the quota

Chapter 1

It is now 2030. A much warmer climate prevails, and a far more liberal United States. The stretch of liberal administrations of the second decade has left its mark on America. Many more conditions and afflictions are now “protected” by work place quotas. This is a story about one.

Jennifer was an intern at a large data processing company. She loved the company and her co-workers and desperately wanted to make working there her career.

Jen was talking to her “cube mate” Sally, “Sally, when should I approach HR about working here, I only have a few more months before the internship is up.” Sally giggled, “Well no time like the present, let’s just go down and talk to them.”

Jennifer was a slim, petite five two and weighed only one ten. She had brunette hair, small, but pert breasts, slim thighs and a cute little butt. She worked hard to stay in shape, which in today’s heat, that was uncommon. Sally was five four and weighed one thirty, a bit plump, but quite pretty, black and very curvy.

The two friends and co-workers went down to HR to see one of the employment administrators. They found Mrs. Ames at her desk.

“May I help you ladies?” she politely asked. “Yes,” answered Sally, “Jennifer, is one of our interns, she wants to apply for a permanent position with the company.” “Please come in ladies, Jennifer what is the last four of your social security number, please?”

Jennifer responded. Mrs. Ames typed in her social and brought up Jen’s file on her screen. “Let’s see,” she said, “Jennifer, your questionnaire and DNA test reveal that you are of “Northern European” ancestry. Let me see what the quota is for your ancestry. Uh, oh, Jennifer is seems that we do not have any openings for female NE’s with a BMI under 25.” Jennifer looked puzzled, “Mrs. Ames, you said no openings for northern European with a BMI under 25? What does my or any BMI have to do with the quotas?”

“Well Jennifer, the Equal Employment Act of 2015 lists not only racial/ancestral/gender categories, but also many different conditions, weight being among them. A big company like ours has a duty to hire, not only minority and disadvantaged, but also those with conditions and handicaps. So we are allowed to only have a certain number of non-disadvantaged, unless they have a condition that is covered by the Act. We already have nearly too many female northern European ancestry employees in the low BMI range. The only opening, which does open up in just four months, is a northern European but with a BMI over 36. The person currently holding that quota is retiring from the company.”

Jennifer was almost in tears, her dream of making a career were rapidly evaporating. Sally piped up, “Mrs. Ames, what if Jennifer could gain weight and get her BMI over 36, would she then be eligible to be hired?” Jennifer started to protest, “Sally, I don’t want to get FAT!” “Sush for a moment, let her answer, Jen, let’s just see, OK?” whispered Sally.

Mrs. Ames thought for a moment. “Let me see, Jennifer has a hire recommendation in her file from more that three supervisors, excellent attendance, never late, no complaints of any kind, Yes, if she gained weight we could hire her. In fact, we could actually hold the quota spot for her until the actual hire date, as long as she met the over 36 BMI on her hire date, she would have a permanent position!” Mrs. Ames stated.

Jennifer looked shocked. She was thinking, “Oh my God, I have to get fat to get my career started here! What am I going to do?”

Sally’s question, brought Jennifer out of her thoughts. “Mrs. Ames, when do you need an answer from Jennifer to hold the quota position for her?” Mrs. Ames looked on her computer, “I would need to know by close of business tomorrow! We have a deadline that if a position is not filled internally we have to advertise it outside the company, that deadline is in two days!”

They both looked at Jennifer. “I need to think about this. Can I let you know tomorrow afternoon?” she asked. Mrs. Ames replied, “Yes Jennifer, given the changes you must make to get the position, I can wait until tomorrow, I will start the paper work, just to be sure we get it into the system in time. Why don’t you two go down to the company nurses office and get Jennifer’s height and weight, she can just enter into her file down there.”

The girls thanked Mrs. Ames and started down to the nurses’ office. “Sally, do you really think I should go through with this?” “Jen, I think you would look so cute, all nice and chubby!” giggled Sally.

At the nurses’ office, Jen was asked to strip down in just her panties and bra, which only took a second, since no one wore slips or panty hose anymore. The nurse entered her height and weight. She knew from Mrs. Ames why Jen was there. She poked Jen’s flat little tummy and said, “Feel free to come in to be weighed whenever you want to make sure you are making good progress.” Jen slipped her dress over her head and thanked the nurse.

She and Sally went back up to their cubicle. They sat down, it was nearly five and Sally said, “Jen I am so envious of you! I would love to have to get fat! That would be so cool to just let go and eat all you want!”

Sally got up and shut down her computer, “Hey see you tomorrow, Jen and I say go for it girl, you will never regret it!”

Jen sat for a moment. She thought, “I am going to call mom and ask her if she thinks it is ok or at least does not try to talk me out it, then I will get FAT!”

Jen opened her cell, “Mom, hi its’ me!” “How wonderful to hear from you dear, how are you?” asked Mom. “I am fine Mom, I do have an important question though. I can get a permanent job here!” “Oh that is wonderful dearest” replied Mom. “Let me finish, there is one catch though, to meet the quota, I would have to gain a lot of weight, in fact I would have to get fat, or at least clinically obese!” “Jennifer, dearest, it has been your decision to keep working out and stay skinny. I know you really want to work for the company, I think you should enjoy yourself, indulge and get as fat as they want you to! I will support you in whatever decision you make, honey.”

Jen thought for a moment, “Wow, my Mom thinks I should get FAT! Oh My God, I never thought she would say this to me! Well that’s it, if Mom thinks I should get fat then I am going for it!”

“Mom, I am going to going to go for it! I have to have a BMI of 36 in four months, do you think I can gain that much weight that quickly?”

“Well Dear, you are really going to have to eat several meals a day, and NO more exercise! You can’t keep working out and gain weight at the same time.” Replied Mom.

Jennifer giggled, “I knew that Mom! What should I eat though?”

“Honey, you need lots and lots of fat and calories. Fast food has the most calories from fat you can get, but you also need lots of carbs too dear. Pastries , donuts, cookies, plenty of ice cream, red meat and regular soda, no more diet soda.”

Jennifer was starting to get a little turned on thinking about what she was about to do to herself, total gluttony and debauchery for the next four months!

“Wow, Mom, well I had better get started then. I will hit Micky D’s on the way home, bye Mom, talk to you later, love you!” Jen closed her cell phone.

She grabbed her purse and keys and headed for her car. On the way to her apartment she stopped at the drive thru, she ordered two big macs, a large order of fries, a milk shake, and a sundae to top off. The girl at the drive up, who was a plumper, sighed, “Gee I wish I could eat like this and stay slim like you!” Jen, giggled and patted her flat tummy and said, “Not for long!”

Jen parked and headed up to her apartment. She stripped off her dress and bra and pulled on a t-shirt and laid into the fattening supper.

After a half hour she had finished on big mac, half of the other, most of the fries and all of the milk shake, she thought she was going to burst she was so stuffed!
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Big Easy 9 months
Love this story and concept! Would love to see more stories similar to this. As for a sequel, maybe there's a promotion available for two people but you need a bmi of 50 so Jen gains more....
Big Easy 9 months
...while also helping Sally catch up to her so they can both get the promotion
Fanedfox 9 months
That's a great idea, I will try to get something written. It may be a while, I haven't had much time to write lately.
Fanedfox 10 months
Great idea for a new plot, thanks!