the royal gain of queen agnes

Chapter 1

Chapter one
Princess Agnes of Rosney was a beautiful young woman with long golden hair and a developed if not all that large bosom and derriere.
In addition to her physical traits, she also had the kindest heart in all the kingdom of Rosney and a kinder woman had not been known since the dawn of the world.
She was beloved by all her people in equal measure as her father was admired for his astonishing victories in the defence of the realm.
Her father had indeed come so close to the enemy's blades in the fighting outside one of the larger cities of the realm that he had lost an eye to an enemy's sabre.

But unbeknownst to both the princess and anyone else, her life was about to change abruptly.
For while on a visit to the nearby kingdom of Vubria an assassin ran up to his carriage and fired a pistol at his head. However, the king did not die instantly but was carried to the nearby palace where he struggled on for more than a day while princess Agnes sat crying at his side until death finally took the great king into his unending embrace.

During the journey back to Rosney Queen Agnes could be seen sitting in her carriage being pulled behind the coffin of her father King Robert all dressed in black and with eyes red from crying.
After all the formalities of the Funeral and her coronation Queen Agnes I settled into her reign.
However, she was still Mourning her dearly loved father and now she was trying different methods for overcoming the grief out of all the methods she had tried she had found eating to be the most effective.

One week later:
Agnes woke up late and called on her maid to help her get dressed and pulled a line that rang a bell down in the kitchens signalling to the staff that they should begin with her breakfast.
Her maid combed her hair and helped her into her dress, lacing the corset which Agnes curiously enough thought was ever so slightly tighter than usual.
Once she had dressed she walked down to her dining room.
On the large mahogany table, a veritable feast was set up. There was champagne in ice buckets, there were dishes upon dishes Bacon, sausages, eggs, pancakes, freshly baked bread, ham, cheese, sugary-cream tea, and various pastries. Agnes quickly dug in and she did so with gusto because since her father’s death new appetites had been awoken in the young queen.
After around forty minutes Agnes leaned back in her chair with a severely bloated stomach.
But now she had to get to work. Her duties at the moment mostly involved her attempting to find a suitable husband and produce an heir.
She engaged heavily in this work since with the awakening of her appetites at the table also came significant appetites in the bedroom.
In fact, she had already had half a dozen of the young men of the capital in bed in the last week.
In Rosney it had long since been the custom for the monarch and various other royal family members to practice polygamy.
Indeed she had gotten marriage proposals from several princes from the neighbouring kingdoms.
She picked up the small pile of letters and miniature portraits that had been sent to her.

The First letter was from Prince Lambert de ChampilĂ˝ she watched the portrait and noted that he was a tall slim and blond man dressed in a hussar uniform she found herself being rather aroused by the picture of the handsome young man.

The next letter was from the heir to the throne of Vubria, a kingdom known far and wide for its unbeatable navy; the naval tradition of Vubria showed clearly in the small portrait of Prinz Carl von Vubria.
Agnes found herself being even more aroused at the image of the Vubrian prince who was taller and more muscular than the Champillian and his uniform was decorated with several medals of different origins.
Thus she resolved to invite the Vubrian prince to her court in Rosney.

A month later
As the Vubrian battleship slid into the harbour of the rosnian capital the prince tensed at the thought of his meeting with the young Queen Agnes.
At the time of the disastrous events that took place in Vubria on the occasion of the rosnian state visit to the kingdom, Prinz Carl had not been present since he had then been on his way back from a royal tour.
Thus the Prince had seen nought but portraits of the young Queen even still these portraits had instilled in him a deep desire.
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