the secret feeding

chapter 1

Me and my girlfriend Katie wake up each morning the same, we get coffee from our Machine and then get back into bed until we have to go to work, then we come back have dinner and go to sleep. Everyday is the same. Until today...

We woke up this morning, it was a Saturday so no work for today, and we had are coffee. Except this time it was different, the coffee whitener made the coffee alot thicker into this kind of thick coffee custard drink. Katie's was the same, i asked what was going on, and she said just drink you'll love it and so I did.

Moments later Katie's and I started to moan as are belly began to ache. I didn't understand this horrible yet erotic pain that was coming from deep inside me. I could see clearly that Katie was in the same pain but she was loving it.

Katie was a 5ft 3 and 150lbs but she carried most of it in her curves. She had very large boobs and a very nice a round ass with a small belly.

Suddenly her belly began to swell, I watched as her belly grew large and bloated as she drank the thick drink, she moaned and moaned and moaned as her belly began to grow and her thighs got thicker and her boobs grew larger to. Her moans weren't moans of pain though.

Then the same started happening to me my 5ft 10, 170lbs, dad bod started to swell my belly felt as if I just went to a Chinese buffet and ate way to much, my belly was getting bigger and rounder, my chest got softer and for some reason I was enjoying it.

We looked as if we had gained 10 lbs each and bloated aswell.

Katie whispered in my ear, your looking so fat and round. She then slid her now slightly chubby fingers down my naked body and down to my erect member. She then whispered in my ear, if you promise to get fat and help me get fat, I'll make all your dreams come true.
When she was stroking my erect member with her delicate hands, she knew she had full power over me, so of course I gave into my love.

Katie than started to kiss me agressivly, while climbing on top of my growing body. She grabbed my member and slid it in between her legs. She proceeded to bounce up and down on me. I wached as my beautiful Katies body jiggled and bouced on my growing frame. Our moans grew louder our senses heightened and then... Arghhh I realised my seed into her throbbing lips
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