the ride of a lifetime

Chapter 1 - all aboard

There was always one stand-out girl on whatever commute Logan had taken to work; someone who was insanely attractive and the stuff of fantasies for him. Back in the states, that had been the lady who served coffee near his office block in New York, or the woman who got on the bus with him 20 blocks or so from where he was based in DC. Maybe most people wouldn’t have thought they were particularly stand-out; large, big-chested, wide-hipped, overfed types of girls as they were; but they still put a flutter in Logan’s stomach each time he would glance at them in the morning; brightening his day.

Here in the UK, Logan didn’t seem to have anyone that he enjoyed seeing on the miserable journey into London each morning. Sometimes the train was so packed he would put in his headphones and try to block out everyone entirely. But he had done well for himself, getting this job at only twenty-eight years old, with a very generous salary and enviable responsibilities. Like most driven businessmen, he had a two year plan for this job, building up his CV before moving on to the next one. But this latest jump had been hard; harder than he had expected anyway. Logan hadn’t anticipated how lonely he would be over here, and, two weeks in, he was already regretting things; counting down the weeks until he could head back home for a break.

Looking around the train, having just pulled in at Woking Station, Logan’s attention was suddenly caught by a shockingly beautiful woman around the same age as him, coming aboard. Petite, athletic and incredibly attractive, she wasn’t at all like the women Logan usually lusted after. There was something model-like about her; her perfectly straight dark hair and tailored outfit that showed off the fine, fit form of her body. Where had this girl been for the last two miserable weeks he had been making this journey? But as Logan looked around, he saw that he wasn’t the only one checking her out; sly eyes darting to the woman’s pert butt as she walked by them, searching for a seat.

Logan tried not to stare. He had no idea that they made British girls like this! Suddenly, he knew that his early morning commute wasn't going to be quite so difficult from now on.
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LoopsnBloops 5 months
This is one of my favorite stories on the site. It stops at a good place but I really want an epilogue that offers an even sexier finish to things.
Karenjenk 3 years
I just read this again.
a romantic read.
i love how subtle it all is
Feeder862 3 years
Thank you. It's been a while since I wrote this and it still upsets me that no one noticed all my train pun chapter headings. They took so long to think up as well!
Jellyroll 3 years
I loved this!!!
Aquarius64 3 years
I love inventing life stories about people I don’t know when I’m on a long journey!
Lpark435 3 years
By far my favorite of your stories, excellent plot, characters, everything. Hope the guy let all his guards down and stays, would just flatten the story completely, or he asks her to go with him, either one would work.
Feeder862 3 years
Final chapter will be posted tomorrow. Will he stay, or will he go?!
Jazzman 3 years
So Good!:Maybe your best ever!
Theswordsman 3 years
Love it
Td0057 3 years
As always, great story. I like the twist of Logan being encouraged. Looking forward to more.
Feeder862 3 years
Thanks for all of your interest in this story. It will have seventeen chapters once it is completed.
Fatchance 3 years
Love how this story is developing!
Fatchance 3 years
This story is habit forming. Nicely done ... please continue!
Jazzman 3 years
So so Good I have a little tension though just like Collette and Eric. The guy needs to grow a set and tell her how he really feels. It's not a criticism. Both stories are among my favorites.
Akwolfgrl13 3 years
I hope thires more to come!
Daleanator 3 years
Great story! Can't wait for more.
Perenolde 3 years
Great start! Look forward to reading more!
Iread247 3 years
Each story has been everything. I have really been enjoying them.
Jazzman 3 years
Exceptional. Reminds me of Swordfish my all time favorite author. High praise indeed!