the roommate situation

chapter 1

They were fighting again. They were only roommates, not partners, but Anna couldn’t help but get into intense arguments with Jake over every little thing. He was just too self-absorbed to be a good roommate. Sure, he could cook, and he helped her with her studies, but he just seemed to always go against her whenever he could, constantly teasing her for anything and everything. He was so smug it was almost unbearable.

“You know being a dick doesn’t make you more correct, right?”

It was also, somehow, intensely hot.

“You know not liking me isn’t a valid argument, right?” Jake said, slightly grinning but visibly irritated.

It was 2 a.m. and they were sitting on the living-room couch. Jake was anxiously playing with his beard, his other hand on his softened stomach.

His shirts were getting small again.
Anna, being a closeted FA, was mesmerized.
They moved in approximately six months ago. Jonathan was never skinny, not since Junior year, nor has he ever been explicitly fat. Just a tall, averagely built dude with a bit of a beer gut.

But as the year progressed, it was becoming increasingly clear that this was merely a temporary situation. Anna loved cooking. She was actually pretty good at it. Be it stir fries, quiches, creamy pasta dishes, layer cakes – you name it – she could spontaneously whip it up. And while she did love to indulge in a decadent meal every now and then, she mostly cooked for others. Combined with Jake’s tendency to over-indulge - the results were lethal.

“We’re all very busy and cleaning the entire house once a week is extremely time consuming. We’ll never stick to it, it’s just unrealistic!” Exclaimed Jake, a distracted hand reaching for yet another chocolate square. Anna and their two other roommates agreed to try and stick to a chore chart, but Jake stubbornly defied the idea, claiming they’ll give up in a week or two. All the more reason to stick to it, Anna thought to herself. Some of us do have the self-discipline. She leaned in, her hand lightly brushing his side. There was just so much give!

“Oh, boo-hoo. Poor Jake can’t find time to clean between his part-time programming freelance and watching 30 hours of SyFy crap. Do you ever listen to yourself?”
“Fuck you” muttered Jake. Her lips curled into a slight, devilish grin.

She leaned even closer, his scent filling her nostrils. Jake’s azure eyes pierced hers. He was fixated on her, with what Anna could only identify as lust. She knew he was hurt, but she also knew he wanted her. He was her prey, after all.

Still locked in a steamy staring competition, Anna tried assessing the damage. It must be what, ten pounds? His sides were sticking over his jeans, forming a slight muffin top. His shirt has risen just a tiny bit, revealing a delicious sliver of supple flesh oozing over the waistband. A small indentation could be spotted where his bellybutton should have been, had he not been wearing that damned shirt.

She wanted to rip that shirt off him, caress and grope and sink into his body. To straddle him, to feel his hardened member against her eager wetness. To place chocolate squares, piece by piece, onto his soft lips while he moans in ecstasy.

"It's getting late. Let's call it a night?" said Anna, pulling back to the edge of the old sofa. They weren't ready for it yet. Her piggy still had a long way to go.
"Sure. Night Anna." said Jake, slightly disappointed.

As Anna walked down the hallway, she could hear the familiar sound of wrappers being torn. That shirt was not going to last.
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GrowingLoveH... 8 months
I love how you pack so much heat into such a short story.

Ssaylleb 2 years
Very hot! Please continue this one
Bbman30 2 years
Mmm this is a great start
Fatchance 2 years
now THIS ... is getting interesting!