the sheikh's expanding harem

  By Cggo

chapter 1

Sheikh Abla was very specific in his tastes, one of which was his preference in women. Specifically he was only really interested in very large women that were once entirely too skinny. He had his loyal subjects go forth and search for some women matching his tastes.

Yuna was vacationing on a rather cheap cruise ship with a few other guests. She wanted to get away alone from everyone who knew her in Japan. At 5'2" 110 lbs(49 kg) Yuna clearly showed the norms of her Asian heritage. She was somewhat proud of her appearance and usually dressed rather revealing when not in Japan. On the cruise she befriended a girl from America named Lakesha. Lakesha was dark skinned and about 5'5" 122 lbs(55 kg) her figure was very pear shaped. Lakesha and Yuna became fast friends and regularly did things together the entire cruise. The last stop for the cruise was a small island off the coast of northern Africa. The very island that Alba and his servants were looking for women to add to his harem.

The small port island was covered with temporary tourist buildings for the cruise ships and a few residence which all worked the Abla. It was a perfect port for kidnapping people. Many royalty from a lot of different countries used the island for that exact reason. Yuna and Lakesha did no such research ahead of time or both may not have chosen this cruise for that exact reason. Oblivious to what was about to befall them both of the women went ashore and decided to do some serious partying. The partying started early and lasted all day by the end of the night neither woman was very sober at all and Abla had seen them both. It was before they went back to the ship that he sprung his trap.

"Ladies clearly you both know how to have fun let me invite you back to my private yacht we can continue the party there" Abla said flashing some of his solid gold jewelry.

"Sure" Both girls chimed in nearly at the same time after seeing all his gold.

"Excellent let me show you the way" Abla motioned for them to follow secretly winking at one of his servants that wandered off a different direction.

Once the girls both got aboard his private ship he made sure they had fresh drinks. He also lead them below deck to a small table loaded with fattening foods. Lakesha helped herself to some very big juicy burgers. While Yuna began enjoying the exotic dessert trays. Abla watched and kept the girls drinking long into the night. Soon his servant returned with all their stuff from the cruise ship. A while later both girls began to get very sleepy really quickly.

"Come let me show you where to rest" Abla said helping them one by one away from the mostly empty table.

"Ugh so sleepy..." Yuna said barely audible.
"Maybe just a quick nap..." Lakesha muttered barely awake.

Once he led them into some comfy beds they quickly fell asleep. Abla stood over them a bit and smiled. They gobbled up those appetite stimulant covered foods with glee he thought.

"Servants keep them asleep till we return to the palace" he said after closing the door and grinning. The servants nod and keep them both asleep through several methods.

It was some time that the girls were kept asleep before they reached the Sheikh's private abode. A basement level complete house with a hidden door was all they had for now. More access would be given if they behaved and punishment if they did not. It was a few hours when the girls both started to wake up.

Yuna groaned still groggy "Ugh I feel so tired where are we" she said looking around.

"Someone get me a coffee...and Yuna I have no idea where we are" Lakesha said glancing about wishing she had a coffee.

"Ladies I am so glad you are awake" They both heard from a nearby speaker "If you behave and do as I wish you will be given free reign of this floor...if you do not behave there will be consequences" was all they heard before it clearly turned off.

"Lakesha I think we have been kidnapped" Yuna said starting to look more than a bit panicked.

"Bullshit I am not gonna be someone's plaything look around we will find a way out this better not be like one of those horror movies" Lakesha said trying to stay calm herself.

They looked about and eventually found a kitchen area filled with delicious fresh food. As they did both their stomachs audibly rumbled at the sight of the feast. Neither paid much attention to it still searching for some kind of exit. The search was not long lived as both began to get hungry. Not just a little hungry both of them felt very starved.

"Think it is poisoned or something" Yuna said hesitating.

"At this point if it is I am taking my chances I am starving" Lakesha said digging into a big platter.

Yuna only hesitated a bit longer before her willpower melted as well. Both of the girls ate the massive feast in its entirety fairly quickly. Overfull from the feast the girls went back to their beds to relax, finding themselves becoming exhausted. Sleep overcame them as the Sheikh entered the chambers with servants following.

"They tried to look for an exit this is not what I want strap them to the feeding machines for a week let us see if that breaks them" The Sheikh said pointing to them both.

The servants grabbed them both and took them away to yet another secret room. This room was blank except for several couches that the girls were cuffed to by their hands and feet. Masks were attached to their faces complete with hoses that ran into their stomachs. The other ends of the hoses connected to a pump in a nearby room. The pump would continuously keep their stomachs full to the max all day long. The fluid it pumped was a mixture of fruits, honey, and some bulking protein powder. Covering their faces were masks that kept their heads still connecting to the couches as well. The only thing they could see was each other slowly getting filled up with oddly rich looking liquid. This horror went on all day long for a week straight. The girls were only regularly lead individually to a nearby washroom by a hugely muscled servant. Too full to try running neither did much except groan and rub their swollen stomachs for the first few days. Lakesha however did try to make a break for it on the third day. Yuna however did not try to escape as she was more concerned with not making the muscled servant angry.

"Escape is not an option...but for trying you get two more weeks tiny one" The servant said easily capturing Lakesha again and hooking her back up to the couch.

"Hey let me go you big muscled idiot" Lakesha said struggling more.

"Insults as well huh that is disrespect make that four weeks" the servant said smiling as Lakesha was cuffed on the couch.

Lakesha was going to speak but the mask and hose prevented anything but muffled noises. The servant just smiled and waved as more fattening liquids made its way into Lakesha. Yuna was released back into the underground house area alone after a week. She looked herself over and saw that she clearly had gained weight from that. Her other observation was that she was starving, so she made her way to the kitchen. If Yuna had a scale she would have seen she gained 10 lbs(4 kg) in that week. The only thing Yuna did notice however was that her belly and breasts felt softer. As she ate what she thought was a large portion, her last observation was that she had a much larger stomach capacity. The next four weeks went by boringly for Yuna as she was just left alone to eat and lounge about the area she was confined in. Yuna did not seem to notice that those four weeks brought with them an increased weight of 40 lbs(18 kg) more. If Yuna had a scale she would have been shocked by her weight of 160 lbs(72 kg).

Meanwhile Lakesha was strapped to the couch being force fed for four weeks after Yuna was let out. Each day that she was kept fed to her maximum The Sheikh would come by to visit her several times.

"My dark skinned beauty you are truly blossoming into my queen" The Sheikh would say gently patting her stuffed belly. Lakesha would struggle briefly pulling at her chains feebly everytime. After her struggles The Sheikh would smile at her saying "Still some fight left eh, well my expanding ebony queen we will see how long that lasts." After the four weeks Lakesha was allowed to return to the secret room providing she did not try anything else. The Sheikh was impressed with her gain of nearly 70 lbs(31 kg). He was also impressed that she seemed to carry nearly all her weight in her thighs and hips. Lakesha knew she had fattened up fairly heavily as she now had a significantly different walk. She also noticed Yuna has gotten heavier on her own while she was gone.
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GummieTummy 3 years
I love your stories. It would be so wonderful if the captors had to one day face their friends and family, who only remember them as thin vivacious women. The humiliation would be divine.
Karenjenk 4 years
I love the contrast between the two girls. one willing and the other not.