the start of a journey

chapter 1

Ever since you moved to the big city, you’ve wanted to test your limits. Nobody knows you, so you can do whatever you please. You’ve always had this fascination for big people, so much so you’ve wanted to become one of them. Seeing them getting their massive bellies stuffed with delicious, enormous amounts of junk food and sweets just did something to you. The only thing that held you back was the concerns of the people that loved you the most; after all, being fat wasn’t socially acceptable.

You were determined to start a journey of indulgence and decadence; after all, you know what you wanted to achieve, and the road to get there was going to be even better than the result. You get your starting weight written down just to benchmark yourself; you don’t set any goals just because you’re in it for the ride.
And so, you begin. It started with a whole 12-inch meat lovers pizza for yourself; finishing it was easier said than done. The feeling of accomplishment you felt was worth it; you were impressed by how your small belly protruded away from your body; it looked so stuffed.

As if you were a fit person getting a regime to get fitter, you made your own to get fatter. Your diet consisted mainly of burgers, pizza, fried chicken, spaghetti with meatballs, pancakes, waffles, crepes, doughnuts, chocolates, sweets, ice cream, and lots of gainer shakes.
You maintained this diet for months. Your daily routine consisted mainly of waking up, showering, eating a box of delicious glazed doughnuts for breakfast, 2 egg McMuffins with hash browns for a late breakfast snack, a triple baconator for lunch; another snack that consisted of a tub of Oreo ice cream and for dinner a 14 piece bucket from KFC and of course your typical midnight snack that consisted in a box of Twinkies because who doesn’t get hungry at night? Right?

One day you woke up determined to eat a whole Costco sheet cake by yourself. To do so, you decided to “dress up” for the occasion. A button-up shirt that constricted your now sizeable stomach and some dress pants that fitted quite snug around your bubble butt was just the right way to go. Once you got dressed, you went straight to Costco to get your feast. Luckily for you, they had just put out the first fresh batch of the day. You definitely felt the stares and the judgment from the other shoppers but, you couldn’t care less about them; you were happy with just enjoying whatever food was in front of you.

Once you got home, you placed the cake on your dining table and sat in front of it, excited but almost hesitant about what you were about to do. You couldn’t believe what you were about to do. You shook every thought of doubt out of your head and proceeded to unpack the cake. Without hesitation, you grabbed a handful of cake and shoved it straight into your mouth. It was so good; the texture and the flavors from the cake sent your plump body into an almost orgasmic reaction, almost like a drug.

Handful after handful of sweet delicious cake entered your greedy mouth. You got tired of eating the cake that way, and so, you stood up and shoved yourself head-first into the cake, pushing the cake into your mouth with each bite you took. While doing so, you felt yourself getting bigger and fatter. You felt a lot of pressure building up around your growing belly. The buttons on your shirt were about to burst. You started to feel a lot of pain due to your clothes being two sizes too little. You took another bite, and with that, a button on your shirt popped, giving you a sort of relief; another bite and another button popped. Your pants started to tear at the seams as well. You spent hours tearing up that cake; you didn’t even take breaks. Hours and hours of endless stuffing yourself with the delicious sweet cake.

After finishing the cake, you felt really sleepy, so you sat down on your couch. You contemplated what you just did whilst massaging your now distended respectable precious gut; it was so soft and blubbery. In the end, you were happy with yourself and of what you’ve become, and with a greedy grin, you fell asleep thinking on what’s the next step in your ever-expanding journey.
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