the skull of doromca

Chapter 1 - part 1

“Why can’t I look like you mom?” I told my mother
My mothers a beautiful short haired women. She’s 38 and she’s a milf. She's skinny barely has any wrinkles and she has toned and firm breasts even know she had me and my brother who’s much older then me.
I'm a skinny flat chested 18 year old who’s living at her parents house until I find something to do with my life.I’m super skinny which is alright i guess.Blond hair, Freckles on my cheeks and I'm simply not attractive at all.
I looked at my mom and just wonder where i got my body from because I surely didn’t git mine from her.
I threw my Pop tart in the microwave.
“First of all the honey that's not the healthiest thing to do. And second I used to look a lot like you when I was your age.
I cupped my adformation lack of boobs.
“Then why don’t i have those?” I said pointing to her double D’s.
She smiles.
‘You’ll git them when your older, again honey i was just as skinny back then as you were. It wasn’t once I was 23 I started to curv out. I started to have to watch what I eat to”
“Whatever mom, My metabolism could work its way through 50 pounds of junk food”
“I wouldn't be sure of that”
“Why?” I said and took out my warm poptart.
“Well i lost my mastblsim later on. I’ve had to work hard to keep the weight to look the way that i do”
“Ya whatever”
Hay it’s not easy being older ethier. If i could, i’d become young again”
“Well lets rub a lamb around the house somewhere”
My mom chuckled.then here eyes became wide.
“ you know what, it’s time to show you something people would call a family heirloom.”my mother said.
Seh gained my intention and we went up into the attic and took down a small wooden box. Just being around the thing made be feel weird. Like my soul was shaking.
She placed it on the coffee table in the living room.
“ so our great great greatgrandfather was given this as a gift for defending and preserving an azetic temple in the 1540’s.” she Pulled out the item that was inside. The item was a blue skull.
It was made of a blue metal and flowers were decorated around the eyes. Azteicng symbols and squiggly bits were etched in gold in any place possible.
The skull still made me unnerved
“Ok how is this going to make me older”
“Well it's magic”
“Magic? Thats bull shit” i told her
“No listen, the skull has something inside it that gives it the power to bend reality. But at an exchange like cost. You grandpa used it to trade his erectile dysfunction with a man who was passing away. There always has to be an equal exchange otherwise the skull will do it for you and you might not like the outcome.”
“What do you mean? Will it grant you wished like geni and screw up you wish?”I asked. Amazed by the odd story
“Yes and no. See it can only affect your body. Your great uncle once traded his youth with his nephew Blard”
“Oo ya Blard! when he passed away he was only done with second grade, but he was like 62?”
I recalled
“Yes, see your great uncles gave his away to his nephew but the issue was he was no less than a month old so he was transformed back into infant”
“Why don’t I ever see him?”
“Oo he’s doing other things now. He’s 20 or so years old now and he’s trying to learn about the skull in South america.”
“Wow! Why didn’t you tell me all this when i was younger”
“It's a family secret dear”
“Have you ever used it?”I asked
She smiled and shook her chest.
“Nope Shellby all from my own doing, do you still want to do this?” she asked
I thougt about all the great things I could do with even 5 yearts more in age, I could drink and I could have sex. Well i guess I could now, but still! And maybe I could look just as hot as my mom does.
“Yes” i told her eagerly
“Great,I've always wanted to be 18 again” she said all cheerfull. I saw her wrinkles near her lips stretched with her big smile
“Wait 18?”
“Yes i was thinking I would give you 20 years of my..”
“But then i’d be..”
My mom gave me a glare.
I sighed “fine”
“Your going to become 18 and i becoming 30..38”
“It will be fun sweaty, besides you’ll look a lot like me, you’ll love it”
“You think?” I said existed
“Ya, well as long as you don’t eat to much in the next few days or go have sex or any thing”
“cool, well how do we do this?” I asked her
She groaned
“We’ll be both put our hands on the skull”
“Then what?”
“I offer you my 20 years of age and then you accept or confirm you want them.”
I placed my hand on the skull. It seemed to be stuck once i placed it down,atop the skull.I tried to take it off but it wouldn’t let go. And it wouldn’t move either.
“Well there's no backing out now honey” she told me
She placed her hand on the skull on the other side from my hand. I was a bit panicked but i can do this!After all i’m going to look sexy after this!”
“I hereby giveith my 20 years of age to my daughter and so that I may come back to my youth, doromac I commanded thee!” she said
The skull was gloveing white. My heart raced
“My hand glew with aztec markings. They slitherd up my arms.
My mom gestured at me.
“Well I-I accept” I said aloud, stumbling my words.
The tattoos crawling on me burned my skin for a moment and despaired back into my skin.
I made a yeep, and pulled my hand away.
The marks were got from my arms.
what happens now?”
I looked at my hands and tried noticing any thing.
Nothing! I cupped my chest still nothing. Only thing different was my nipples were erect but that was just because the room had become a bit cold since we used the magic skull.
My mom chuckled
“It doesn't work?”I grumbled
“No,no Honey it takes time. Once you go to sleep tonight you’ll wake up with the first 5 years”
“But ,I thought you said you were going to make be 20 years older?”
“Yes, but it goes by 5 years every night until the destanded amount”
“So I have to wait 4 days?”
“Yes, but it will be fun” she said happily.
“Whatever mom. I’m going to head to bed then”
I walked out . After the whole weird parlor trick i felt sleepy any way. It was 8 o clock on my phone.
I watched some youtube then evenly I fell asleep.

I woke up in a fog. My body seemed longer and strange when I shuffled in my bed.
I pulled the sheets and about freeked.
In my shirt were C cup sized boobs!
“O my god it worked” my voice was different too.I sounded mature and, I did the math in my head, I’m 23!I could so go to the bar if I wanted !
I got out of bed and looked at my naked self in the long mirror i had leaning on the wall away from my bed. I jumped up in down in joy.My butt was a little small not change too much, by i had at least i finally had some breasts! I grabbed them and squeezed them. The feeling gave me a rush of pleasure.
‘I can’t wait to play with you two later” I told them
I notice my hair was a bit longer. My face was more featured. My once flat ribbed belly was now sold, not muscur nor was it fat.I felt like a full bodied women.I flaunted around my room.
I saw my mother smiling in the doorway.
I stopped.
She glanced at my breasts.
“ i told you sweet heart, now make sure to not eat..”
“Mom your so young !” I said and hugged her. She was clothed with her normal attire. A shirt and some tight shorts. They were a bit baggier and her face was now less aged. Her black hair as well was short now only coming to her neck.
“I forgot you used to have your hair like that”
“Yes can’t believe that came back”
“But a well” she said and smiled and gave me a hug.
“Well honey let's get you some clothes that fit you”
We went into her closet and found an old bra that she used before she had me and my brother.
I put it around my new girls and mom gave me a large Ac/Dc shirt. It fit loosely on my now somewhat curvy figure.
I walked back to my room and put on some panties and some sweats. It was funny for them to acushley fit me now.
“Honey I made breakfast” my moms said in a more youth voice.
“Coming!” I said. It was weird now that I sounded so mature.I sat at the table and enjoyed moms breakfast she made for me.
I engulfed it down! three eggs and 4 slices of bacon.
“Becareful honey if you eat..”
“Ya ya mom, i’m going to watch some netflix in my room”
“Make shure to git off there..”
I nodded and headed back into my room
I got to watching, whatever cool action film i could with the volume on high and my clothes off. I grabbed my breast and rubbed my fingers all over my clit. It wasn’t long with fonding the two that I moaned and orgasmed better then i had before, back when i was 5 years younger.Once I got my fix of touching my new fun and sensitive tits I took out a big bag of doritos and munched away watching princes bride.
My mom knocked on my door
“Come in!” man i still need to get used to my voice I thought to myself.
She peeked her head in.I covered my naked body so she couldn’t tell what i was up to with a red blanket.
I still had the movie playing in the background.
“Hay honey you need to not eat those” she barked.
“It's fine,I'm just having a few of them”
“Honey these next few days you need to act well otherwise it will affect your aging”
“Shure, ok mom” I said and ignored her
“As you wish the” movie blurted
I stayed in my bed all day. I joined mom in the kitchen again and she make me some mashed potatoes and gravy with some chicken”
She didn’t say a word and went back into her room.
Once she was gone I had a hole thing of oreo ice cream. My stomach looked a bit bloated but i ignored it and finish the rest of my day and watched some more netflix and then went back to bed. Excited to find out how my body would change more the next day.
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