the skinny fiancé

chapter 1

"Oh, yeah? Do you like that, Daddy? You like my big, fat pussy, don't you? Oh, yeah. Fuck me just like that. Grab my love handles and tell me I'm fat enough for you. You're so hard right now. I know it's my big fat ass that turns you on so much. Well, you're the reason my ass is so massive. You just kept feeding me and feeding me and feeding me. And I wanted to get big enough for you, Daddy. Be your best, little pig. Now I don't think I can ever stop. I just to love to eat. I love what I've done to this body. It makes me so horny to watch my own fat jiggle. Are you going to cum inside me or not? If you're not gonna cum yet, you might as well feed me while we fuck. Mmhmm. Oh, yes. This donut tastes so good. I can tell it's gonna go straight to these hips and my fat ass. Mmm. Feed me and fuck me. Oh, god, yes. Yes. Yes. Ohmygod yes. Ohmyfuckinggod yes! Oh. My. Fucking. God—"

*Knock Knock Knock*

Jeremy slammed his laptop shut and yanked the headphones out of his ears.

"Hey, babe. What's up?"

"I thought you were coming to bed," Allison said. "Are you still doing work?"

"Just minor stuff before this next gig. I didn't realize how much work and preparation this was gonna take. The bosses won't get off my ass about it."

"I know you gotta work, Jeremy, but we only have a few nights left together. Then you're gone for six months. You should be up in bed with your fiancé right now. Don't you wanna see what's under this bathrobe?"

"Babe, you know I do. Lemme just do a few more things down here, and I'll join you. I know this consulting job is a pain, but after I get back home to Sacramento, we'll be getting married and we'll have enough money for a house. We can stop renting. We can put down roots. I'm doing this for us."

"Ugh, Mr. Workaholic. I know you're right, Baby, but I just want you to know that no matter what, you are all I need."

"You're all I need, too. I'll see you upstairs in a minute, okay?"

Allison came over to her fiance and gave him a peck on the cheek.

"Okay," she said, and walked out of the study.

"Phew," Jeremy thought. "That was the closest one yet."

Jeremy still had a raging boner from the porn he was watching. How would he have explained that to Allison? And what's gonna happen when they get married?

"I'll tell her," Jeremy thought to himself. "One day, I'll tell her. Just not today."
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Ferro1986 1 month
I hope we see more of this some day smiley
Frozenglass 8 months
That's hot. Never understood watching porn when you have a partner upstairs though.
Olivier1804 1 year
Hey I love this story man! Are you planning on finishing it?
Aoneill2013 1 year
Hope you finish this!
Aoneill2013 1 year
Hope you finish this!
Scott12 1 year
Any update on this in the foreseeable future?
Peachtree1 1 year
Hey Scott, I've got the whole story plotted out. I just need some time to write the second half. I hope that comes soon. Trust me. I have BIG plans for Allison. I promise.
Scott12 1 year
Awesome! It’s a juicy story and definitely surpasses many on here. Cant wait!
Boni 1 year
Love this story. Please keep it going!
Kane24 1 year
Hope you keep going with this one!
Finalsafari 1 year
Wow what a great story !
Finalsafari 1 year
Wow what a great story !
AgainstTheCu... 1 year
This is just the best story on here.... looking forward to more!
Kakaru 1 year
Beautiful story The best I've ever read, I hope you will continue to write it
Peachtree1 1 year
Thank you! I will
Little Sparr0w 1 year
Loving this, looking forward to more updates smiley
Peachtree1 1 year
Thanks all for the kind words. I will be updating the story soon — I promise!
Charfire2002 1 year
I'm really enjoying this story. I can't wait for the next chapter.
Boni 2 years
Absolutely love this story! Can't wait for the next chapter!
Pd500 2 years
I finally had time to finish chapter 26. I'm really digging this and can't wait for when Allison & Jeremy see each other again!

Great story!
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