the questionnaire

Chapter 1 - Full Story

The vibrations from Drew’s phone woke him up from a deep slumber. Despite having the ball game on the big screen TV and their two cats running back and forth, playing and chasing one another, he had apparently dozed off sitting in the living room recliner. His wife, Clara, was curled up on the couch with a blanket wrapped over her thin figure.

They had been out to lunch with Clara’s parents earlier that Sunday afternoon. They all had a good time. Clara had a pretty good relationship with her parents, especially her mom, and Clara and Drew got along well enough with her mom and dad.

Above the TV, Drew spied the portrait of him and Clara from their wedding four years earlier. Clara was an absolute dream in her gown. Her vibrant smile radiated even through the photograph. Her white dress hugged her subtle curves and accentuated her slim figure. Drew naturally looked over at his now wife on the couch. Clara hadn’t changed at all, still as gorgeous and thin and pretty as ever. Drew looked back at the portrait and observed himself. Not too bad, he thought. Fit, trim, and as handsome as ever. Drew and Clara had done a good job of not letting themselves go since getting together.

Drew groggily yawned and grabbed his phone. He inspected the notification that had woken him up. It was some random email with the subject line: QUESTION FOR YOU FEEDERS. Drew didn’t recognize the sender address.

He instinctively went to clear the notification from his phone but found the notification wouldn’t budge from his lock screen. “For Christ’s sake,” he said exasperated. He opened his email app and without warning the email opened him opening the link.

Drew read through questions. They were sick. Asking things about a fat fetish? And feeders and feedees? He quickly scrolled through half the email before his disgust was too much and deleted it without a second thought. Who the hell sends that kind of stuff?

Drew put down his phone and focused on the ballgame on the TV. Try as he might, he couldn’t get what he read out of his head. What the fuck did he just read?

Question 1: When did you realize you liked overweight people?

What the hell they mean when? He wasn’t into big girls…right? At least he didn’t think so? Right? His mind foggy, Drew searched within himself for an answer. Suddenly an epiphany came to him along with a flood of memories. He’d had always been into fat girls for as long as he could remember. If you had to pin him down, he guessed he first realized it when he had developed a crush on Olivia Newcastle, the chubbiest girl in school, in the 6th grade. He didn’t dare tell anyone about it for fear of being ostracized.

Clara began to stir from her place on the couch and yawned, stretching her thin arms. “How long was I out?” she asked groggily.

“Not very long babe,” Drew answered.

Clara looked at the clock over the fireplace. “It’s nearly 5. I’m going to go ahead and get a start on dinner,” she said and made her way into the kitchen as Drew watched her pass by. Thin as the day they had met, Drew thought to himself, she was barely an ounce over 125 pounds. Her oversized t-shirt hung loosely off her shoulder. Her tight leggings clung to her svelte, thin frame. Clara was generally aware of her husband’s attractions but figured he just preferred his women thick. Little did she know just how large he liked his women.

Question 2: When did you become a feeder?

Not only was Drew attracted to fat women, he dreamed to feed them and help them grower even bigger. Drew remembered the first time he had ever fed one of his girlfriends. It took a lot of goading to get his freshman girlfriend Annie to agree to it and even then, his girlfriend Annie only did it reluctantly. For Drew it was one of the most exhilarating, hottest experiences of his life. With his help, he fed Annie an entire box of Hostess Twinkies. They had a few more feeding sessions until Annie noticed her jeans feeling a little tighter and broke up with Drew shortly thereafter.

Question 3: Have you ever had an IRL feeder/feedee relationship?

After hearing the clinging and clanging of pots and pans in the kitchen, Drew heard the sound of the refrigerator slam shut. “You didn’t tell me we had leftover pizza!” whined Clara. “Can’t believe…you made me get up for my own food,” wheezed as she waddled her gargantuan form back to her home on the couch. The previously spotless living room suddenly changed, though neither Drew nor Clara seemed to notice anything out of the ordinary. Take out containers and messy, empty plates coated the previously bare coffee table. Empty soda bottles and wrappers were now waiting to greet Clara as she returned to her spot.

Drew looked up from his phone. “I’m sorry babe,” he said groggily. “You were just too quick for me,” he chuckled.

His corpulent wife was not amused. “Not funny,” Clara spat back. “Plus, you made me have to get up and…burn some calories,” she panted as she lowered her massive bulk back onto the couch.

“Here let me help you, babe,” Drew said getting up out of the recliner. He came to his wife’s aid and helped steady her as she lowered her massive ass onto the couch. “Easy,” he warned as she sank into her seat, the couch groaning underneath.

“Thanks,” Clara said, breathing heavily. Even the short trek from couch to the kitchen and back had winded her. She huffed and puffed and wiped a small bead of sweat off her forehead with the back of her greedy, fat hand. Her energy restored, Clara opened the pizza box and dug in with gusto.

Drew grinned. “Hopefully with what I have planned for later you can find it in your heart to forgive me,” he joked.

“Maybe,” his hungry wife responded between bites. “Dependsh on what’sh for dinner,” she said, her mouth full of pizza. Drew laughed to himself and went back to his phone.

Question 4: What’s the most weight you’ve put on someone?

Undoubtedly, Clara was Drew’s magnum opus. Meeting Clara was like hitting the jackpot. Little did he know 8 years ago that the girl he’d happen to chat up in a bar one night would be his perfect partner. And never in his wildest dreams did he ever imagine that this perfect girl shared his in his fattening passions. What followed over the course of their relationship was a whirlwind of gluttony and hedonism. Drew was overjoyed at the sight of his bulging, jiggling bride as she waddled down the aisle nearly double her starting weight. Almost as delightful as seeing his now wife stuffed into her plus-sized wedding dress was the sight of their guests floored at the sight of the once 125 pound bride. Fast forward 4 years to the present, she and Drew were eagerly counting down the days until she would cross the 400 pound milestone.

Drew looked over at his beluga whale of a wife and internally beamed with joy. What a sight she was.

Question 5: What is your minimum desired weight of a feedee?

Clara was a testament to excess. Any sense of inhibition or restraint melted the second when she and Drew shared their revelation. Watching her shovel slice after slice into her fat, bloated face was a reminder to Drew of just how far she had come in her feedism journey. Drew could remember the initial days when the trim, gaunt Clara could barely finish a hamburger in one sitting. Now his wide wife could inhale an extra-large pizza with plenty of room to spare.

“BWAAP,” Clara burped. With that the last piece of pizza was demolished and Clara sat back into the couch, the middle sagging under her great bulk, and began rubbing her pale, ample apron belly.

“Here,” cooed Drew. “Let me come over there and your belly for you.”

Clara smiled in delight. “Thanks, babe,” she said as she leaned her back into a state of meditative bliss. There was hardly a better feeling for her than stuffing herself and then having her paunch massaged by Drew. It was nirvana.

Before Clara, Drew didn’t think he cared all that much when it came to what his partner weighed. He just preferred “not skinny” as his preferred body type. Now he couldn’t imagine Clara being below 200 pounds ever again.

Question 6: What is your maximum desired weight of a feedee?

Clara was an absolute sight to behold. Feeding and caring for Clara was just as exciting and exhilarating to Drew today as it was during their first feeding session 8 years ago. Drew couldn’t help but admire what Clara had become.

Her subtlest change was in her face. When Drew had met her, Clara was a stereotypical college-aged beauty. The brunette was easily one of the prettiest girls on campus, with a smile that could light up a room. Nearly 300 pounds later, layers of fat had given Clara a puffier look. Her cheekbones were buried under two very chubby, rosy cheeks. Clara’s jawline had completely vanished as a thick double chin had formed over the years, with a third slowly coming in. The weight gain in her face was vastly outpaced by the rest of her body.

Clara’s belly was a wonder. Her gut had grown colossal and heavy. Thick, sagging rolls dug deep into her sides. Clara now waddled around belly-first wherever she went. When Drew would have Clara on all fours, her belly pressed and hugged below her. Her flab sagged low and covered her panties. She often had to lift her plumpness onto whatever counter she was standing into front of in order to be able to reach anything. Her belly spread and covered her lap whenever she sat down, necessitating she spread her chubby thighs into order to make room. Clara had long given up on finding any top that could cover her pale chubbiness. Elastic waistlines tried valiantly to contain all of the blubbery flesh.

Clara’s breasts had grown massive. Clara had never been especially busty before she met Drew though she certainly wasn’t flat-chested by any means. Calling them a pair of ‘big boobs’ wouldn’t do them justice. Clara had a grown a pair of enormous pair of pale, heavy udders. Finding proper bras to contain them proved to be an almost herculean task as they quickly outgrew and poured out of any custom one, she was able to find. Yanking her bra off when she got home daily and letting her floppy, wrecking ball tits slam onto her gut was an almost euphoric relief. Clara’s long, toned arms had given way to a pair of weak, flabby bingo wings. The only thing she seemed capable of lifting in her current state was a fork to her mouth.

Though Clara was distinctly belly-heavy, her bottom half could not be ignored. Her ass was unrecognizable from the toned bubble butt from nearly a decade ago. Clara’s butt had ballooned into two wobbly, wide cheeks. Her behind had swelled nearly three times larger than her starting point. Blotches of cellulite covered her behind. Clara’s thighs had thickened into two quivering tree trunks and gave way to a pair of dimpled knees and swollen cankles below. Everything about Clara had grown massive.

“You’re such a good fatty,” cooed Drew as he massaged his wife’s quivering gut. Clara sheepishly grinned in her meditative bliss.

“You’ve turned me into a such a fat piggy,” Clara playfully replied.

“How much bigger can you get? How fat can I make you?” asked Drew.

“However big and round you want me.”

As much as Drew fantasized about transforming Clara into an immobile blob, the practical part of him knew that they were soon approaching Clara’s maximum. Clara’s mobility would soon deteriorate if they weren’t careful. And as hot as it was to think about for the both of them, Clara being bedridden was not what either one of them wanted.

Soon Clara began to snore, and Drew got up and gave her a peck on her fat cheek before returning to his chair.

Question 7: Would you ever be a gainer yourself?

Drew sighed. He rubbed his fingers over his flat abdomen. He was lucky that Clara’s appetite hadn’t rubbed off on him. While he certainly lusted over his larger partner, gaining weight himself just wasn’t for him.

Suddenly, and unbeknownst to Drew, his stomach began to bloat. His washboard stomach swelled into a proper beer gut. At first, the softness of his middle of alarmed him. When did he get so soft? But then a flood of memories washed over him and put him at ease. Memories of Clara beckoning Drew to partake in her feast. Just a bite, babe. I can assure you, it tastes so good! Feeding Clara had not only fattened her up quite nicely, but also had added 50 pounds to Drew’s previously slender frame.

Drew didn’t hate his chubbier form but didn’t love it the same way that Clara adored hers. He was thinking about getting back into the gym before too long but then again, maybe having Clara take a turn as his female feeder might be fun too.

Question 8: Have others noticed your infatuation with bigger people?

How couldn’t they have noticed? Drew chuckled to himself. Clara had gained nearly 300 pounds since they had met. People had definitely noticed.

Drew chuckled to himself. He remembered parties and dinners and trips to the bars with their mutual friends. Clara’s girlfriends would try in vain to hide their shock and bewilderment at the sight of Clara’s transformation. Drew’s buddies would try to hide their disgust at just how much Clara seemed to be letting herself go.

Their families made no qualms about hiding their disgust in contrast to their friends. Clara’s mom could be particularly nasty. When she was first gaining weight, she would lecture Clare about what a fat slob her daughter had turned into, and that Drew was doing nothing to stop it. Little did she know the real story. Eventually, the lecturing stopped as Clara only grew larger and larger every time her mother saw her, though the panic behind her eyes was quite noticeable.

Question 9: Would you ever film feeder/feedee videos?


An alarm began to blare from Drew’s phone. What the hell could it be for? He had no memory of setting an alarm for this time. A notification filled his phone screen. It read: VIDEO EDITING – 5:30.

Suddenly, in the corner of the room and pair of lamps sprung up along with a camera and tripod. Drew now remembered. It was part of his job to edit Clara’s videos that they filmed for her paid site.

Drew and Clara quickly figured out very quicky after their feeding journey began that feedism wasn’t cheap. Soon, they had the idea of monetizing their fetish for fellow fat admirers to consume. Clara was a smash hit. Drew would film clips of Clara massaging her ever growing belly, stuffing herself with fast food and desserts, roleplaying the magically fattened cheerleader, whatever her fans desired. As Clara’s waistline blossomed, so did her internet stardom. She was a legend in the feeder/feedee community. The hot party girl turned obese, tub of lard had herself a loyal committed fanbase.

Drew heaved his chubby body out of the chair. His t-shirt had ridden up over his doughy beer belly and he instinctively yanked the tight shirt down to cover. Drew entered the spare bedroom they used as an office, opening the laptop, and firing up the editing software.

In her latest video, Clara devoured an entire chocolate mousse cake in one single binge. She sat at their dinner table wearing nothing but a single white bathrobe, her massive fleshy thighs spread eagle to make room for her ponderous gut. Drew felt himself get hard at the sight of his feedee wife as she messily made a pig of herself. He was entranced. God, she was beautiful.

Suddenly, he felt the warm, fleshy of his wife from behind him. He hadn’t heard her enter the room.

“Enjoying yourself, stud?” she purred, her fat arms hugging Drew. He turned around in his chair to face her, his eyes face to face with Clara’s bare, ample, flabby belly. Her bottom of her shirt was tucked under the ample bosom, exposing her massive gut. A pair of plus-sized booty shorts stretched across her wide, fat hips. Drew smiled. He reached out and began playing and lightly jiggling it.

Clara smiled. “Fuck, that feels so good, babe.”

Drew was filled with a lustful desire. Editing the video could wait. He needed her right now.

Drew grabbed a handful of Clara’s belly and gave it a generous shake. It jiggled back and forth. Clara giggled seductively. She felt the same desire right now. She clutched the back of Drew’s head and gave him a warm, deep kiss.

“Time for another feeding,” Drew said as they parted lips. The fat girl nodded. “Meet you in the bedroom? I’ll grab the supplies.”

As Clara waddled out of the room, Drew couldn’t help but give the massive ass cheeks a slap, sending a ripple across her fleshy rear. He grinned ear to ear.

He was the luckiest guy in the world.
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Fanedfox 7 months
Great plot and characters, I liked both Drew and Clara.
Supercode 7 months
Great short story! Reality warping and weight gain are a great combination.