the spoiled brat

chapter 1

Sarah Konig had grown up in a very wealthy European family. Her father was the CEO of a very successful investment firm in Germany and her mother worked as a doctor at the local hospital. Thus, money was never an issue. All her life, Sarah was heavily spoiled. She lived in a lavish home with 2 butlers, a half a dozen servers, and a kitchen staff. Because of this, she was used to getting whatever she pleased, whenever she pleased. Her parents were fairly strict around Sarah, however, seeing as they were rarely home, Sarah was used to sneaking off with her friends.

For most of Sarah’s life, she was fairly well trimmed. She had always had a very curvy frame. She was part of the soccer team at school and ate a healthy European diet which helped her maintain her figure. She had a round, firm ass with wide hips, a small waist, and a C cup bra. She was fairly tanned and had beautiful brown hair with a small birthmark on her left cheek. Sarah was 5’3 and weighed in at 120lbs. She carried most of her weight in her ass and tits. She was certainly a beautiful girl.

A few months ago, Sarah turned 18 and was about to head off to Yale in the fall to start her first year of university. She had never been to the United States before. The most American thing that she had ever done was go to McDonalds’ once many years ago. Going there for the first time in her life to study at an Ivy League school would mark a new chapter in her life. One that Sarah was very excited to begin.

The summer months went by, most of which Sarah spent partying and sneaking out with friends. She noticed that most of her pants had gotten a little tighter around her waist. She figured that they had simply shrunk in the wash. Certainly this was nothing to worry about.

Summer went by and Sarah it was time for Sarah to leave for America. She had one of the servants pack her bags for her. Her father and mother drove her to the airport in a Rolls Royce. Her parents said that she would have money at her disposal and to call anytime she needed more. Naturally, Sarah planned on taking advantage of this proposal as often as possible.

As she kissed her parents good by, she made her way to the gate and boarded the plane. She sat in first class with access to as much food and beverages as she desired. It was a long 9 hour flight to New York then a 1 hour flight to New Haven. Most of her time on the plane was spent thinking about America and snacking on different foods. When she arrived at Yale, she ordered a Limo to take her from the airport to her residence and had the driver take her stuff to her room for her. Once she got to her room with her things she unpacked her clothes, complaining the whole time.

Sarah changed into some booty shorts with a white crop top. She examined herself in the mirror, smiling and twirling from time to time. She smacked her ass then places her hand on her big tits and slowly caressed her body down to her thick thighs. “I’m a sexy ass girl” she thought to herself, pushing her boobs together to make them look bigger than they actually were. “Time to check out the scenery” she said out loud this time. Sarah explored her floor and introduced herself to all of her floor mates. She quickly befriended Chloe and Caitlyn from her floor, they were also spoiled, wealthy girls who were used to getting what they pleased. She also met Liam, a tall fit American boy who lived on the same floor as her. He was certainly very attractive and Sarah instantly took a liking to him. She talked with all her new floor mates before retreating back to her room. When she got there, she stripped down to nothing but her underwear and looked at herself in the mirror once more. Satisfied with what she saw, she changed into her pyjamas and laid down on her bed with her phone in her hands. “Just unpacked everything! It’s awesome here. Love you" she texted her father before coming to a realization. Now that she was living on her own, she was free to do as she pleased. She didn't have a curfew, she didn’t need to exercise to her parents desires, and she didn’t need to sneak around anymore. She was also hungry. While thinking about her new found freedom, her stomach growled. “Guess it’s time to try some American food!” she thought to herself excitedly. When she had landed earlier in the day, Sarah heard of an app called Uber Eats. This did not exist in Germany and she wanted to try it and she did for the first time.

Sarah scrolled through the many different options which were available on the app. Pizza, burgers, and pasta were all filling up her phone screen. “This app is awesome!” she thought as she scrolled through the options. After spending about 5minutes looking through different foods, Sarah decided to order a half-pound burger with onion rings and coke. Just before placing her order, she saw a dessert menu and decided to get some brownies as well. She placed her order and saw that it would arrive within half an hour. Sarah let out a loud sigh and said out loud, “This is the life!” while placing her left hand gently on her flat stomach and scrolling through Instagram while she waited for her food to arrive.

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321Fps 2 years
Please continue
Juicy 3 years
I hope you’re still adding to this story! I’m loving it, and I don’t usually like this kind of thing. It’s just really good. 😄
JohnnyRocket 3 years
Never came across a yalie like this. Fun story.
Jazzman 3 years
I like except for the reference to "shrunk in the wash". Its an old cliche that resurfaces about every other story.Just a pet peeve. I really like the story so far.
Rstlne 3 years
Good story so far!
Theswordsman 3 years
At this rate she is going to be massive