the shower

chapter 1

...strained from carrying the swollen, grossly overfull belly now hanging in a deep, heavy arc beneath me.

The glass door opens and you move in next to me, your small golden brown body gloriously naked. You lean back, wetting your hair, getting it out of your eyes, a shiny black curtain down your back. I can feel you move around me, your silky skin sliding against mine as you warm and wet yourself.

Slipping under my arm, you peer up at me smiling and I shift slightly to give you room. The shower stall is big but not that big.

"It used to be large enough before you grew so fat," you tease as if reading my mind.

I shrug smiling, "you're the one feeding me, I simply ate everything you put in front of me all day yesterday and today and couldn't stop. I can't believe I ate so much and right now I'm so full I can barely breathe."

You reach around me for the soap, your arm sliding against my distended abdomen, and reply with an answering smile "I know baby, you're very big right now and every day you get a little bigger." You hold your small hand lightly against the undercurve of my belly. "Yes, look how big you are tonight! How low you hang...I think this is the biggest you have ever been."

Good lord, I think to myself ...I am the biggest I have ever been and it feels simply amazing.

I hum tunelessly, numbed by the reality, aroused by the sensations I am feeling...the tightness, the tingling from my stretching skin, the soothing hot pulsating water; my deep humming drone softened by the hiss of the showerhead resonating in the steam filled stall. Over the hiss of the water I hear a slick sussuration as you work up a soapy lather in your hands, then feel you slide them between my butt cheeks down through my cleft and under, briefly stroking my perineum, and I spasm.

You pull impishly on my plump scrotum and I spasm again at the unexpected tug, putting my legs together to shield myself, my sagging abdomen quivering. "Stop that" I say.

"Then lean a bit more forward baby," you say and I do, forward against the wall, hands up high, the water pulsing warmly on my back as you rub the lather into and over my soft rolls and bulges. "You are so beautiful when your arms are up like that, your belly hanging like a ripe fruit. Every pound you gain goes right there, right where I want it."

I groan at your touch on my sagging underbelly, feeling your strong fingers move, working deep under the fat sac of my apron, my soft underbelly fat moving in your probing hands, your soapy fingers sliding into my navel, your hands everywhere at once, lifting me, sliding down my curving sides, up to squeeze my full breasts.

I sway side to side, feeling my belly move in your slick hands, loving the smooth long strokes that give us both such pleasure.

Now I feel your firm thighs against my butt as you reach around me, gathering my soapy and slippery belly in your arms.

Looking down I watch it move and distort, shifting as you squeeze and manipulate it from underneath, squeezing inward from the sides, then your forearms low, sliding along my hips and under the great hanging mass, cradling the swollen culmination of my gluttony.

"God you have grown so fat," you whisper as my belly fills your arms, a warm soapy globe of muscle and fat and flesh and guts, then slips through them with a soft slap against my thighs.

My attention shifts to the feel of your small breasts against my back, the hardening points of your nipples.

"Lord that feels good, you feel good," I murmur.

"Baby, so do you. I can't get enough of you. You are so fat and juicy I love to fill my arms with you; I want to wash and baby you forever."
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Badhansel 10 years
Another great story! Congrats and thanks!
Csmith 10 years
Oh my!