the secret admirer

chapter 1 life at home

James was a young teen that lived in southeastern Massachusetts. He had an older brother William who was 17 and a younger brother named Andrew who was 7. James always thought he liked girls and he wanted to marry a women but it all changed as he got older. After a couple years of living in San Francisco his family moved back to Massachusetts. One day their neighbors the Thiberts came over. There was Eric who was a larger man who was a ceo of landscaping companies, Jenn who was a teacher and Connor who is 11 and Evan and Olivia both 9. The kids played with each other almost everyday. When James was first entering middle school he didn't realize his life would forever change. James got to look around the school and had his schedule. On his third day back to school he had gym. He walked into the locker room to change when a large man walked in. James at first didn't think of him that much but he still thought he was more attractive then any other teachers. His name was Mr.Gousie. When all the kids walked into the gym Mr.Gousie sat down behind the stereo and ate a large muffin. Mrs.Clark was the girls gym teacher and she started talking about the units they would do. When they started to do volleyball exercises the next week James had his eyes locked on Mr.Gousie. Mr.Gousie was right in front of where James was sitting on the bleachers when Mr.Gousie threw the ball into the air to simulate what to do when serving. He lifted his arm to hit the ball and walked forward to catch it. While that was happening when Mr.Gousie raised his arm he shirt was lifted up and James could see a large belly sticking out. When Mr.Gousie walked forward and then bam. James got a face full of belly. James got so turned on by it he shoved his hands in his pockets to cover it up. Mr.Gousie laughed and apologised to James and patted him on the his back and top of his head. "This big thing is always getting in the way." He said.
James felt so weird and wanted to go back into his belly. It was so warm and soft he thought to himself. That night he couldn't sleep, he thought all about what happened. When he fell asleep he had a dream about him. It was Mr.Gousie, James and him were in a closed Mcdonald's and James was feeding him all the food in the fast food place. For the next year James questioned his sexual orientation. He was so confused about what he wanted. He wanted to like girls and didn't want to like men but only men turned him on. He wanted to be straight because he didn't like the idea of people thinking of him as gay. He looked up all the things he could when he finally found what fit him. He figured he was bisexual, but he a little off from it. He didn't get turned on by girls but it fit because he liked both genders. James still didn't want to be bi either to he decided to take it to his grave. At the end of the year Mr.Gousie started too get more close with James and they talked and shared more feelings. One day in early summer it was so hot people were sweating to death. It was the last week in school so people didn't have usually class. James went down into the gym to hang around. When he got there he saw people sitting on the bleachers. James saw no Mr.Gousie so he went into the locker room to change. When he walked in their he found four men. Two where teachers in higher grades then he was while one was his next year science teacher while the other was Mr.Gousie. Mr.Gousie was shirtless as well as the other men. He saw a large row of different bellies. Mr.Gousie got up and walked over to James who was in awe.
"Looks like you found our secret." Mr.Gousie mumbled. James looked over and saw a entire cooler of beer. Mr.Gousie pulled James closer to him.
"Hey why don't you guys leave for a second while I talk to him." Mr.Gousie yelled to the other men. They walked out the door putting their shirts back on. Mr.Gousie pulled James and pushed him against his big belly which James noticed stretch marks. James was being buried in his belly fat when he said.
"I've seen you stare at me during gym, I want you to keep our secret and you'll get the time of your life here."
James nodded and then left. It was the last day of school and when he left he thought next year was going to be crazy
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