the ssbhm prostitute

chapter 1

I find myself hard up for money and decide the only thing I can do is sell my body. So like any prostitute I dress in tight fitting clothes and find a street corner to stand on.

No that's not me. But I do need money and selling my flabby body is how I've decided to make it. I get on my laptop and make a web site called "On the Corner of...". When you first visit, it looks like a site dedicated to BHM models. There are profiles with head shots and instructions on how to contact the men for photoshoots and book them for roles in Film/TV. But as you look closer the truth of the site jumps out at you. These men are all BHM and SSBHM prostitutes.

And let me tell you, business has been booming. My guys are rolling in the dough. It seems there is an entire underground of hot housewives with a fetish for flabby bodied men. Some have married their own big man, but things are slow in the sex department but most just want to live out a fantasy. Business is so good that when you contact the site, all my guys are booked.

I reply to your email, stating that I am the only one available with a link to my profile. I hear back almost instantly that you are ok meeting me and not one of the other guys on the site. Unlike most of my guys, who range from 350-500 pounds, I'm over 650 and most women, even those that visit my site, while they find me attractive, don't book me. They opt for a smaller guy with a larger cock.

But none the less, we agree to meet and I give you an intersection where you can pick me up. When I get in your car, I'm actually taken aback by your beauty. Most of my clients are over 200 pounds themselves but you, you are the hottest client I've ever had.

We drive to a local bar and have a few drinks and get to know each other a little bit, discussing your interests and limits. You tell me all about yourself especially your interests in belly buttons. As you do, my hand drops to my belly and I begin rubbing it in small circles, pushing my shirt into my belly button.

I feel your hand drop between my thighs and you squeeze my fat and moan at its softness. You have asked for the BFE (boyfriend experience) which includes more intimate things like kissing so when I lean forward and my lips touch yours I hear you moan softly. As we kiss my hand also drops between your legs and under the fabric of your dress where eventually it begins discretely rubbing your pussy lips in small circles. I can feel the heat radiating from under your panties and know your getting hot and wet. I take your hand and lead you back to your car and because you've paid for the BFE we return to your place.

You lead me into your home, I walk slowly making several stops at conveniently placed padded chairs. Each time I sit you straddle me and press your sexy body against my flabby body, your hands rubbing me all over. As we finally make our way into the bedroom we are both down to just our underwear, each stripping the other a piece at a time, playing with and kissing the newly exposed skin of the other. But when my pants come off and you can access my belly button, thats when things get really hot.

I lay down in your bed and you straddle one of my massive thighs and slowly grind yourself back and forth along it, using my belly to stimulate your clit while you lean down and kiss around my belly button.

It doesn't take long before I'm getting so hard feeling you grind against me. But the feeling of your fingers in my belly button is what makes me even more excited. The feeling of you pulling and stretching it out.

As your hands continue their play with my belly button you lean over and kiss my moobs sucking my nipples and softly biting them.

After a long while of playing you lean over and reach into your side table and pull out a strap on and wrap it around your sexy waist then place the tip of it in my belly button then thrust sending it deep into my fat belly. I scream and moan. As you fuck my belly button you reach behind you and grab my throbbing cock and begin stroking it.

I've been with several women as their hired boyfriend but never have I felt so sexually turned on or attractive. That thought makes me moan louder and I arch my back and thrust my hips toward your hand. Belly button fucking at the same time as a hand job but a naked sexy woman is more than my body can take and I cum.

After several minutes of my body throbbing I recover and look up into your eyes apologizing for cumming so quickly. I make it a point for any woman I'm with to orgasm first but I just couldn't hold back.


As you lay there looking at me I can tell there is nothing left in you - that orgasm has wiped you out. You look so sexy. I'm sooo turned on. I take off the strap on and go for my only option, although this in truth is the one thing I would choose each and every time if it's the only thing I could for the rest of my life. I clamber on top of your enormous belly, my clit perfectly situated on your belly fat, and I build up the perfect paced rhythm, grinding against you. I have never fucked a belly so big. The softness is incredible. I grab the sides of your fat belly as I fuck it, wobbling it, stroking it and shoving my face into it. I can't believe I am so lucky to be in this moment. I start to groan as the feeling inside me builds. You know I'm close and you grab my ass pulling me closer to your fat. I grab hold of your fat tightly as the most intense orgasm ever rips through me, multiple waves crashing through me over and over and over. I collapse on top of you as the waves continue. I know that after this, I can never be with anyone smaller.
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GrowingLoveH... 2 years
I’ve just discovered your wonderfully erotic writing.

And I can’t get enough.

Please, more?
Stevita 2 years
Built4com4t 4 years
incredible, love it