing it much for a while.

She walks out of the room and makes her way to a large dais down the hall. Unlike the dais in her throne room, this one has a nest of woven mats, blankets, and pillows. She'll be spending much of her new life here getting fed and bedded. She settles in and waits for her attendants.

She's not waiting long until one maid brings a jug of heavy cream, a funnel, and a tube. Queen Ralia takes a breath to calm her nerves. She's been stretching her stomach for a few months now to be able to consume quite a bit. Still, there is a lot of fat in heavy cream, and she is not confident she'll keep it down. Then another maid wheels out a blender and a box of chocolate cake mix.


The queen watches in interest as the two mix the cream and cake mix together into a rich brown mixture. One of the maids then attaches the funnel to the tube, gingerly pushes the tube between her lips and starts pouring the mix into the funnel. The other maid fishes a vial of oil from her pockets and rubs it on the queen's exposed stomach.

"This feeding will go at your own pace, my Queen," the maid at the funnel explains, "The shake will only flow if you suck on it. Please let us know whenever you need to stop."

The queen says nothing - merely opens her mouth for the funnel. It takes a few sucks until the rich, chocolate taste hits her taste buds. She eagerly sucks as much as she can. The belly rubs that the other maid is giving her plus the dildo buried inside her sends her into a hedonistic stupor. She manages about half of the shake before she can stomach no more. The maids leave her to digest with promises to give her the rest later.

Queen Ralia looks down at her stomach once they leave. Her lean abs are stretched over her bloated stomach. She can make out a few ridges of muscle. She mourns that soon no one will be able to make out any muscle. Her plan is to stuff herself nearly non-stop; it won't be long until her stomach will settle on her thighs.

She can feel her belly start to bloat more as the cake mix expands. She tries to force a few burps out, but nothing comes. It feels weird and a bit uncomfortable, yet she can't help but feel awe at its growth. She caresses her middle and imagines how much bigger it will be. Right now, she barely looks five months pregnant. Eventually, she'll look heavily pregnant even when she isn't. She'll spend her days filled with food, fat, baby, and come. Her people will live on through her sacrifices.

"Not that it's that much of a sacrifice" she mutters to herself. A growing wetness starts to dribble past the dildo and between her cheeks. She undoes her breast band, jostling a belch from her belly in the process. Her boobs are barely a handful of softness sitting on firm pectorals. She traces the areolas and imagines how much bigger they will get as they swell with fat and milk. Perhaps she'll be able to rest them on top of her belly. She tweaks her nipples and wishes that they were big enough for her to suckle.

Her fingers trail down from her chest to her bloated middle. The sensitive skin is warm and taunt. She rubs the sides feeling grateful there was nothing restricting it. As she rubs her belly, she lets one hand make its way to her slick folds. The queen gently flicks her nub causing herself to clench around the dildo. Biting her lip, she gently swirls a finger around the clit. It's a bit hard to get a good angle with her bloated middle, but she makes it work.

She just lays there teasing herself, not really trying to orgasm. She must have lost track of time because a very firm throat clearing brings her back to reality. The maids from earlier are standing there with the rest of the shake. Queen Ralia tries to look unbothered, but the bright red blush is plain to see against her dark skin.

"If you want," one of the maids suggests, "We can come back when you're done."

The queen sighs. "No, no. We are on a schedule." A growl from her stomach snaps them back to reality. The queen's belly is still quite bloated, but the food seems to have vacated her stomach. Somehow, she's feeling hungry now.

The maids resume their positions: one manning the funnel as the other tends to the queen's belly. Perhaps it is because she is very horny, but this time, the feeling of the shake expanding in her gut leaves her hot and bothered. The maid at her stomach seems to have noticed the dilemma. She places a hand on her queen's thigh to get her attention.

"Would you like me to take care of this for you?"

Queen Ralia eagerly shakes her head and spreads her legs. The maid smirks as the dildo greets her. Carefully, she unfastened the thigh strap and grips the dildo's base. She gently pulls it out, observing how her queen quivers. Then in one fluid motion, she rams it back inside.

Queen Ralia's belly sloshes with the thick liquid, and she sees stars. She chances a glance at the made. She looks at her with clinical interest, pounding away as if to have her orgasm as quickly as possible. She moves the other hand from her burgeoning belly to worry her clit. Despite the sloshing - or perhaps because of it - she cannot recall a time when she was more turned on. The queen sucks hard on the tube, mewling all the while.

It isn't long before a warm glow begins to form in her loins. It builds and spreads until it explodes in orgasm. Fluid squirts onto the maid's hands while the queen convulses under her. Embarrassment floods her senses, but before she can apologize, the maid with the funnel laughs in surprise.

"How about that?" she remarks in disbelief, "It seems that she eats more in the throes of passion. She drank that in record time."

Sure enough, the heavy cream cake shake has vanished inside her middle. She looks twice as bloated now as she did before, and she's only going to get bigger as it expands.

The maid kneeling between her legs cleans her hands and goes back to rubbing her middle. "You are going to get very big, very quickly. But, perhaps for your next feeding, we have your harem tend to you."

The queen groans and flops an arm over her eyes. The maid chuckles and proceeds to knead several belches out of her.
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Gushloader 11 months
I read the first chapter but I am loving it so far.
Great descriptions, logical action and/or motivation, well written with many uncommon words.
Artistic indeed.
Munchies 11 months
Thank you kindly!
Sutherngent96 1 year
One of the best!
Munchies 1 year
You are very kind. Thank you so much!
Escape60 1 year
A great new chapter, but you posted chapter 8 twice in the same submission, the same thing happened to me a few weeks ago, where the chapter ends the first time it's been pasted again.
Munchies 1 year
Hey, thanks for letting me know. It's not showing up like that on my end at this time. Perhaps the site fixed itself? But I shall keep an eye out for the future.

Glad you like it!