the sorority pig

chapter 1

For the last 2 months, Annie had woken up with the same thought - 'wow... what did I do to get this lucky?'
She thanked her lucky stars every day that she had managed to get into the hottest, most luxurious sorority on campus - the Delta Fi Fi's. The Fifi's, as everyone called them, lived the student high life. They had the biggest parties, the fittest girls, the most expensive wardrobes, and were envied by everyone.
Annie knew that there were so many reasons why she shouldn't have been in that house. Her lack of cheerleading experience, her chubby body and most importantly, the fact that her boyfriend Josh was the ex of the Fifi's President, Samantha. Samantha hated her, everyone knew it and they had warned Annie that she should be suspicious that she was asked to join. She knew in her heart of hearts that they were right, but she had taken the offer anyway and hadn't regretted it. Sure, the initiation had been a whirlwind of humiliating hell, but it had been worth the result. Her life was perfect now, and Samantha was nothing but sweet to her.
Besides, Annie sometime thought to herself, despite how bad her initiation was, the whole experience had made her desperately horny.

Now, two months after that initiation, Annie sat on her cushy double bed with her sorority sister, Kay. It was a school night, and the two of them were alternating between chatting and scribbling notes. Annie's stomach rumbled loudly for the third time that evening and Kay turned to her with a smirk.
"I guess" mumbled Annie. She hated how much bigger her appetite was than the other girls.
"Get something to eat then" said Kay, still smirking.
"I can't eat anymore tonight.. I've had so much, the Freshman 15 has become the Freshman 20 already" Annie replied with a deep sigh.
"Don't be silly An, you honestly haven't gained a pound. You look great! We wouldn't have made you a Fifi if you didn't"
Annie looked unconvinced, so Kay hopped gracefully off the bed.
"Tell you what, I'll go grab some food for you, I need to get something from downstairs anyway"
Annie nodded gratefully as the thinner girl disappeared downstairs.

In the kitchen, Samantha was putting the finishing touches to a glorious chocolate cake as Kay entered. Samantha, a beautiful, slim blonde with perfect perky breasts and legs a mile long, turned to smile at her sorority sister.
"The pig wants more food already?!" she chuckled.
"You got it, Sam" Kay replied.
"I can't believe Josh thought that THING could ever be better than me. Still, I'll have him back in no time, plus the bonus of a little piggy slave. How many pounds has she gained now? 10? 20?"
"24" said Kay, with a growing grin.
"24" Samantha repeated, shaking her head in amusement. "Well there's probably about 6 pounds of butter and icing in this cake, so she'll probably be up to 30 by the end of the night!"
The two girls shared a cruel smile, before Kay took the cake from the table.
"When's Josh coming round?"
"Tomorrow" said Samantha, adding some whipped cream to the top of the fattening cake. "Tomorrow everything becomes right again"

Thanks for reading, feel free to leave comments letting me know when should happen next!
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Azismiss 2 years
I don't know what should happen next, but this was a fantastic set up.

Your writing is really good!
Potbellypimp 5 years
When do we get a flashback to fatty's initiation..?
QuebecFA 5 years
You have definitely piqued my interest! I eagerly await Chapter 2! ;-)
Jazzman 5 years
Fabulous Concept.Nicely executed
Akwolfgrl13 5 years
Looks promising